Knight in Bloody Armor

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Chapter 2


After the short exchange with Mr Holden, mom decides it’s time to talk to the principal again and fuck him over. The second my mother walks into the office, she snarls at the poor guy that he’s “the most stupid shithead she’s ever seen” and that he “better pray Faye doesn’t come to her to deal with this damn school.” The implication behind my mom’s words is not lost to neither me nor the principal. Faye can ask the Knights to deal with this.

Damn, mom, did you seriously say you’ll kill this guy if Faye asks you to?!

My mom is so fucking awesome!

“M-Mrs Knight! I t-think it’s just a big misunderstanding… - the headmaster stammers fearfully - I never said I’d punish your son… I only tried to resolve this situation as peacefully as possible.” He tries to defend himself, but my mom doesn’t even bother listening to him.

“Shut your fucking mouth, idiot!” she sneers, “I don’t give a shit about what you were trying to do and why. I’ll just give you one warning: deal with your students’ shit as best as you can. I better not hear about someone being bullied again.”

“But how am I supposed to do that?!”

“Figure it out somehow. You have a brain, don’t you? - mom mocks tauntingly - Just be glad I have to go back to work… Had I had more time, I’d deal with you properly.” She states coldly then we walk out, leaving the dumbfounded headmaster behind.

“Do you really have to go back to work?” I ask, not even bothering hiding my disappointment. I hoped to spend some time with mom after today’s ordeal.

“Not really, but I also didn’t want to spend more of my precious time on that idiot. - mom turns to me with a warm smile - I’d much rather spend it with my son.” Oh, yeah!

“I’ll just go get my stuff, okay?”

“Go ahead, sweetie. I’ll wait for you in the parking lot.”

“Be right out.” I rush to the lockers and quickly pack my stuff into my backpack before skipping outside, only to find my mom surrounded by some students as she waits for me on her bike. I guess a ride is out of the question…

“Holy shit, Kade! Why didn’t you tell us your mother is such a hottie?!” One of my friends, Gio, suddenly exclaims from behind me.

“Don’t speak of my mom this way!”

“Sorry, sorry. - Gio apologizes mockingly - She’s a MILF. Is that better?”

“No, it fucking isn’t!” I snarl, smacking him on the head.

“Ow, no need for violence!”

“Then don’t talk about my mom like this.” I warn lowly, getting a frantic nod in response before we go to my car, which is coincidentally right next to my mother. My parents decided to get me one on my sixteenth birthday so I could get to school with no troubles, and since I live the farthest from school, I usually drive my friends around. I pick them up every morning on my way to school and drop them off when we’re done with classes. It’s not that big of an issue to me, since we get along really well, and I’m always happy to help them out. Not everyone has as generous parents as I do, so why not help the guys our when I can?

“Ready?” Mom smiles at me sweetly as I approach her, getting a quick nod from me.

“Yeah. Are we going straight home?”

“I was thinking about going to Maria’s for dinner. I already texted your dad, so he’ll meet us there.”

“Cool! Oh, mom, can my friends come with us?” I ask tentatively, unable to stand the stares the guys are giving me anymore. Gio even keeps nudging me sneakily, making it clear he wants something. My other friends, Robin and Hayden just wait quietly behind me, stealing glances at my mom over my shoulder. Damn them for being the same height as me.

“You friends? Of course, no problem.” Mom smiles warmly. “I’ll see you all at Maria’s.” She winks then swiftly mounts her Harley and pulls off the parking lot.




“Your mom is so cool!!!” Gio squeals in delight.

“I have to agree with the idiot this time. - Robin adds - Your mom’s awesome. Can she adopt me too?”

“No.” I smirk smugly. “Come on guys, we better leave before the traffic gets worse.” The guys quietly follow me to my truck, quickly letting their parents know about our plans so they don’t get worried. I always tell them to warn their parents if they decide to stay out, knowing how worried my parents would get had I not told them about my intentions. Besides, I hate hiding things from my mom. I know I can tell her literally everything.

“Damn it. - I hear Gio mutter in annoyance - My dad’s not home again.”

“How long will he be gone for?” I ask worriedly.

