Red String (boyxboy)

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Ch 0. Prologue

Eugene’s POV




Have I been running? Why? And for how long?

I stop and look around but all I can see is darkness. It is pitch black. Apart from the sound of my heavy breathing there is nothing in this space that indicates life. I don’t understand! What is this place? I involuntarily bend over as I try to relax my lungs from overdrive.

“I need to get the hell out of here-,” I mumble, when I hear footsteps approaching me. A weird sense of relief washes over when I feel another presence around me. It is indeed weird how instead of fearing them I feel relived and assured. I turn and there is a huge beam of light emitting from behind an unknown figure.

Suddenly the entire space is illuminated by that light. I look around to see where I am. Is this a room? The room oddly feels familiar like Déjà-vu.

Have I been here before?

It is so comfortable but it also feels like, how should I say this… like it is filled with regret and remorse.

“Nathan?” I see an unknown figure besides me. It’s a man’s voice? Umm… it is husky… Mmmh! also sexy.

Eh? Why did I think a man’s voice is sexy? I shake my head to get my mind out of the clouds and back to Planet Earth – if that’s where I am. “I’m sorry you must be mistaken I’m Eugene... Eugene Oyama. Are you looking for Nathan?” I look around the room before asking, “can you tell me where I am? I seem to have lost my way.” Though I have no clue how I got here.

I move my head to look at the face of the unknown figure but before I am able to I feel two large hands cup my cheeks and pull me into an overwhelming passionate kiss. Haze clouds my vision as my eyes voluntarily close and I let him have his way. I want to resist, I really do but my lips fit perfectly with his… like it was something that I may have been waiting for all my life.

He pulls away from me making me groan in disappointment. I open my eyes and they land on the most beautiful chestnut brown orbs. As I peer into those captivating eyes I get pulled into a brown abyss. I am such a lightweight! “Nathan, I’m waiting for you,” I hear him speak as I try to recover from my daze.


Who is this Nathan and why is he waiting for him? He sounds quite desperate. I feel a sharp pain in my chest and I bring my hand to my chest to rub the pain away.

“I guess I was a fool,” he said. But why is he so sad? A pang of pain stronger than before makes its way to my heart. I close my eyes, suck in a deep breath and focus on easing the shooting pain in my chest. After what felt like an hour but was actually a minute I open my eyes to look at the man who called me Nathan.

He’s gone? Where did he go?

I gasp as I notice his absence. “No! Come back”, I shout on top of my lungs. Why do I feel that I belong next to him? In a heartbeat I leap in the direction I think he left.

“Please wait!” I scream looking at him, not once did he stop or look my way. I have to make him stop. I need to do something. Maybe calling his name would help. But I don’t know his name - I mean I just met the guy. The only thing I know about him is he has an incredibly sexy voice. I snap myself out of the trance my mind was wondering into.

“I beg of you please wait…,” I plead while chasing after him. In the process of pursuing the man with a sexy voice I notice something attached to my finger – the pinky finger to be precise. I try shaking it off but it seems to be tied to my finger. It’s a red thread! And to my surprise I notice another blizzard thing - the red thread is flowing down my hand and in the direction I’m running towards. I trace the red thread with my eyes to see where it ends and I see it leading to that man. At that very moment I see him fading from my sight.

I start growing desperate for reasons I don’t know and leap harder towards him. I decide to call out to him once again, “Please stop! Please I’m begging you. Why won’t you stop?


Henry wait”

Huh? Henry? Is that his name? Why do I know this?

I see Henry stop and turn my way. Henry smiles at me but I could tell he was in a lot of pain. I leap towards him once again and this time I reach his arms. He stops and pulls me into his strong firm arms.

“The red string will guide you Nathan.” Those were the last words I heard before waking up from my dream with a pounding in my heart.

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