Love Between The Vines

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If you were given a chance to start over would you? If you were also given a free trip to Italy for "work" how could you say no? Maggie thought life was boring and safe. After relocating from Tampa back to her hometown she settled into a daily routine. Until her boss and friend sends her to Italy to stay at a B&B located right next to a Vineyard that happens to be run by two of the most eligible bachelors in Italy. Join Maggie on this wild adventure of love, wine and self discovery.

Romance / Adventure
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Out With The Old

Tapping away at the keyboard, Maggie finds herself signing up for yet another class. "I wont give up half-way through this time," she grumbles to herself. Heaving a sigh, Maggie stares blankly at the screen of her laptop, running a caffeine shakey hand through her blonde hair wishing she felt accomplished for signing up but knowing it won't change anything. Time after time she signs up and goes back, and somehow manages to quit halfway through the semester. Leaving the city meant quitting university too.

Self-doubt gnawing at her. she abandons her laptop on the beat up mahogany table. "There's got to be more to life than this," She muses into her cup of coffee. A twenty-five year old woman, not quite young but still, it's halfway to fifty. Most her age at least have some form of direction for their lives. Maggie, not so much. Moving back to her home town was the start she thought she needed. Now, she longs to come and go. See the worlds finest architecture, art, and of course, the handsome men! Life isn't so easy though. Maggie makes barely enough to afford the daily bills and to stash a few bucks here and there for a rainy day.

The shrill of her phone brings Maggie back to reality with a start. "Hello? MAGGIE! You were supposed to be here 10 minutes ago! Where the hell are you!" Her boss frantically shouts.

"Shit calm down Tony, I'll be there in 20! Won't even realize I was late!" Maggie says as she throws her leggings and polo on from the drier while rushing to the door. Especially in her home life, with clothes everywhere dishes always in the sink, Maggie is a "wait until last minute" kind of person.

Once at work Maggie makes sure she's behind the bar and ready to go before Tony can come out of the office and give her an ear full. A few hours into the evening and between rushes, Tony catches her attention with a wave of his hand. Nervously, Maggie complies and walks over to join him in the Kitchen alley.

"Have you ever been out of the country Mags?"

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