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Madrid, late nineties. Just turned 18, local vandal and teenage trouble-maker Chencho lives only for the weekend. Alcohol, drugs, violence and problems with the authorities come one after another. He doesn't know where his life is going, and he doesn't care much about it either. Chencho is a YOBBO, although he has never heard that word before. Only a middle-class upbringing and a loving family have saved him from complete disaster, until now. After a serious encounter with justice, his parents send him to England to keep him out of trouble. Poor folks don't know that UK's Council States are the World's Capital for anti-social behaviour. There Chencho faces new problems and clashes with the local yobbos. Life as an immigrant was never meant to be easy either. Everything starts to look rather grim. Until the day he meets somebody that will change everything forever. But, will he escape from the nefarious influence of the home-grown asbo yobs and sort his life out, or will he ruin everything as usual? A hilarious and at times painful trip through that critical period of life when we all have to stop being teenagers and become responsible adults.

Romance / Humor
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1st December 1998

Dear Farah,

I was so happy to hear that you were fine and that our big problem was nothing but a false alarm. I was almost sure that it couldn’t be that…, but you never know with these things. I know you must have had an awful time these last days, so did I, but let’s try to forget it now.

To cheer you up a bit, here I am sending you a compilation of my misfortunes in Madrid and the strange chain of events that took me from creating trouble in the Barrio to bumping into you that Friday afternoon in Danetree Town Centre.

I’ve called my little book Yobbo 98. Yobbo as I was a bit of a trouble-maker those days, a yobbo as you say in England, and 98 because… well is not difficult to guess why. The story is in the blue disk that came with this letter. I’m sorry, but I wasn’t going to spend a fortune printing and sending the whole thing. You told me you didn’t have a computer at home, I know, but you will have to be creative. I’m sure that at your old school, or at the local library they won’t have a problem letting a pretty girl like you use a computer for a bit.

I also want to remind you, as I have learned how small-minded you Brits are when it comes to foreign babble (tongue in cheek), that English isn’t my native language and that some three years ago I couldn’t speak it to save my life. Although I have somehow improved, I’m sure that this little horror of mine will have lots of grammatical and spelling blunders. Please, don’t make a big deal about them and focus on the story itself.

Well, that is pretty much everything. I hope that you enjoy reading my story as much as I have enjoyed writing it. I bet you will, you have a very important role in it.

Lots of Love


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