Knight in Bloody Armor

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Chapter 5

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After my mom’s declaration, the four of us - mom, dad, Faye and I - leave the principal’s office to go home. I was a bit surprised that my mom suggested changing schools, but it makes sense to me. It’s not a smart idea to leave Faye at a place where she’s being bullied constantly. I had no idea that the kids here are so fucking cruel. I thought I only had to worry about Dorian and his buddies, but it seems that no one here feels sympathetic for Faye. The tiny girl has gone through some shit that almost left her crippled, and all they see is a weakling they can prey on.

I’ve never felt as disgusted with people as I did this morning when I saw poor Faye standing over a pool of dead bugs.

She doesn’t deserve such treatment. She doesn’t deserve to hear hateful comments and suffer cruelty from people.

And I want to make sure she doesn’t go through that again.

That’s why I’m currently packing my things into my backpack while mom packs Faye’s stuff. We’re going home. I’m slightly curious if my parents intend to take Faye straight to our house, and to be completely honest, I silently hope they do. I’d rather not leave Faye alone.

I’m not leaving her alone.

I can’t.

I promised to protect her, so that’s what I’ll do.

“Well, it looks like that’s all that could be saved… - I hear mom mutter as she throws away one of Faye’s books. - Those kids sure were cruel to ruin your stuff like this.” She comments, shaking her head as she picks up another ruined notebook. It seems that apart from putting bugs in Faye's locker, someone also spilled something inside. “This is fucked up.” Yeah, it is. I decide to not get between mom and Faye and simply wait for them quietly with my dad. He also doesn’t try to bother the women.

“I’m sorry, Mrs Knight. I didn’t mean to make you do this…” Faye whispers softly, keeping her gaze on the floor to hide her teary eyes. My mom may not see those but I do.

“Faye… - mom gets in front of the shy brown-haired girl, cupping her face gently - Don’t do this to yourself. Don’t put yourself down like this, understood? Nothing that’s happened is your fault, so you don’t have to feel bad about this. Do you understand?”

“Y-yeah.” Faye breathes out, as if hypnotized by my mother. She has that effect on people.

“What do you understand?” Mom presses further.

“That it’s… not my fault.” Faye admits reluctantly. I can see she doesn’t believe her own words, but maybe in time she’ll realize how true they are. Nothing is Faye’s fault. It’s not fair that she feels like she’s the one to blame for others’ actions.

“Now, I think we should take you home so you can ask your aunt about staying with us for a while. - mom smiles warmly at Faye, easily calming her down with her kind demeanor - If she agrees, would you like to stay with us or should I take you to the hotel?”

“Mrs Knight, I really appreciate your offer, but I can’t possibly take it… You’ve already done enough for me…” Damn it! Why is it so hard for this girl to accept kindness?! Who hurt her this much?

“Kaden.” Dad nudges me slightly, beckoning at me to follow him and leave Faye with mom. We go to the parking lot, where I put my stuff away in the car while dad stands by his and mom’s Harley, casually lighting up a cigarette.

“You’re not allowed to smoke on school grounds.” I admonish jokingly, getting a scoff from dad in response. Typical. “Why didn’t you let me listen to mom?” I inquire skeptically. I can tell that dad told me to follow him so I don’t hear what mom tells Faye. What I’m wondering is why.

“It’s better to leave them on their own for now. Your mother knows what she’s doing. I could tell that the girl, I mean Faye, was really overwhelmed with all of us hovering over her like that. And I think she’s slightly afraid of you, not that I don’t understand…”

“What? Why would she be?” I exclaim in disbelief, absolutely flabbergasted by my dad’s words. Dad only gestures at my right hand, with which I punched that shithead earlier. Oh, that’s what he means.

My hand is stained with blood.

I see how it could scare Faye. Judging by the state she’s in, she must be quite uncomfortable with blood.

Not to mention that it was the second time I hurt someone in front of her.

Damn, she must think I have anger issues! Well, I do, but only when there's a good reason. I'm not some abusive motherfucker that hurts people for fun.

“I see you get it. I understand why you’re so adamant about punishing those who bully this girl, but you could try to rein in your fury a little. I don’t think she’s used to seeing bloody fights like you are.” Dad says, throwing a short glance at the school, where mom is working her magic on Faye. She has that soothing, calming effect on people, so I’m sure she’ll convince Faye to stay with us. I’ll have my chance to make things right with her then.

