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Senza cuore

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My eyes meet his. I look away and then back up, he's still glaring at me. I rub my arms because I feel awkward. "Tear, stay away from that man who has his eyes on you." I look at my boss confused. Why? I'm not even interested in him! "Those two overthere are the world's most dangerous and lethal criminals. Stay away from them, don't make eye contact, don't smile, don't approach them, don't even say hello." Drizzle and Marshal. The world's most notorious criminals. Nobody approaches them, nobody says hello to them, nobody smiles at them and nobody catches their eye. They're cold, vicious, unpredictable and damn right evil. Senza cuore stands for Heartless in the English language and that's exactly what they are. In fact, they're more dangerous than venom from a snake. Stay out of their way or forever be in debt.  Senza Cuore

Romance / Erotica
Ivy White
Age Rating:


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Book order is as follows:
Conflicting minds
Dantes Possession
Societa Oscura
Bright screws
Pre Robernero discomfort
Two worlds
Senza Cuore
Kenzo-Teenage years
Ryder-seperate series

Black tailor fitted suits, white shirts, black ties, shiny black leather shoes and a bad attitude. The Robernero boys. The world's most vicious and they now identify themselves as brothers connected together by blood. They enter their casino side by side, sunglasses cover their eyes and the public turn around. Not one of them looks directly in to their eyes. Now that would be a bad choice to make. Their shoes click, their presence is known and the air is thick. Clicking his fingers Marshal calls his man over.

"Go and collect." Nothing else is said, his man simply walks away from him. There's no yes boss or conversations had. No, those men don't talk to others, they don't trust a single soul. What they found out broke them more than they wanted to admit and they went through the darkness together coming out stronger on the other side. Sitting down at the back of the room, the two of them light up a cigar with a match and lean back as they watch strippers dance around a pole. Those strippers belong to them and do as they're told. Renzos eyes swipe from left to right, he's reading the room with his eyes squinted.

Marshal clicks his fingers, "turn" and Yasmine twists around for him. "That's a good girl. Continue." Drinks are placed down in front of them by Pauline. She keeps her head down, lays the drinks down and walks away from them. Renzo picks up his drink and takes a sip. His face scrunches up and he sighs.

"Oi, get here." Pauline stops on the spot before she turns around with wide eyes. She's petrified of Renzo and wants to run away but she knows that she needs to comply.

"Yes, you! Get here." Nodding her head, she walks over to Renzo nod looking at him. He points at the glass. "What the fuck do you call that? I said a triple, this is a single."

"Sorry," Pauling mumbles with her head down as Marshal smirks. "Take this shit and get me something stronger." Renzo slams the glass down on the table and Pauline picks it up walking away from them quickly.

Renzo sighs, "fuck me, why is it so god damn hard to make a drink?" shaking his head, he leans back.

Both of them still wear their sunglasses. Those sunglasses never get taken off. They won't let a single person see their eyes. Renzo has grey eyes and Marshal has grey with a hint of green in his eyes. Paul changed his name. He wanted to it to be permanently Marshal Robernero. He always did hate the name Paul and what happened in his past, pushed him to change it. Nobody knows anything about the boys anymore because they won't let anybody in and if you were lucky enough to get in their bed then you would be sent away that night, no kissing, no touching, no talking, booted out in the middle of the night, they truly don't care and don't have the time of day for anyone.


Marshal glances over as Nicole walks over to him. Holding her arms out she smiles and he stands up. Walking in to his embrace, he wraps his arms around her. "How are you mum?"

"I'm good. I hope the two of you are going to relax for once. You both need time out."

"Nah, that's not needed Nicole." Renzo comments watching the strippers as she laughs. Nicole and Kai were best friends throughout their childhood.

"Have a good night boys." Nicole tells them walking away. Marshal sits back down smiling. "We will."


"Sorry I'm late. I had a poor little guy who stood on glass. I got sent straight to theatre." I tell my boss Raphael. He nods his head understanding my struggles as I throw my bag underneath the bar. It's fun working at the hospital and here. I told him that I would cover Emmys shift for a couple of hours while she took her children to their babysitter. I agreed and offered to take over her shift but she told me that she needed the money and two hours would help her. She has two young boys, one is aged six and the other is nine. The two of them are adorable and very well mannered. She's done a fabulous job bringing them up. Sometimes she makes me feel like a terrible parent because my daughter was taken off me by social services. It was my fault because I had her too young and I didn't have a stable home for her. Somebody phoned them and told them that I had hit her, I didn't have a leg to stand on and lost custody of her. Her name is Jodie and she's now twelve. I'm twenty six now so I had her when I was fourteen. I can admit that I was too young to take on that responsibility but I was trying my best. I had surrounded myself with toxic people that weren't happy that I had grown up. Oh well, it is what it is. Still I understand the struggles that Emmy has to deal with and I try my best to help out as much as I can.

I lost the fight for my daughter when I was fifteen. I remember crying and feeling defeated but I managed to get back on my feet and put my head down in school finishing with high grades. I continued to work tirelessly to get a degree in nursing. I continued to gather all of the qualifications needed to become a surgeon while working at this casino. Hard work is finally paying off. I landed the job in my local hospital and I've spoken to social services about getting my daughter back. They told me that I may never gain full custody of her again. I did tell them that I have changed. I have. People change all of the time but no, they won't work with me. Very sad but it's also true. I'm no longer that child filled with anger anymore.

I throw my apron on and get straight to work. Raphael has never had one complaint about me and he said that I'm a hard worker. I appreciate his feedback at the end of each shift, he's truly one in a million. Grabbing my tray I collect the glasses from around the casino and take them back to the bar.

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