Flake & Flare

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Chapter 5 - THE PAIN

It was almost noon when I woke up. My body felt better and I could get on my feet. After a refreshing bath, I went to the lobby. From the distance, I could hear their voices.
"Zayn! this is enough. We can't bear any more. What is going on?" Stacey was always short-tempered and sensitive.
"Bro! Stacey is right. Speak man." Even Jake seems to be mad. Zayn was getting on their nerves. They have the right to be angry because all they know is me coming back unconscious. Nevertheless, Zayn should not be blamed. He is my rescuer.
"Guys!!! See, I'm all fine." Despite all the worries, I put on my best smile. Phoebe signalled others to be silent and came running towards me. She held my hand "I made a special meal for you, Amy" I was grateful for this kind soul. She was a super chef and her meal made us forget all our troubles.
After the meal, Stacey checked my pulse and fever. Once she was convinced that I'm in good health she turned her curious eyes on me.
"Amy...What happened yesterday?" Not only, Stacey, everybody was more than curious. I looked at Zayn before speaking but his face was unreadable. So I told them about the black Volvo, four men in black, electrifying shock and the darkroom that I was locked in but I was careful not to mention those files.
All through the day, I was finding a chance to speak with Zayn without others noticing and it was nearly sunset when I met him at the rooftop.
Zayn was gazing at the sunset with his hands in his pockets. I slowly stood beside him. Sunset was alluring with all sought of colours scattered in the sky. The picturesque view made my mind at ease.
Zayn turned his face to me. He was still not in the right mood and I knew once again he was going to apologise. I didn't want to hear it, so I spoke first.
"Thank you for saving me Zayn" It was from the depth of my heart. Somehow I knew if it wasn't for him I might have still be locked up.
For a moment he looked into my eyes. It was a deep stare. There was a fire in his eyes. I could feel it. The flames of anger could be seen in those eyes. Suddenly without saying a word he turned back and walked away.
All I could do was sigh. I don't know what to do and sometimes I couldn't understand what his problem was. But one thing was sure. Zayn and Black Matrix... were linked. Friends or foes? This was what I need to know.
Chris was the best person who could help me with this. But still, I want this to be a secret. I didn't want anyone to be suspicious of Zayn. All the blame he was getting was enough.
It was only in the evening, I got a chance to meet up with Chris all along.
"I need help," I said while sitting next to him. As soon as he looked at me, he knew something serious was going on. He stopped what he was doing and closed the laptop while giving his full attention to me. Chris's eyes widen when he heard about the Black Matrix and the file with Zayn's name.
"Amy are you sure that it was Zayn's name?" How could I not be sure? I could clearly remember those files. Chris waited for me to finish the rest of the story. Then he put his hands on my shoulders.
"Amy, don't worry. I'll do my best. Zayn is our friend. So I'll do my best to find out what is going on. But now you should stop stressing yourself. So let me deal with the rest"
Those words were all I need to hear right now and I knew that Chris was a man of his words. Before I could reply Phoebe entered the office room.
"Ah! Amy, here you are...Ooops!!!I'm sorry, I didn't mean to interrupt." Chris was cool as ever. He placed his arm around my shoulder and moved me closer in a friendly gesture.
"I was helping our Amy to lift her mood. Why don't you join us?"
"Hey! I was just kidding. I know that Amy's eyes are only set for Zayn."
"Ooooooh!!! Why didn't I notice that?" both of them continued to tease me. It was nice to have these guys around me. They were the siblings that I never had.
All that evening, Zayn was not to be seen. I was worried than ever. Zayn was not back for dinner. We called him several times Zayn was not the one to answer. Even after going to bed, I could not sleep. My mind was full of Zayn. Why was he this late? All the other days he somehow managed to come back to the dinner at least. But today, it's nearly 11 pm and he was not yet back. Zayn was burning with anger when he stomped out in the morning. Did he do something rash? Thousands of questions were going through my head. I knew that I would not be able to sleep until he was back. So I got out of bed and went to the library and chose a random book and start turning the pages.
I spent about 2 hours like this. Not long after the clock struck one, I heard the sound of footsteps from the garden. I almost stumbled while running towards the entrance. Zayn was covered with blood and could barely stand straight. He looked pale and weak. As soon as I ran to him he shifted his weight on me. I almost caught him before he collapsed. I was about to scream for help but Zayn covered my mouth with his hand. He didn't want anybody else to see him like this. For a moment, I had no idea what to do. Tears were rolling down. He was in so much pain. He moved his hand to my cheeks and murmured"Stay with me"
Looking into his eyes I regained my strength and helped him to reach the sofa. Blood was dripping down from his forehead and there were scratches everywhere. While cleaning the wounds from the surgical spirit I could see those perfect dark eyebrows wrinkled with pain. Lines of pain were drawn all over his face. A feeling of deja vu crossed my mind.
Yes...he was weak and was doing his best to endure the pain just like me on the day I got kidnapped. I could not keep seeing his pain anymore so I gave him some sleeping pills. After the medication, he kept staring at me for a while with his ocean blue mesmerising eyes and then he laid his head on my lap.
His actions were always unexpected. And right now, I didn't even know how to react. For a moment he studied my face and then closed his eyes without saying a word. I still could see him struggling through the pain from the expressions on his face. Seeing him in pain made an unusual feeling of freezing in every inch of my body. There was nothing I could do, so I stroked his hair as he gradually fell asleep. He was having a hard time. How tough he was, it didn't matter anymore. All he needed was care and affection. It was written all over his face.
"Amy" I was awakened by Stacey."What happened to Zayn? Why are you doing here?"
"Shhh!!! Let him sleep." I signalled Stacey. I didn't want to wake him up after all the pain he went through. I slowly stood up resting Zayn's head on the cushion.
"Amy... let's take Zayn to bed," Jake suggested. But I was afraid that it would disturb his sleep. Zayn woke up after about 2 to 3 hours. Phoebe served him beef soup, which had done miracles to me when I was sick. Stacey checked his condition by monitoring his pulses and body temperature.
Zayn was back to himself only after 5 to 6 hours. All of us had. a hard time watching the pain that Zayn was going through. Even though Zayn rarely worked with the team his presence itself had being the team strength. So seeing Zayn this weak made all of us hurt to the core. And for me, there was a pain literally going through my body.

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