“You don’t mind it?”

“Not really. When I was your age, I was even worse, and when I met your mother, I wanted to keep her with me at all times.”

“It’s not like that…” I mutter, rubbing my neck uncomfortably. I can’t believe dad figured me out so easily.

“Sure it isn’t. Don’t underestimate me, Kaden. I was where you are now,” dad smirks, “and look at me now, married to the most amazing woman in the world.”

“You’re so sappy, I swear to god. How does mom deal with you?” I chuckle. My dad’s so corny!

“You know exactly how. - Dad grins cheekily - I know you caught us last week.”

“I wish I didn’t.” I shudder. What I saw that night is a memory I’d rather forget.

I woke up in the middle of the night after a nightmare about my aunt’s death and I couldn’t get back to sleep, so I went to get a drink to properly wake up. On my way to the kitchen I passed by my parents’ bedroom, from where I heard the obvious sounds of moaning and grunting. A sure telltale that they were having sex. I didn’t want to listen to that, so I quickly rushed to the kitchen. I grabbed my favorite soda and sat down to finish it when suddenly my mom came, looking absolutely disheveled, exhausted and wearing nothing but a silk bathrobe that did nothing to hide the dark bite marks on her neck and legs. I tried to avoid looking at my mom’s skimpily dressed body by looking at the floor, but it turned out to be an even worse idea, because I unintentionally caught sight of white thick substance running down mom’s legs. IT WAS GROSS!

Who wants to see their mom in such state?! I’d rather not know how much fun my parents have in the bedroom!

And if that was not enough to gross me out, DAD DECIDED TO JOIN! AND HE HAD EVEN LESS CLOTHES ON THAN MOM!

I’ve never been as traumatized as in that moment! I’m not sure if it was because of the darkness or I was just being too quiet, but as soon as dad entered the kitchen, he glued himself to mom, completely ignoring me, and kept fondling her with no shame. I was too shocked to even react in any way, but thankfully the embarrassing moment didn’t last long. Once mom got what she wanted from the fridge, dad threw her over his shoulder and took her back to their bedroom. I was left absolutely stunned and grossed out.

I could barely look at my parents the next day.

I had no idea dad caught me that night. I was sure he didn’t notice me.

“Hold on, you saw me but you still did that?! Do you know how weird it was for me to see you two like that?!” I whisper-yell at my dad in pure frustration.

“And where do you think your sister came from? - dad scoffs, as unbothered about this as I thought he’d be - Surely you don’t think she magically appeared in a cabbage.”

“It’s one thing to know where babies come from and another to see my own mom in such state.” I scowl in disgust. I’m completely fine with seeing girls like that, but not my mother!

“Yeah, she looked gorgeous like that…” Dad smiles dreamily. He’s incorrigible!


“What? I’m not ashamed of anything.” He shrugs casually. What did I expect?

“What are you talking about?” We both turn to mom when we hear her ask suspiciously.

“Oh, just reminiscing the past. - Dad smiles - Specifically, last week.” He reveals truthfully. I’m not surprised he tells mom the truth. He never hides anything from her.

“What happened last week?” Mom implores curiously, handing me Faye’s backpack before letting dad pull her into his arms.

“Kaden caught us.” That’s all dad says, but judging by mom’s blush, she knows exactly what he’s talking about. They’re absolutely shameless!

“Oh… Oops.” Mom mutters before turning to Faye, who’s been quietly standing nearby as if not sure what to do. “Faye, darling, would you mind going with Kaden? We’ll be right behind you.”

“If it’s not a problem…” Faye murmurs, seemingly less hesitant about accepting our help now. What the hell did mom tell her?

“Not at all.” I give her a reassuring smile, feeling quite excited about a ride with her. It’s the perfect chance to make her understand she has no reason to fear me.

“Alright then. We’ll see you at Faye’s.” Dad says then gets on the bike with mom right behind him before they ride away, leaving only me and Faye in the parking lot.

I can tell it won’t be easy for Faye to get in my truck, so I decide to help her. “Can I touch you?” I ask, getting a cute confused frown from Faye before she nods timidly. Now that I have her agreement, I gently take her crutches and put them by the door then carefully pick her up in my arms and settle her in the front seat of my car. The only reaction I get is a quiet gasp when Faye’s tiny body leaves the ground. I guess she didn’t think I’d pick her up.

