Chasing Elliott

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Chapter 4

Akrasia (n.)

a lack of self control.

“Come on, baby,” Nick continued to argue as he backed me into a corner in the living room, everyone around us too drunk to help me. “Just one more night.”

“No means no, Nick,” I hissed as I tried to push past him but his large six foot two frame towered over my five foot three one.

“I didn’t hear you complaining the other night,” he whispered as he tried to lean in for a kiss. I put my hand over his mouth and roughly shoved his head away, fed up with the situation I was currently in.

“Back off, Nick,” I repeated through gritted teeth. Nick narrowed his eyes at me and cupped my face in his hands, roughly crashing his lips to mine. I gripped his shoulders and used the momentum to bring up my knee and collided with his crotch. He gasped into my mouth as he hunched over and I used the opportunity to get away.

I sauntered into the kitchen, irritated that no one was coherent enough to notice what had happened. I knew I could take care of myself but not against a guy like that. Sighing, I reached for a red solo cup and grabbed the bottle of whiskey. I filled part of my glass and took a shot, shaking my head as it made my throat burn.

I grabbed the bottle of lemonade and filled half of my glass before filling the other half with cheap vodka. Suddenly, a hand on my shoulder caused me to turn and I recognized one of the boys from my class and internally groaned.

“Elliott, right?” He asked as he leaned against the counter and took a sip out of his cup. He had dark blonde hair and green eyes, a dimple showing in his right cheek.

“You’d be right,” I said as I forced a smile onto my face, trying to shake off what just occurred. “I’m sorry, I don’t remember your name.”

“It’s Ryan,” he said and thankfully he didn’t seem offended. I smiled at him and leaned against the counter, welcoming this distraction. I quickly finished my drink and when I looked up, Ryan already had another cup in his hand.

“Here’s another drink,” Ryan said as he offered me a red solo cup. I faked a smile as I thanked him and watched as he chugged the cup he was holding.

“So Ryan,” I began, wanting to make conversation as I multitasked and kept an eye on Kingsley who was on the other side of the room talking to a couple of guys. “What’s your major again?”

“I didn’t think you did small talk,” he mumbled as he sat his now empty cup on the counter and absentmindedly reached for the bottle of vodka.

I felt my face contort in anger as I raised a brow and rested a hand on my hip. “What the hell do you mean by that?”

“Meaning I thought you didn’t care about getting to know someone before you fucked them.”

I rolled my eyes and threw back the contents of my glass, ignoring the burn in my throat. I spun on my heel and started to walk toward Kingsley when I felt a hand roughly grip my wrist. My back was slammed into a hard chest and arms wrapped tightly around my front, keeping me pinned. He started to place kisses down my neck while I struggled in his grasp.

“Get the fuck off me,” I hissed as I tried to bring a leg up to kick his shin. Ryan was suddenly pulled away from me and I heard him curse loudly.

“Go get some air, Ry,” my rescuer told Ryan sternly as he pushed him toward the sliding glass door that lead to the backyard. “Cool off.”

The guy who helped me turned around once Ryan slipped outside and I flashed him a smile as recognition dawned on me. It seemed as if he recognized me as well as he closed the gap between us and held a hand out toward me.

“Even though you look like you know who I am, we’ll still do formalities,” he began to say with a smile. “I’m Benjamin.”

“Elliott,” I told him as I shook his outstretched hand. “Thanks for saving me, by the way.”

“Oh it’s no problem,” he said with a shrug as he picked his glass up off the counter. “No woman should be treated like that.”

“Ah, a true gentleman,” I teased as I held my empty glass out toward him. “Care to fill me up then?”

He laughed and shook his head as he grabbed my cup from me and reached for the nearest bottle that rested on the food and liquor stained countertop. I felt a hand on my lower back and turned to see Kingsley standing behind me with a nervous smile on her face. Giving her a comforting smile in return, I slung an arm around her shoulder and pulled her into my side just as Benjamin turned around.

“Benjamin, this is my friend-”

“Kingsley. Yeah I know,” Benjamin said with a smile as he handed me my glass. “You’re hard to forget.”

I bit my lip as Kingsley giggled next to me and I saw her face turn a bright shade of red. I squeezed her shoulder gently before I removed my arm from around her and pushed her forward lightly, winking at Benjamin as he smiled before I turned on my heel and left the kitchen.

As I turned the corner into the hallway after successfully pushing past too many drunk college kids, I bumped into a hard chest which resulted in me spilling my drink on myself.

