Flake & Flare

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Chapter 4 - MY SAFE HAVEN

When I went downstairs he had already stormed out of the house. Everyone was startled. Phoebe came running to my side.
"What happened Amy?" and I didn't know what to say.
The next morning I met Zayn at breakfast. He seems back to his usual self. Nobody dared to talk about yesterday. Later I got to know from Chris that it was midnight when Zayn arrived.

We all engaged in our things. I worked on the documents of the camp. There were dozen of files that should be signed as the head girl. I didn't want to bother Zayn anymore. I didn't know what,but he was already dealing with a problem. So I took care of both mine and his. Stacey and Phoebe were going through the books on Camp Atlantis. We still had much to learn. The boys were lazy to read and I was busy with work. So they read for us and did their best to enlighten us. Jake was doing his physical training while Chris helped me with the devices. Zayn was in a series of calls throughout the morning. He seems to be busy with something that none of us knew.
It was about 4 o clock I got a call from an unknown number.
"Is this Amy Middlestone?" a female voice was on the other side.
"I'm Rihanna, secretary of the headboard. Can you please come to the Head Office at 5.00 pm?" All this time Zayn and I both were invited to the head office together. So this would be the first time for me to go there alone.
I got ready and I took a peek at the mirror before leaving. I looked okay with all this office attire. I left a message on the group that says I'm leaving for HO.
Driving the Audi on a clear road while playing my favourite playlist was the best feeling ever. For a while, I forgot all those problems and was enjoying the ride with a light heart. Suddenly, I spot a black Volvo following me. Next moment that car was right in front of me blocking the road. It was a matter of seconds. I hold on to the brake and was able to stop just before getting crashed.
Even before recovering from the shock, four well-built men in black stepped out of the Volvo. They forcefully opened my door. Things happened all of a sudden even before my adrenaline reacts. Suddenly I felt an electrifying shock on my shoulder. I tried my best to see what is around me. I could see black masks, faces, voices were fading away...little by little...and then all went black...................................

My head was spinning badly when I was back to conscious. All my body was aching and my legs were stiff. I couldn't move for a while. I was on a cosy bed and the surrounding was pitch black. So I laid there for almost an hour and then slowly started to move. It was difficult at first ,but after trying for a while I was able to get on my feet. The ground was covered by a comfy carpet.Where am I? I tried my best to find out where I was.But first of all I should find a light source. Luckily my phone was on the stool next to the bed. From the faint light of the phone, I could see a luxury room. In the corner, there was a dressing table and I almost fell running towards it. For a moment I thought I was messed up and injured but looking at the mirror I felt relieved. The reflection was the same as it is before leaving the house, the only difference was my face was pale and my eyes looked tired. I pinched myself twice or thrice and realized that this wasn't a nightmare.
I tried to open the door but it was not possible. My body was shaking and tears were rolling down. There were no windows or ventilation. I was locked up in this dark room without any hope!!! My body was getting weaker and weaker and my mind was filled with fear. But I needed to escape. I didn't know who these people are. I didn't know why they kidnapped me. But only thing I knew was that I should escape. So I recollected every bit of strength left in me and ran to the office desk on the other side of the room. Sometimes there might be a key or something that I could use to open the door. With my shaking hands I searched every inch and corner of the lockers of the desk. In one locker there was a stack of plastic files with the letters BM carved in the middle. In small letters, the word BLACKMATRIX was carved. Shockingly most of the files were empty except one. A document similar to a curriculum vitae was attached to the top of that file.
Name- DARKSTAR Zayn Redfield
I did not have any idea of what I was seeing. I went through the rest of the pages. These are Zayn's documents. But what does it mean by a DARKSTAR? What is BLACKMATRIX? Why are Zayn's documents here? Why am I here? With thousands of questions my head was about to burst. I had no strength and my legs were weak.So I slowly sat down on the edge of the bed. My head was spinning so badly and I couldn't hold on to my strength anymore...

