Red String (boyxboy)

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Ch 2. Superman?

Mica’s POV

“Hey Slowpoke! What took you so long?” I hiss at Eu. “I reached an hour ago and you should know better than make me wait-,” I notice two pairs of eyes staring at me from behind Eu. Oh crap! He is here. “What is he doing here?” I whisper to Eu. “Zak-nii and Aoi are here to help us unpack, Yay!” Eu says while looking at Aoi.

Isaac puts Aoi on the ground and walks up to me beaming and takes one of my hands in his, much to my surprise, “Thank you Mica for agreeing to stay with Eu. He can be a blockhead sometimes for which I apologize in advance but please look after him.” He says with a warm smile and I nod in gesture. His heat starts pouring into my skin and I spat his hands away. Eu on the other side of the room drops one of the boxes he is holding to complain to Aoi how his ‘Zak-nii’ is being mean to him. Isaac playfully smacks Eu earning himself one of Eu’s classic glares.

The Oyama siblings are biracial i.e. half Japanese and half American. Eu’s dad, Uncle Keishi’s grandfather came to America in ‘search of greener pastures’ as he states and they have been living here ever since. Aunty Emma is Uncle Keishi’s high school sweetheart. Back then, I rarely saw Eu’s parents at home. Isaac was always the one taking care of Eu and Aoi. Isaac is a loving brother and a responsible son. He stands at 6.3 ft, has dark chestnut brown hair and hazel green eyes just like his siblings. He is currently attending W.U.C.A, majoring in photography, and works part-time at his dad’s agency.

When I was young I liked being in his presence because of his extremely warm personality. I used to cling to him all the time. I would always throw my arms around him and make him carry me everywhere and that always made Eu jealous. A smile makes its way through my face but is immediately replaced with a frown. That day as well, the two of us were insisting on being carried by Isaac when I accidentally pushed Eu off the stairs. I stood here in terror as I saw Eu fall. But in an instant, Isaac jumped in to save Eu, he flew across the stairs like Superman. He saved Eu but injured himself in the process. I didn’t go to see him in the hospital, I couldn’t stop blaming myself for hurting Isaac and Eu. But when I saw him at home again, I cried a lot. Isaac being Isaac said it wasn’t my fault and that he was sorry for scaring me. None of them blamed me for that accident. I’m so glad these brothers accepted me into their lives.

“What are you thinking?” I feel warm breath on me and my hand involuntarily flies to cover the back of my neck. I snap my neck to see Isaac standing behind me. “Nothing!” I shake my head. “Really?” Isaac says as he raises one brow in suspension. “Then I’d like to know what bought on that beautiful smile, Mica”, Isaac says while inching closer to me. Wooh! Too close! A knee-jerk reaction makes me take a step back which trips me over one of the boxes lying around. Holy Shit! I’m going to fall. I close my eyes to ready myself for the fall and the pain. “Sweetheart! You are ok. I caught you,” I feel Isaac’s breath on my forehead. Huh! I open my eyes to observe my surroundings. Indeed! I didn’t fall.

Yay! No pain! But how? “Huh? What just happened?” I ask.

“I caught you is what happened,” I hear a whisper in my ears. “Wooh!” Holy! Why didn’t I notice earlier? He caught me and now I’m in Isaac’s arms while he is hovering over me. “Oh?” I gulp loudly. “Oh! Th-thank you,” I turn to look at the boxes in question to glare at them for putting me in this situation.

As I am glaring at the boxes, I feel myself being swept off the floor. Isaac swept me up bridal style. What is he doing? I look at him and I see Isaac’s gaze fixed on mine making me unable to look away. I feel my cheeks heating up. I think I’m blushing. I bite my lips to stop myself from blushing.


Wait a minute!

I know I tripped over some boxes like a klutz that I am and he saved me like a hero from a clichéd murder novel for which I thanked him. So, why the fuck am I still in his arms and in that position? I mean why is Isaac carrying me in one of those ‘Superman rescues Lois Lane’ classic positions? I try pushing Isaac away but his hold on me is too strong.

I look at Eu for help but he is as useless as ever. Eu just stood there with Aoi, with both their eyes closed. Aaaaahh! I’m stuck in between two idiotic brothers. I snap my neck to look at this freakishly strong man as I’m unable to break free. “Isaac I’m okay, put me down,” I hiss at him. Why is he still staring at me? “Say please,” he says without blinking and I catch a glimpse of glitter in his eyes as his upper lip lifts to form a smirk.


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