“Son of a bitch,” I mumbled to myself as I looked down at my now stained jeans.

“Shit, I’m so sorry,” the guy in front of me said as he gripped my arm to steady me. “Come on, let me help you clean up.”

“I can take care of it myself,” I informed him, still not looking up as I pushed past him.

“I know you can but it was my fault, it’s the least I can do,” he continued to push. I sighed loudly and turned around, taking out my anger from the night on the stranger in front of me.

“Look, just because I like to sleep around doesn’t mean I like getting walked all over and treated like shit. I’m not in the mood for some guy with a hard on to try and force himself on me, I’ve already dealt with that enough tonight. So why don’t you go find some other girl who’s in the mood to be taken advantage of. Surely there’s plenty of those here,” I snapped as I turned around and headed toward the stairs.

I took the carpeted stairs two at a time with my empty cup still in hand and darted into the bathroom, slamming the door shut behind me before locking it. I walked over to the sink and braced my hands on the countertop, looking at myself in the mirror.

My hair was slightly disheveled but, other than that, I looked a lot more put together than I felt. I sighed as I closed my eyes tightly, trying to fight back the tears of frustration that sprung to my eyes.

Most of the guys I slept with wanted the same thing as I did which is what made it so good. Then there were those few guys, like Nick and Ryan, who wouldn’t take no for an answer. It was guys like those that made me feel dirty and worthless but then again, I had yet to find a guy who actually gave a shit about me as a person. But I guess that’s not what I wanted anyway. I just wanted a good lay, right?

After a few minutes I decided to rejoin the party. Flipping the lock on the door, I made my way back out into the hallway and had to squeeze past a few people in the process. Finally making my way down the stairs, I was surprised to see that the crowd had practically doubled in size. I spotted Kingsley and Benjamin sitting together on a chair in the living room and smiled to myself before deciding to go outside for a breather.

Walking out into the cool night air, I smiled softly at the feeling of the soft wind whipping through my slightly messy hair. Suddenly hearing footsteps coming from the side of the house despite the loud music, I whipped my head toward the direction of the sound and scowled as a very drunk Ryan emerged from the shadows.

“Don’t do this,” I whispered, already seeing that crazy look in his eye. He quickly began to approach me but to my surprise, a tall figure suddenly stepped in front of me.

“Back off, man,” the guy in front of me said sharply.

“This doesn’t concern you, Coop,” Ryan hissed as he got right up in the guy’s face. The guy blocking me, Coop as Ryan called him, put a hand on Ryan’s chest and tried to push him back. Without warning, Ryan punched the guy in the face which caused him to stumble back into me.

I put my hands up, one bracing his back while the other cupped his shoulder as I somewhat broke his fall. He quickly gathered his bearings and threw a punch right back which caused Ryan to fall roughly to the ground.

“Hey,” I almost shouted as I moved to stand in front of the guy, placing a hand on his chest so he wouldn’t jump on Ryan and continue the fight. Even though I was grateful, I didn’t want any more bloodshed.

“You’re both going to regret this,” Ryan warned as he pushed himself off the ground and walked past us, heading down the street and disappearing around the corner. I took a deep breath and decided to sit on the grass.

I glanced up at the guy in front of me and my breath hitched in my throat, not only because it was the guy I had ran into in the hallway but also because I finally took in his appearance. He had dark brown hair and thick eyebrows that accented his sharp facial features. His hair was longer on top than the sides and I bit my lip as I imagined running my hands through it.

He had a couple tattoos on his arms but I couldn’t make out what they were in the dark however I could tell he was fit. He stood at about six foot three which was a foot taller than my small frame.

“I’m sorry,” he said in a deep yet boyish voice as he stayed standing in front of me.

“For spilling my drink or Ryan’s behavior?” I asked with a small smile playing on my lips as I cocked an eyebrow.

“Both,” he replied, not catching the playful tone that laced my voice. I chuckled softly before I patted the ground next to me.

“Sit,” I told him and he didn’t hesitate as he knelt down to join me. “I’m Elliott, by the way.”

“Cooper,” he informed me with a smile that revealed an amazing set of white teeth and dimples.

“Thank you, by the way, for saving me and I’m sorry about earlier. It’s just been a rough night.”

“Hey,” Cooper said as he put a hand on my leg. “Don’t apologize, I totally get it. No hard feelings.”

I smiled widely and nodded my head. Before I had the opportunity to say anything else to him, the door opened and I turned to see Kingsley and Benjamin come walking out, hand in hand.

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