“T-thank you.” She stammers nervously as I help her fasten the seatbelt.

“Don’t mention it. - I smile warmly then walk around the car to get in the driver’s seat - My parents may know where you live, but I don’t, so would you mind telling me where I’m supposed to go?” I ask curiously, getting a shy smile from little Faye before she reveals her home address to me.

It’s not that far, but for someone in her state it’s certainly a grueling trip. What’s worse, she apparently lives on a fourth floor with no elevator, which means she’s been forced to walk up and down countless stairs every single day! That’s absolutely unacceptable!

As I drive towards Faye’s block, I notice she keeps her eyes shut the whole way as her hands tremble slightly. “Faye? Are you alright?” I ask worriedly when I catch a stray tear roll down her cheek.

“I’m okay.” No you’re not.

“What is it? Should I pull over?”

“N-No, just... just please drive carefully.” She stammers, her lips trembling as she tries not to cry.

“I will. You don’t have to worry.” I assure her. I don’t want to push her for answers, since I already know what’s wrong. She and her parents were in a terrible car crash not too long ago, and to make things worse - Faye’s parents died then. I'm sure it's not easy for her to be in a car because of that... After being released from the hospital, little Faye was sent to Chicago to live with her great-aunt, who clearly doesn’t care about her enough to as much as drop her off to school. How can she make Faye walk such distance in her state?!

I know about Faye’s past, mostly thanks to my dad, who investigated her after Gale dropped her off yesterday. He had no idea that the girl he defended from some asshole was Faye, but still decided to look into her out of concern. When he told me and mom during dinner about his findings, I instantly realized that the girl he saved was Faye and the asshole that tried to harass her was Dorian. What’s even better - dad broke Dorian’s hand.

Fucker had it coming. First his nose, then his hand… I’m sure that if my mom also got her hands on him, he’d end up with one more broken bone - his neck.

Of course, I don’t let Faye notice that I know about her parents or her past. I’d rather she told me about it herself. I will keep pretending I don’t know anything as long as needed, but now that I’m aware of her hardships, I’m even more motivated to help her and protect her.

She’s gone through enough. She doesn’t need to suffer even more.

I reach Faye’s apartment complex in no time, mostly thanks to the lack of traffic. It’s not even nine in the morning, so it’s not really that surprising. What shocks me a little is the amount of people loitering around the block aimlessly, almost as if they don’t have anything else to do.

They remind me of my late aunt’s old friends.

The first thing I notice as I park the car in the lot is a group of guys sitting by the entrance stairs. They’re leering at my car with greedy eyes and I’m not sure it’s a good idea to let Faye get near them.

Seeing that my parents are already here, I decide to take the risk and leave the car. “Wait here.” I tell Faye gently, getting a shocked look in response.

I quickly round the car to get to the passenger side. “Can I touch you?” I ask Faye, making her frown curiously before she nods.

“You don’t have to ask every time…” She mutters as I unbuckle her seatbelt.

“Yeah, I do. What if you change your mind and I do something you don’t want me to?” I tell her seriously. It’s not like I’m a mind reader. She may be okay with me touching her once, but what if she’s not fine with me doing that twice? I’m not going to carelessly make decisions she might not be okay with. My parents raised me better than that.

I might not force Faye into anything, but I also won’t let her suffer. That’s why I don’t release her from my arms the whole way to her apartment on the fourth floor. She keeps saying how she’s okay and she can climb the stairs on her own, but I’m having none of it. I don’t care if she thinks it’s a ‘bother’ as she called it. I won’t let her struggle.

Besides, it’s not like she weighs a lot. She’s so small and light that carrying her isn’t even a workout. I train harder on daily basis with Ripper and Merlin - two of the Knights’ lieutenants who are in charge of physical and gun training.

“It’s the flat at the end of the hallway.” Faye tells me, getting a short nod before I take her there. I carefully set her on the ground so she can open the door, but before I can help her get inside, she stops me by putting a hand on my chest softly.

“Can you wait here, please?” She requests shyly, her forest-green eyes staring at me in worry.

“Of course. Will you be okay, though?”

“I will. I don’t need crutches here.” She smiles faintly before hobbling inside and closing the door behind her.

Leaning against the wall opposite Faye’s front door, I put my hands in my pockets and patiently wait for her to come back.

I’m not leaving here unless she tells me to.

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