Never Let Me Go

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Jaysean, a college boy who finds his best soulmate at the first day of his college. They get in touch with each other. A best friend, a brother and a forever person. They have a similarity in their name. Jaysean, must sound like Shan at the last. And Shan, his soulmate. College life teaches Jay many lesson. Responsibility, friendship, relationship, happiness and heart breaks. He is forced to forget all the bad things happen to him. And then he meets his life partner, a young lady, beautiful and kind. They stay together for long and make another love story. And then all of a sudden she ignores him. And he doesn’t get over her for a really long time. Never let me go is another romantic story which catches your hearts.

Romance / Drama
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“Doctor? How is she now?” I asked as he rushed out.

“We can haven’t declared yet Jay. But don’t worry she is under observation.” He said and continued.

My body began to shake with fear. I had to rest on the bench at the corridor. Many places flashed on my mind.

The basketball court, usual meeting garden and so on…

I lost her once again, I just have to hope for tomorrow to be a better tomorrow…..

I woke up from my day dream and found my mobile ringing. It was my mom’s call. I attended.

“Mom?” I said as I tried to hide my weak voice.

“Is there any problem? Should I come?” she asked.

I could just imagine my restless mom.

“No mom. It’s fine here!” I tried to lie.

“Thank god. Did you see her?”

“Mom, I just have to meet the doctor, I’ll call u later” I said and hung up.

The last time I came here was 10 months back when she had the same problem. But this time it’s a bit complicated.

I started sweating as the fear in me started growing more. I just went through the past.


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