Flake & Flare

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After all those formalities of giving oaths and handing over responsibilities, we got an Audi Q7 for our transportation. It was nearly sunset when we stepped out of the hall. Stacey and Phoebe are over the moon.
"Amy! We should celebrate this. Isn't it Zayn?"I saw a line of smile drawn on Zayn's lips but as soon as our eyes met his face went blank.

Once we arrived at the bungalow given for us Zayn, Jake and Chris started unpacking the bags. Meanwhile, three of us wandered around the garden. It was an English styled bungalow painted in white with neatly polished windows. The Garden was covered with a beautiful lawn. I was about to step towards the path which is leading to the back of the house.
"Hey, Take this" Zayn tossed the door keys. It was the first time he talked to me. I took a look at him but he was back to what he is doing and did not bother to talk to me anymore.

We entered our accommodation, which will be our home for this vacation. There was a huge stairway in the middle of the living room. This leads to a corridor were two doors, one to the left and the other to the right. Both of them were furnished with three beds and three big closets. The room to the left was decorated in pink and the other with greyish blue.

Normally I don't like the idea of sharing the room but this room was different. It was arranged so comfortably, so it didn't bother me anymore. Stacey & Phoebe was not disturbed at all by the idea of sharing the room. We all were tired and stressed out with all these new experiences. The headboard has not given us any schedule for the first week. As they say, this week is the 'GET TO KNOW WEEK'.Anyhow, all of us were little but shaken by the idea of living together because still, we were strangers to each other.

In the evening, we girls had a great time unpacking and cleaning our room. Stacey kept telling stories about Camp ATLANTIS. Her sister is a member of the 145th batch.
"As my sister says, this is the place where her life changed. But girls I still don't have an idea of how this is gonna change our lives. Anyhow, what's your idea on our Mr.handsomes next room?"
"For me, they seem okay. What do you think Phoebe?" what I said was true except for Zayn. There was nothing wrong with Jake and Chris. But for Zayn, I'm not quite sure.
"Don't you think that Zayn is a bit off?" what Phoebe said was like the echo of what I was thinking. What made me surprise is that Phoebe was looking at me when she questioned.
"I...Ummm...yep, seems so" that was all I could say but still by looking at the girls I knew they have caught me uphanded.

"Amy...Do you know Zayn?"Phoebe is not only watchful, but she is also quick-witted. I was amazed. First I thought of lying but what good will it bring. Zayn and I were childhood besties. And there is nothing wrong with them knowing. So I told them how close we were when we were little kiddos. And how he left the town when his parents got a divorce.
"I haven't seen him all these years. It is only today I met him after 10 years." And then I told them about what happened today at the hall How he ignored me and also about how he has changed."Girls, You won't believe me. Those days he was different. He was the cutest kid I've ever seen".Stacey and Phoebe giggled. Talking to them set my mind at ease. Two of them were the best listeners that anyone could have. I even told them how worried I am because of Zayn's behaviour. I was hurting so badly but this little talk helped me to recover.

"I didn't have the slightest idea that Amy and Zayn were friends...or ex-friends," Stacey said after listening to all my blabber.
"I just notice that Zayn never introduced himself to Amy and you two were always very careful not to look at each other. And twice or thrice I caught Zayn staring at Amy " Phoebe presented her hypothesis like Sherlock Holmes and she continued.
"Amy, if you are okay shall I say something " Even though I gave her a nod of approval I didn't want to hear what she was going to say. "I thought you guys were dating"
"OH MY GOD PHOEBE!!! That's the last thing I want with Zayn!!!"I didn't realize I was screaming unless the girls started laughing at me.

By the time of dinner, we girls were more like sisters, joking and playing around.
"Hellooo beauties !!! We were waiting for you" Jake welcomed us while Chris dramatically bowed to welcome us. As we sat for dinner I saw Zayn welcoming Stacey and Phoebe with a faint smile but as Phoebe said he was careful not to look at me. That feeling was irritating. I'm neither a star nor a trash can. What did I do to him to treat me like this?

Anyhow dinner went well. It was full of laughter. Everyone told their own stories about the first impression of the Camp except Zayn. He was the most silent. After dinner, Chris played the guitar while we sang few songs. Jake and Stacey danced. It was late at night when we went to bed.

After all, things were not that bad. I've got some nice friends and spending the time with them was the best. I had never been this happy so I secretly thanked my mom and dad for sending me here. Before I fall asleep I heard the voice in my head saying "Amy...!!!This is where you belong. Let your life begin!".

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