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My Secret Romance

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I and he was nothing at the beginning. But everything suddenly changes into something that we both know as a feeling, feelings that only both of us knew. I wish I never able to falling in love again with another man unless my husband. The feeling between us never disappears but grew up into something that makes us stronger and convinces us to take a step further than before. I didn't expect it would become bigger than what I thought and imagined. The fact that he could accept me as the way I am and unconditionally makes me getting more crazy and anxious about my marriage that has already passed through for 6 years. He's far older than me, really mature, and financially stable, not like my husband that still struggling to become a top position in his new company. As I would accept him as the way he's and support him for everything that he does. It sounds like a crazy romantic story but the worse is we never meet each other in reality but somehow already falling into each other. We only just can see each profile picture through the chatting application. I never thought it would be ended like this and I never know how this temporary and late love will end up. Whether happy or sad it sure does cost tears and time and sacrifice either are me or him that will be giving up to this forbidden love or continue to fight for this precious feeling, we never know.

Romance / Drama
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Amy has been married with Greg. Although it was a sincere relationship she knew that she lying to herself that she was happy. In the beginning, it was a just coincidence that brings her and her husband to be good partners in the past. She was lost of sight and completely jealous when she knew that someone she longing for a long time and adore was married to someone else, yeah she knew it would never happen to her because he is her boss. The ultimate high-quality singles criteria for future partners.

Since Amy was heartbreak because of that silly incident she committed that she wants to follow him being a married person, even with someone that she completely not loved, and maybe look into him because something else likes his kindness to her, his patients, his smart brains or because he has some things that in common similar to her bosses, like same nations and skin color or appearances, but with no heart involved in. She admits it was a huge stupidity that she made her life. But yeah it has been happening to her. Amy married someone that loves her so much, cares about her much. She used to see that as an alibi foundation of the relationship.
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