Chasing Elliott

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Chapter 3


Novaturient (adj.)
desiring or seeking powerful change in
one’s life, behavior, or situation.

“She was the best shag I’ve had in a long time,” my roommate Nick started to say. “But she’s such a slut, denying me again. Something about she doesn’t sleep with the same guy twice. Probably carrying a bunch of diseases and shit.”

“Probably,” I mumbled, trying to keep my attention on the television while attempting to tune him out.

“At least you seem to sleep with girls who want more than a one night stand,” Nick continued to complain. “I’m done sleeping with the most notorious girls on campus. What would you think of me trying to get with Laura?”

“Go for it,” I said lazily as I picked up the remote to flip through the channels. My phone ringing suddenly brought me out of my stupor and I answered it quickly without seeing who it was first.

“It’s four o’clock,” Benjamin said on the other line. “Calling in a save.”

“I’ll be right there,” I said as I hung up the phone.

I pushed myself off the couch and practically jogged to my room to change. Throwing on a simple pair of dark washed jeans and black three quarter button up shirt, I slipped into my all black tennis shoes before making my way toward the front door.

“Where the hell are you going?” Nick asked from the couch where I had previously been sitting. I rolled my eyes as I grabbed my keys off the counter before turning to face him.

“I’m meeting up with Ben. I’ll see you at the party tonight,” I said dryly as I pulled open the front door and slipped out.

“Thanks, man,” I said as I slipped past Benjamin to enter his apartment. “I can’t stand Nick anymore.”

“My offer still stands,” Benjamin said as he sauntered over to the couch and kicked his feet up to rest on his coffee table. “My spare room is still open.”

I sighed as I fell into his recliner, closing my eyes in frustration.

“When’s the earliest I can move in?” I asked, no longer worrying about pissing off Nick. I couldn’t take his constant hookups and complaining when a girl left because she realized how much of an ass he was.

“In a week,” he said as he tossed me the remote. “I’ll be gone next weekend so you can move all your shit in then.”

“Perfect,” I began to say as my phone went off, interrupting my train of thought. Pulling it out of my pocket, I groaned when I saw Laura’s name light up my screen.

I hit decline and slid my phone onto the coffee table after turning off my ringer. Benjamin looked at me with a raised brow but I ignored him until he leaned forward, resting his elbows on his knees as he waited for me to speak.

“I’m tired of hooking up,” I told him as I sunk back into the recliner. “It was fun for awhile, especially after what happened, but I just think I’m meant for an actual relationship and I’m ready.”

“Thank god,” Benjamin exasperated as a smile tugged at his lips. “I’ve been waiting for you to say that.”


He stared at me with a confident look covering his features. “Yes. You’re so much better than that and sleeping around doesn’t make you happy. You actually respect women and it’s about time you find a girl to spoil.”

“It’s not that easy,” I mumbled as I tilted my head to look at him.

“And why not?”

“You know our friends and the guys on the baseball team,” I sighed as I glanced at the television to avoid eye contact. “I don’t want to deal with that.”

“Coop,” Benjamin started to say as his expression turned serious. “Who gives a shit what they think? You can’t live your life under other peoples expectations. You need to do what makes you happy and what you want and fuck everyone else. If you want a relationship, go get one.”

I nodded my head, knowing he was right. I was 23 and it was about time I stopped living my life like some teenager who needed the approval of all the guys. If they couldn’t accept that that’s what I wanted then maybe I needed new friends.

“We going to the party tonight?” I asked as I pushed myself out of the recliner and walked over to the fridge. Pulling it open, I grabbed two bottles of water and walked back into the living room, tossing one in Benjamin’s direction.

“Planned on it,” he replied as he caught the water with ease and threw his legs up on the couch. “I’m hoping that Beck will be there tonight.”

“Dude, give up on her already,” I said as I pulled the lever to recline back. “She’s not the kind of girl you date. She’s one of the most well known women on campus. Beck has cheated on like, all of her boyfriends. You can do so much better than her.”

“Like who?” He asked as he reached for the remote off the coffee table to find something else to watch.

“What about that girl in your econ class that you talk about all the time?”

“Kingsley?” Benjamin asked with a raised brow. I nodded as I took a sip of my water as he sighed and ran a hand through his hair. “She’s a great girl but I think she’s the kind of girl you’re just friends with, you know?”

I nodded once more even though I didn’t quite agree before saying, “But you never know till you try. At least she wouldn’t go sleep with other guys behind your back.”

“That’s true,” he replied as he settled on a baseball game. “But she seems kind of mellow for me and I’m too mellow as is. I need someone who can push me and bring me out of my comfort zone, not someone who is going to drag me further into it, you know?”

Rolling my eyes, I gave him a lopsided glance. “You’ve only known her for a month and you haven’t hung out with her outside of class. She may be totally different from what you’ve assumed.”

“She’s got a friend,” Benjamin said as he leaned his head back so he could look at me.

“I don’t need you setting me up, Ben. I can find a girlfriend on my own, thank you very much.”

“She’s hot though,” he continued to say. “Her name is Elliott, I believe.”

My eyes widened slightly as I recognized her name as the girl that Nick was complaining about earlier. “Isn’t she just as notorious for sleeping around as Beck is?”

“No idea,” Benjamin said with a shrug of his shoulders. “But Kingsley thinks very highly of her and said she needs a guy almost exactly like you.”

I sighed as I leaned back in the recliner, trying to think if that was really someone I wanted to be with. Benjamin suddenly held his phone out toward me and I grabbed it, noticing that he had pulled up her Facebook page.

“Wow, she has a lot of friends,” I commented before I started to scroll through her profile. I had to admit, she was very attractive and definitely my type. She had naturally tanned skin with long wavy blonde hair. Every picture she wore a stunning smile that crinkled her button nose and her bright blue eyes lit up every single time.

“And she’s gorgeous,” Benjamin pointed out as he relaxed back into the couch. “I’m telling you, if you see her tonight, just talk to her. That’s all I’m saying.”

“Fine,” I said as I rolled my eyes and handed him his phone back. Benjamin smiled in triumph as he snatched it out of my grip and turned his attention back to the game.

I stood by the front door, waiting for Benjamin se we could go to this party. The twins only lived a couple blocks away but he decided to drive anyway, you know, just in case either of us picks up a girl. Benjamin finally came walking out of his room and smiled widely.

He wore a pair of light washed skinny jeans and a dark blue button up shirt with a pair of white vans. I chuckled as I glanced down at my own outfit and looked back up at him.

“You don’t have to be exactly like me,” I teased as I reached for the handle and slipped into the hall of his building.

“You don’t make this look cool, I do,” Benjamin said as he laughed and locked the door behind him. “But are you actually going to go for this girl tonight?”

“If she’s there,” I said with a shrug.

“She’s always at these parties,” he told me as we approached his car.

“Then I guess I will be,” I informed him with a tight lipped smile. I was ready for a relationship but I had suddenly grown nervous. Just because I want something real doesn’t mean I’ll find a girl who wants the same thing.

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