Never Let Me Go

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Chapter 2

When I finished my first day with introduction and stuffs and I actually understood who he is. The one who was hit by those guys. He is Shan. Yes, his name is pronounced like my last (I know you pronounced it as seen but it’s actually pronounced as Jayshan). He completed his high school with me. At that time, he was my rival. Now I guess he is friendly.

He walked towards me and asked “You were my rival. Isn’t it?”

I smiled and we waved Hi5.

And from that I understood we could be friends.


As I finished my 8 months of college, I became more famous because of my dear cousin. His mother was a teacher who taught me one of the subjects.

I became more excited. After 4 more months I will be stepping to my next year of college life.

Actually college is fun. Those outstanding performance (standing out of the class as a punishment) and those screams of some devil sirs are really nice.

Now, I’m saying this by standing out of the class.

I just took my phone out and found 13 missed calls from mom. I called back to know what’s so serious.

She picked up with a weak voice.

“Jay.” She called out.

“Yes mom. What’s so serious?”

“Jay... You have to…” The bell rang as she started saying. I couldn’t hear anything and had to wait until it was over.

“Mom, you there? I’m sorry for that. Okay continue.”

“Jay, you should immediately show up at the hospital near to our house.” She said in voice that she was about to burst out.

“What’s so important?” I asked.

“Jay, fast means fast.” She said and hung up.

As it was Rahul’s mom’s period, I got her permission and rushed to the hospital.

I reached there and tried connecting with mom.

She picked up “Jay, don’t say anything. I’m here at third floor in the corridor just near to the ICU (intensive care unit).” She said and ended.

I rushed to the third floor and took a help of a nurse to find where the “ICU” was.

I found my mom sitting on a bench and weeping.

I ran towards her and asked what’s wrong.

“Your dad fell in the field. One of our farmers reported it to me. He was already taken to the hospital.” She ended and started crying more.

“Mom, it’s... it’s alright, nothing is going to happen.”

“When your dad went to collect today’s salary, the manager gave him extra and said that the field fully was going to be sold for constructing a building. He said that your dad has to find some other way to live. You know, how important that field to us is.” She managed to say this much and started sobbing.

“How long did it be?”

“It has been almost 5 hours. I came here after 1 hour when he was admitted. The doctor said he will result it after 2 – 3 hours.” She couldn’t control her tears, she continued “I’m afraid if he repeats the attack once more. He already had it twice.”

I went speechless to mom’s words.

After half an hour Shan came rushing towards me and asked what “was the problem”.

I explained it to him. He got tensed. I was confused by how a rival can become so close to me.

“You will be thinking how can I be so close to you in a short time right?” He asked.

I shook my head showing yes.

“I never saw you as my rival, it was just those school stories which gave us a relation called rivals.

“We could be good friends.”

“Not good friends, we can be friends forever. Maybe you call it as best friends.” He said as he held me around my shoulder.

Doctor rushed out of the ICU with a tensed face.

“Doctor!” I stood up.

“Yes... you are?” He asked.

“His son...” I replied eagerly waiting for his reply.

Everyone’s attention went towards the doctor.

“We tried our best, it was an attack. This time we couldn’t help him. He’s gone.” Doctor said.

My mom burst into tears and became breathless.

“Mom.” I and Shan called out.

I looked at him with happiness which could not be expressed at this time. I actually liked him calling my mom “MOM.”

Tears started running from our eyes.

She said she was okay. But I was not satisfied.

I bought an inhaler as fast as I could from the hospital pharmacy.

I gave it to her and made her inhale for better breathing.

She couldn’t control herself. She cried the whole day, while I finished the whole rituals to do as a son.

Shan helped me as much as he could.

As I lay on my bed, I could hear my mom sobbing. I didn’t know how to comfort her.

I walked towards her room. I hugged her tight and said “We will show them how to live.”

I think it made her happy. As her child I have to do something to revenge them.

I switched the lights off and walked to my room.

I spend half of the night switching my lamp on and off.

As I close my eyes for a nap, I think of the responsibilities I have, as I’m the next protector of my mom.


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