The 4th of July

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Velorn a small guy, shy, cute, and last but not least a hopeless romantic. He's always fallen fast and always fallen hard, but his best friend Mikala keeps him in control most times. He didn't know when he ran into a man at the 4th of July parade that the man would be Mik's friend. And he really didn't know the gorgeous man would make all Mik hard work on control completely disappear. ******************** ❗️⚠️ Hi! Small note, if you're homophobic or easily triggered please don't read, this is an 18+ book. Read at your own risk, but I hope you enjoy the book. ⚠️❗️

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 1

It was crowded in the street, barely 11 in the morning and yet it was filled to the brim with people screaming and partying whilst waiting for the parade. “Hey Mik, I’m going to get some cotton candy, you want anything from the stalls while I’m there?,” Velorn asked his friend. He was getting hungry in the summer heat, but nothing of actual substance was what he wanted. “No thanks V, I’m just gonna wait here.” Mikala stated. Velorn held up an okay sign and turned around to start his way to the cotton candy stall. “Jesus this crowd is wild,” he thought to himself trying to keep his head down and out of the crowd on jumping people and hands. So close to the edge of the crowd he ran into a hard body and fell to the ground. On instinct he covered his head so he wouldn’t be trampled on. He felt warm hands on his shoulders before he felt the weight of his body in the air. Velorn uncovered his head when he was back on his feet, eyes wide like a deer in headlights and face red from surprise at the man he saw in front of him. He was gorgeous and Velorn felt embarrassed to have ran into someone like him. The man was almost a foot taller than his 5’4” stature with black hair, tanned skin, and blues so light they were almost white. He had a few white highlights in his hair that made him even hotter with the way they framed his chiseled face. Velorn saw his lips move, but didn’t hear a word of what he said, he was so in shock,” W- What did you s-say?” Velorn asked him. The man gave a slight smile as he spoke,” I said sorry, I did realize there were so many people when I was making my way to the front. Just meeting up with some friends you know.” Velorn blushed even more, sure he looked like a tomato he covered his cheeks a little to make himself look confused,” It’s alright, it was actually my fault for being ducked below the crowd like that, I just wanted cotton candy.” He said in a way of swearing. Velorn didn't know what to do with himself standing there in the crowd like that. He was so embarrassed and shocked that he could only stand in silence. He knew it was starting to get awkward but couldn’t bring himself to say anything to the man. “Well I’ve got to go meet my friend at the front, sorry again about the run in.” The man spoke and all Velorn did was nod and wave a little as the man walked away. After standing there for a minute Velorn relaxed and continued his way to the cotton candy stand.
After, getting his cotton candy he made his way back to his friend Mik, this time with no run-ins, but when he got close to Mik he froze as he saw the head of black hair and white highlights once again.”How many people have this hair? There aren’t that many, it can’t be that man again can it?” He thought to himself anxiously. Even if it was him, he couldn’t be hanging out with Mik, she would’ve told him if she had another friend coming to the parade with them. But as he smiled and tapped Mik’s shoulder to let her know he was back, the man turned around and saw him as well. In his moment of shock Mik spoke,” V you’re back! This is my friend Dominic, I didn’t think he’d make it so I didn’t tell you. Dom this is my friend Velorn I was telling you about.” Now known Dominic chuckled when he held his hand out to shake Velorn’s,” Hi again, you can just Call me Dom.” Velorn shook his hand with his mouth opened a bit in shock, just trying to keep his face from being red as a tomato again. “Oh so you guys already met then?” Mik asked them both. Seeing Velorn still couldn’t speak, Dom answered instead,” Yeah, we had a run in while I was on my way here, he said he was getting his cotton candy.” He gestured toward the cotton candy in Velorn’s hand. Remembering he had it, Velorn used it to hide everything but his eyes behind as he nodded his head and ate a piece as distraction. As he turned to the street and ate his cotton candy he could feel them both glancing at him, Mik more side eyeing him. “What’s going on with you?” She whispered in his ear. All Velorn did was blush hard and stuff a big piece of cotton candy into his mouth when he sent a direct eye contact to her then glanced at Dom. She instantly chuckled which made Dom look over confused on what was funny,” What’d I miss?” Mik laughed harder at her friends and Velorn could feel his face changing colors from embarrassment and a dash of anger with her laughing at him. “Nothing man, you didn’t miss anything,” she said between laughs. Once she calmed down Mik and Dom started some small talk as Velorn stood there awkwardly waiting for the parade to end so that he could head home and away from the torture of Dom’s face. It was taking his energy to try and not be as effected by him physically as he truly was mentally.

In his wish of the parade to end however, he was asked by Mik if he would go to the movies with the whole friend group who didn’t make it to the parade. Velorn in his need to not disappoint of course said yes. But as soon as he got in his car, he absolutely regretted it. He was already aroused as it was just seeing Dom at the parade, plus he was so nice a crush had formed as well. He tilted his head back on the headrest of his seat and sighed with his eyes closed. Tomorrow’s movie was going to be a long time, but hopefully he’d make it through.
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