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"- Everyone is master of their destiny, of their choices, whatever it may be. You included. "   Two families, one pact,...   What to do when everything collapses around us simply through our dream and we know nothing to do against than accept for the good of all ?   Vannya Holson, an ordinary girl who lives in her small family home, mixing studies and her work in a cafe to be able to afford the opportunity to live her dream, to go to Dynvir, to be able to deepen and improve her studies.   But when the possibility comes from itself like a traveling pigeon.   Is it always a good idea to want to pursue your dreams eventually ?

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter One

Sweet sounds are heard, the sun crosses and radiates my room.

Is it already in the morning then?

So I did not manage to sleep as desired, so I will be dead of fatigue not even in the middle of the day. I sighed and passed a hand over my still sleeping face.

I breathe despair and turn to my dial wanting to make sure that I was not dreaming and that we were already in the morning.

“8: 30” that's what it said.

— Dang it, I'm late.

I eventually got up in utter despair, I picked up my phone and saw 5 Missed Calls and 2 messages from Kourtney, my co-worker asking me if I was coming tonight to Café “The Spectrum”, and my brother telling me he had left breakfast ready for me at the table. I smiled at her kindness.

She always took the time to hear from me in the morning before each of my classes, but I was a little too late to answer her straight away.

I get up in high V speed and rush to wash and prepare myself.


I end up being in traffic for exactly 20 minutes. There was an accident, so the bus was getting late, I still had 6 stops, and I'll be down there. Fortunately, however, the stops were not far away.

I end up making the decision to get off at the next stop and walk to my school.

In the direction of the school, I heard car horns. I turned and saw a Picanto 1.0 iGUESS that I know only too well.

— Hey, you ! Need me to drop you off? He smiled at me knowing gold and already the answer.
— Oh my god yes ! Please, Nolan, I'm so late !

He smiled tenderly and opened the door.

You're lucky I start a little later.

I look up to heaven, being giving that he can't start later being giving that we are in the same class, I settle down after having kissed him.


I certainly arrived 30 minutes late, but I was lucky, my literature teacher is quite understanding, and he said he had an announcement to make.

— What do you think his announcement will be?

I turn to the entente of the voice to my right I find myself nose to nose with the beautiful hazel brown eyes of Regina.

— Out in the woods? A vernissage? A ball? A ...

— Dude ? Serously, zip it. Say Nolan with a laugh.

— You're not funny, plus I'm sure it doesn't have to be something grand coming from him. Chuckled Nick.

I laughed softly as I heard them making their debate about the supposed announcement while watching them one by one for a few seconds.

Nick, has always been a boy who loves to laugh and takes most everything as a joke, with a beautiful boil, blond hair and a dark look he is easily forgiven when he comes to us so bad jokes. I was sure of that.

Nolan, is a bit of the complete opposite of Nick, Brown-Eyed Brown, he attracts womans, for his gallantry, but he hides his game well, he is no better than Nick At joke level.

Kourtney, is sort of the " mom " of the band, always putting Nick or Nolan back in her place, she is a devoted friend that anyone will dream of having.

I reply to Regina with my most beautiful smile knowing that what I was going to tell her was going to make me have her mockery about my potential secret relationship with our literature teacher.

— I don't know, but it must probably be important given the intensity of his request that at the end of the course everyone remains 10 minutes, while we have an hour free after. After I hope it will be a meeting with a well-known author, such as Jorge Hernandez. I answer him with a huge smile.

— You and the books are serious, you should become Mr. Will's right-hand man. Say Kourtney in a mocking voice.

— Oh, it's okay, huh ? He's a good teacher who gives a wonderful class, and ... I was suddenly interrupted by a voice coming from the intercoms.

<< Ladies and gentlemen, dear students I will ask you to pay attention to this information please. We are exactly at the beginning of the school year, so I know that some options regarding your initial orientation have not yet been chosen. So at the end of the course, I would ask you to give our dear teachers time to explain each of the options available to you, and able to help us to flourish throughout our long journey, which is this school year, hoping that you will make the choices in a thoughtful way, I wish you all an excellent day. >>

— Oh well it's that the director knows how to go about it to stoke all our attention. Nolan whispered in my ear, showing me all the students present in class who were beginning to lose interest in the course of our dear Mr. Wil, who looked desperate knowing that it was going to be difficult to calm them down.

— It's true that she's not wrong, it's still September 14, and we haven't got the info for that yet. Say a voice behind me.

It was starting to become a real hubbub. Mr. Wil ended up clapping his hands and telling us.

— Good considering that my course will probably no longer interest you, make a group of four or five, and we will discuss options for your orientations, it is not all the same it is your last year young people. He tells us with a paternal look.

— People at this school can say what they want. He's the best teacher since I've been here. Say Nick with a smile.

— You're just saying that because he just stopped the stupid class. Regina retorted, tapping him on the back of the head.

I watched all three of them bickering, and it made me realize how important it is to feel surrounded by people of trust and who we know we can always rely on in the event of a hard time. And the four of them were what I was about I could give them my confidence without counting. I'm sure of that !
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