"Amy! Amy!! Amy!!! I could hear a faintish voice from a distance. Amy! Can you hear me? Please...Amy! open your eyes" The voice was coming closer. I was not alone anymore. I knew the voice. I need to see his face. That flawless statue-like face. But my eyes felt so heavy.
For the first time, I felt his hand on my cheek. My whole body was soothing from his touch. I can hear his heartbeating so fast like it is about to explode.
"Amy, please...this is all my fault. Please...open your eyes."This time I tried my best to lift my heavy eyelids. I want him to know that I'm fine. I didn't want him to suffer.
Now, I can see his eyes, not those deep black holes but ocean blue eyes with silvery flakes. They were enlarged with fear. But still, even at a moment like this, those eyes were mesmerizing.
" Thank God! You are alright " without thinking he wrapped his arms around me and buried my face in his chest. For the first time, I felt and I knew this is my safe haven.
"I'm sorry Amy please...forgive me" he pleads. And the next moment he lifted me in bridal style and walked out of the door like a superhero rescuing the female lead in a movie.
"ZAYN!!!" At once there was a rough voice from nowhere and he came to a halt as his whole body stiffens.
"Is this it?" that voice continued. I could feel the bitterness at the edge of that voice.
"No! This is just the beginning." It was him, my rescuer. Zayn's voice was trembling , but not with fear.It was anger and I felt the warning signs in his voice. He cuddled me more into his chest and walked away from that rough voice.
My eyes were tired and barely could open. But I did my best to keep track of what was happening, by listening to the sounds. Zayn was walking at the same pace.Not fast, not slow. I could hear the sound of dried leaves and the cold breeze hit my face. It was night, I could say. After about a walk of half an hour, Zayn stopped.
"Amy! can you hear me" I nodded with all my effort.
"Good girl...Can you hold onto me, So I can open the car? I did my best by hanging on to his shoulders. Then he slowly put me in the car seat and fasten the seat belt. He seated in the driving seat. And opened a bottle of water. Next moment I could feel his hands on my face. He sprinkled water on my eyes and kept rubbing my forehead. This made my head a little lighter. It took seconds to adjust my eyes to lights.
I could see those mesmerizing eyes staring back at me with all concerns. I studied his face. Lines of fear, concern and affection were drawn on that flawless perfect face. His masquerade had been removed. I could see my childhood friend, back again.
" Do you feel better?" I nodded and mummered "Thank you, Zayn" but I didn't know why I was thankful, whether is it for saving me or coming back to his normal self. Then he started to drive with one hand behind my neck and the other on the steering wheel. I rested my head on his arm and kept watching his flawless face.

I woke up with the noise of all those voices. Stacey and Phoebe were already shouting. Chris and Jake in behind.
"Amy!!! are you okay? What happened?" I had never seen Phoebe this worried. I tried to pull up a smile regardless of the pain.
"Zayn! Can you at least say what is going on? What happened to her? Where did you find her?" Jake stopped Stacey from shouting.
"Stop will you Stacey! Shouting won't solve anything. Chris let's take Amy inside."
I saw Zayn from the corner of my eyes. He still had his hand around me. Jake lifted me from the car seat and took me inside. I was laid on my bed.
"Amy...How are you feeling? Shall we call the doctor?" Chris was almost on the phone. My body was recovering itself. It felt a lot better after the nap in the car.
"Chris, I'm fine. I am just tired. Let me rest. Then I'll be okay."
Stacey was already checking my pulses and temperature. Everything might be fine, I could see it from their faces. Out of all, I could see Zayn standing at the door. For all this time there was not a second he looked away. He kept his eyes on me, scanning all my movements. For some reason that stare was comfortable. With his eyes on me, I felt safe.

I fell asleep but it was not a comfortable sleep. Men in black, electrifying feeling, pitch-black room, the fire they played like a movie in my dreams. I could not resist any more. I was almost screaming when I opened my eyes. All five of them were around my bed. I was covered with sweat and was panting. It was difficult to catch my breath. The next moment, I was cuddling in my safe haven. My body slowly started to recover and I could breath again.

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