Red String (boyxboy)

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Ch 3. The Demon and his wi...

Mica’s POV

I look away still struggling, ”please put me down, Isaac.” I snarl.

“Sure darling!”

“Why are you so strong? So pissing off!” I look at him to see the smirk still plastered on his face. I freeze when I feel his fingers brush on my back. Great! Of all days, I had to wear a halter-neck dress today. Heat seep in from his fingers to my skin and I turn red again. I need to get away. I struggle harder to get out of his grasp. I put my hands on his chest to push myself away... big mistake! Isaac tightens his grab around me securing me in his arms. A jolt of electricity runs through my body all the way to my toes and back up to my face, making it heat up even more. I glare at Isaac, hoping he mistakes the redness on my face as anger. “I am a man after all,” he says mischievously, and I halt all my efforts of breaking free from him.

Man? I narrow my eyes on him. Is he trying to imply that he is strong because he is a man... or maybe he means because he is a man he can’t help but touch my exposed back? “Which is it?” I scream and immediately cover my mouth. Of all times to think out loud, way to go, Mica!

Although, my little outburst makes Isaac lose control and I jump out of his hold. Without wasting any time I step on his foot with my pointy heels and he yelps in agony.

Oh, sweet revenge! I sigh in satisfaction.

“Aww! Does it hurt?” I ask innocently and pout my lips to show fake remorse but I should have known better. “Which do you think it is?” With an evil grin Isaac whispers in my ears. That demon! How did he know what I was thinking? I step on his foot one more time and Eu bursts up laughing at his brother’s agony.

“Eu, take your ‘Zak-nii’ to a shrink. His freakin’ split personality is acting up again.” I point at the firstborn of the Oyama family while speaking to the second born. Nii-san is big brother in Japanese. Neither of them is fluent in the language but they try using Japanese words here and there thinking it’s cool. Dimwits!

I feel tiny fingers slide up my legs and turn to see tiny pair of hazel green eyes looking at me, “Mica, what’s a shrink?” I pick the bag of sweetness in my arms and smother her with a lot of kisses making her giggle. “Nothing you need to worry about sweetie,” I tell her. Little Aoi continues giggling in my arms as I smother her some more. “Say Mica?” Aoi asks in between her laughs. I stop, “yes sugar?”

“Is it true that you are Zak-nii’s wife?” Aoi asks while still giggling. Something clicks in my head after hearing those words. “Wi-wi-wif-wif...” I can’t help but shutter at the “W” word. The word is playing in my mind on loop. “Zak-nii, Mica is red as a tomato.” Aoi innocently tells the demon as she pokes my cheeks. Wife? What is he filling his child’s head with? I’m too lost in my thoughts that I almost didn’t notice Isaac standing next to me.

Isaac completely ignores me and leans forward to speak to Aoi, “that was supposed to our little secret Aoi-chan”. He raffles her hair and kisses Aoi on her cheek and an ear-splitting smile appears on her face. “Go see if Eu needs any help,” Isaac takes Aoi from my arms, puts her down and she runs to Eu.

All this while I’m too stumped to react. Isaac turns to me and inches closer. Sensing him close I recover from my daze and I glare at him. “What are you filling this child’s head with?” I growl. I’m so furious! “I’m going to bite your head off.” His lips curl into a smirk once again and I turn to look at Eu, with the ‘I’m-going-to-kill-Isaac’ look. Eu rolls his eyes in response but instantly lifts his hands in the air in surrender, as he mouths “I’m outta here”. Eu takes Aoi’s hands and they both walk into his room.

The older one is a demon and the younger one is a wuss. I’m gonna pull Eu’s eyes out and rolling them till they burst.

“I like red on you.” Huh! Red? I’m wearing a blue dress. I look down at my dress to reconfirm. Yes, blue! I look at him confused and I see him staring at me and I blush for the hundredth time. “See! Pretty red,” he pokes my dimples and without my permission the blush on my cheek deepens.

I make a mental note to tame my disobedient cheeks later.

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