Never Let Me Go

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Chapter 1

It was my first day of college. I got my parents blessings and headed out with my bike.

I reached the college gate and closed my eyes to pray. I touched the ground with my hand and kissed. “Dear god, give me a good start.” I said slowly.

“Oh, starting prayer huh?” I got interrupted.

I opened my eyes to see 3 boys (of course elder than me) in front of me. Behind them there were some more boys hitting another one.

“Don’t worry. He is a bit over smart. I don’t think you are like him.” One of them said.

I got confused. I knew this was ragging. But those both faces were familiar to me (the one who talked to me and the one who was getting hit).

“By the way, what’s your name?” he asked.

“Jay... sean.” I answered.

“Jaysean? I’ve heard it somewhere!” he continued “Are you the son of Gopal?”

“Yes?” I answered.

“Oh buddy, you’re my cousin.” He said with a beam.

“I didn’t get you.” I said.

“I’m Rahul. I’m your dad’s…..” He kept on blabbering. But I was confused with the one who was being hit.

He caught my shoulder and invited me in. “Are you looking at that disaster? Don’t worry it’s not going to be tried on you.” He said and blinked, “They are my friends. That one was being over smart and not doing what we said.”

“What did you say him to do.?” I asked.

“We said him to count the whole college with a cap of bottle.”

“That’s a bit stiff.”

“Ah, this is nothing if we compare with the others tasks.”

And he took me to my class.


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