“He says it’ll be two weeks, so I’m guessing a month. I know better than to trust him.” Gio grumbles, clearly irritated by his father’s attitude. The guy is raising two children, but only cares about one - his stepdaughter. Gio is left forgotten and stays alone most of the time, while his fourteen-year-old stepsister enjoys travelling with her dad around the world. I first heard about it when we were still freshmen. I found Gio unconscious in the locker room after gym class and took him to the nurse, only to hear that he’s severely malnourished, almost as if he hadn’t eaten for days. After Gio woke up, I demanded to know what’s going on and he revealed that his dad forgot to leave him money for food before going to Europe. I couldn’t possibly let my friend starve, so I ordered him to tell me whenever his dad leaves so I could either take him out to eat or bring him meals from home.

“Did Eliza go with him?” Hayden asks curiously. He and Robin also know about Gio’s dad’s incompetence and neglect, so they’re as worried about our soft-hearted friend as I am.

“Not this time. He’s gone to Alaska, so I guess she bitched about the cold. Damn it. Now I have to spend a month with that whiny little skank!” Gio snarls, clearly displeased about his circumstances. From what I know, he used to love Eliza like his real sister when they were younger, but after getting constantly ignored and neglected, he grew to despise her, mainly because of how differently their father treated them. Now he hates her with passion.

And now he’s forced to spend a month with her… Damn.

Maybe I should just ask mom if he can stay with us for a while?

─ ▪ ─


Kaden Knight.

The infamous Kaden Knight.

How did I end up being saved by someone who beats people up all the time?!

As I lie on the small bed in the infirmary, I think about the dark-haired boy who rescued me from Dorian. He was so vicious, so mad when he punched Dorian in the face. The sickening crunch that resounded through the hall as Dorian’s nose broke still plays in my mind like a broken record. I hate the sound. It’s just what it sounded like when my own bones broke in that horrible car crash. I heard my bones shatter before I felt it.

“Are you ready to go home, Faye?” The nurse asks with a small smile, although I see beyond her friendly façade. She wants me gone.

“Yeah.” I mumble quietly, carefully sitting up on the bed so I can grab my crutches. It hasn’t even been two hours since the incident with Dorian and I’m already forced to leave. So much for taking care of the injured students.

“Is someone picking you up?” The nurse asks boredly, more concentrated on her phone than me.

“Yes.” I lie with a polite smile. No one ever picks me up from school. My great-aunt doesn’t have a car. And even if she did, she’d never waste gas money just to get me. It’s not like she cares about me.

I’m just a nuisance that she needs to look after until I’m eighteen. After my parents died in the crash and I almost ended up crippled, I was sent to my great-aunt Wanda whom I’ve never even met before. She was my only hope at avoiding orphanage, since my grandparents are too old and sick to care for me. Wanda was my last resort. What I didn’t expect when I came here was that she has a deadbeat drunk for a ‘boyfriend’. The guy is beyond creepy and stinks of liquor all the time. They - well, we - live in a tiny apartment my aunt inherited from her parents, and to say it’s uncomfortable would be the understatement of the century. The flat is barely big enough for one person, much less three, so it’s beyond cramped in there, especially with all the clutter my aunt collects for some bizarre reason. Not to mention that it’s on the fourth floor, with no elevator, so it’s not easy for me to climb up the stairs with my crutches.

Not that I can complain… At least I have a roof over my head and food in my stomach. Everything else is a luxury I can get by without.

The entire time I walk from school to my aunt’s apartment, I keep looking over my shoulder in fear that Dorian will jump me and beat me for getting his nose broken because of me. I’ve already experienced how vindictive he can be and I’m not looking forward to getting on his bad side. He’s so obnoxious and proud that he will definitely seek retaliation for today’s fiasco. And I know for sure he won’t go against the almighty Kaden Knight.

So who does that leave?


I can only hope he won’t hit me too hard. None of my injuries are fully healed yet, so it could be dangerous for my life if he broke something again. All doctors I’ve seen said that. The fracture on my skull will take at least a few more weeks to heal and my leg… well, it might not heal at all. The orthopedist I went to didn’t really bother comforting me - he outright said that I’ll most likely end up with a permanent limp, if not in a wheelchair. My knee will never be the same and unless I go through grueling and long rehabilitation, I won’t be able to walk like I used to. And I sure as hell don't have money for that.

At least I’ll still be able to work as a beautician… Legs aren’t needed for that… I think.

I’m halfway home when I hear loud footsteps behind me. It’s not really that surprising to hear someone walk behind you in a city as busy as Chicago, but this time it's different. Whoever is behind me is not there by coincidence. They’re following me. I don’t dare turn around in fear of who I’ll find there, but I try to catch a glimpse of them in every window I pass.

When my suspicion about the person’s identity is confirmed, all I can do is surrender to my fate.

I just hope he won’t kill me.

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