Red String (boyxboy)

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Ch 4. Feisty Me

Mica’s POV

Mica’s POV

I’m gonna teach him a lesson. He can’t toy with me like this every time.

"Wife,” I snort. “You know a lot of couples divorce each other due to lack of compatibility.” I stare at the demon as he nods his head in agreement. “Say Isaac,” I clear my throat and speak softly, “do you wanna try seeing how compatible our bodies are?” I wink at him while pointing to my room as I wear an innocent smile. Isaac is taken aback at my unexpected suggestion and trips over the same boxes lying around.

Bwahahaha! Sweet revenge!

The sight of Isaac at my feet makes me quiver in satisfaction. I place my right foot on his shoulder to push him down further. “I would rather die than be your wife, demon.” I scorn at him. “Umm! Not that I mind, but Mica you are flashing me,” that’s when I notice that all this time he’s been staring at my panties. I scream as I kick his shoulder.

“Oww!” He stands up holding his shoulder. My hands instinctively fly down to secure my dress. He walks towards me and leans to whisper in my ears, “Sexy panties! I like them.” My face heats up and I feel steam escape through my ears.

“You perverted bastard... hmm... hmmm...,” Isaac places his hand on my mouth to muffle my voice and I bite it. “Ouch! Feisty as ever.” Isaac frantically shakes his hands to push the pain away. “I’m not old. I’m a young and healthy man,” he comments. He’s a bully and he jumps at every opportunity possible to mess with me. “You are like a raging monster. Can you stop with the sexual harassment already?” a vein hops on my forehead. Isaac sighs like I missed the point and that pisses me off even more. My face starts pulling a frown.

“Isaac...” before I could yell at him, he presses his finger to his lips shushing me. His actions makes me trace the shape of his lips against his finger. His lips are pink like autumn. I wonder if they are soft or rough. Is he a good kisser? How would his lips feel against mine?

I wonder...

His lips start moving towards me and my body voluntarily moves toward him. I hear a loud roar of laughter coming from the other room making me jump out of my skin. Aoi continues laughing and that seems to jolt Isaac and I back to my senses. My eyes lock on to his and memories from a moment ago floods into my mind. Oh my God! What was I about to do? I feel my entire body heating up.

“Umm! We need to finish unpacking.” Isaac states and I break our eye contact. “Aoi is staying over so I’m planning to have a sleep over at my apartment. Ahem! Also, unpacking may take some time, so, you and Eu are welcomed to use my apartment as long as you wish.” He says as he gestures to the mess around us. “Today’s dinner is on me.” He says with his usual warm smile and I nod in agreement.New chapter every Sunday😀

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