The Despicable's Plead

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The wind that caresses the loose strands of my hair. The calm sunlight that brushes upon my skin. The tickling flatter of the slightly dampened meadow. The song of vibrant colors surrounding the tiny petals. Yet, I somehow cannot take my eyes away from your pleasant aesthetics. The personification of beauty in every aspect. I wonder if you can hear my heart's silent cry? My Art, My Love, My Desperation.

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The leaves are swaying to the beat of the wind.
The cold breeze continuously envelops my body, as if it were a hand-woven blanket meant for me.
I raised my hand and observed the way the rays of the sun slip through my fingers.
How ironic.
No matter how sturdy I raise my barrier, the beams desperately find a way past the other side.
The songs and cheers of the crowds beyond.
The smile embedded from their lips.
The way their eyes crinkle at the mere sight of joy.
Indeed, it was the time for another season.
I walked around the park with my hands buried deep within the comforting sanctuary of my pockets.
The black hoodie that excludes such memorable fragrance.
It was as if he was here…
The children ran and ran, an authentic ball of happiness.
The grass danced with each step they took.
The flowers risked a peek to watch the world circle about.
Unconsciously, I didn’t notice as my hands enclose on their own.
My body lives and moves without a sense of authorization.
It’s like I’m freely flowing with the overwhelming circumstances.
The lake that was placed at the very center of this humongous park, that’s where my feet had led me to.
The glimmering water. It looked like it was sparkling.
Once again, my hand moved on its own.
Grasping the glass, hugging it against my palm.
How futile…
It seems as if it was holding on, gently yet secured around the very reminiscent of my memories.
I was staring into space so that I didn’t feel the hands that wrapped around my tiny waist.
Ah, this is a feeling that you cannot forsaken.
I looked down and placed my free hand on top of his.
“Why do you look so solemn?”
I did not answer.
“Did you miss me?” I felt his breath beside my ear as he whispered those soothing words.
I merely smiled. Amidst that, I did not notice the liquid escaping from my eyes.
“…why are you crying?”
I shook my head and looked forward, towards the lake, and watched as it blended with the sunset.
“Are you really okay?” I felt him hug me tighter.
“I don’t know…” I responded.
I felt him smile, “It’s alright then. I’m glad that you were honest…”
I can feel my lips quiver. I grasped the glass within my enclosed palm tighter than before.
“I know you’re okay. Even if you’re not, I’ll be here to ask you every single moment, until you, yourself, can proudly state that you are fine.”
I nodded. I nodded again. I nodded several times.
Indeed, someday…
“Can you say my name?” I asked.
This time the sun had completely been devoured by the shivering darkness.
Still, he held onto me as he spoke,

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