Knight in Bloody Armor

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Chapter 7


I can’t even express how proud I am to have such amazing parents. They are the best people I’ve ever met. It’s like they’ve made it their mission to help people. I mean, mom has a chain of hotels that are homes to many people who escaped their unfortunate circumstances, and the Knights organization is actively hunting sexual predators and criminals that weren’t convicted due to either lack of evidence or because they weren’t reported. They’re more effective than the police department, to be honest.

“Faye, would you like to see your room?” Mom suggests with a smile, getting a shy nod from Faye before she hobbles to her.

“Kaden, come with me.” Dad tells me before I can follow the women. Uh-oh, time for a lecture!

I follow dad to the nursery first, where he picks up Amantha from Julie - our butler’s wife, who used to oversee the cleaning staff but now helps out as a nanny - and then we go to his office.

“Is my little baby cranky? Does someone need a nap?” Dad coos at Amantha, kissing her small head sweetly. Dad, I’m still here.

“Kay-kay!” My little sister notices me and babbles adorably, grabbing onto dad’s shirt with her little fist. Recently she’s started to grab onto anything she can reach. I have to admit, she has a surprisingly strong grip. I think dad lost quite some hair because of that. Though, Amantha still prefers pulling out mom’s hair instead, probably because it’s really long and easier to grab. That sounds wrong.

“Hey, little sister. - I grin at my adorable sibling, poking her chubby cheek playfully - Someone’s a grumpy baby today…” I tease.

“It’s time for the morning nap, so it’s understandable. And she’s probably hungry, but your mom’s a bit busy.” Dad explains, sitting down with a whining and squirming Amy in his lap, doing his best to comfort her. Cranky babies are scary. Absolutely inconsolable and unpredictable. Terrifying.

“So what did you want to talk about?” I ask, plopping down on the couch opposite dad, chuckling quietly when Amantha suddenly punches him in the eye.

“Oh, baby, you have a mean punch.” Dad praises, holding Amantha’s tiny fist tenderly.

“Dad?” I remind him of my presence again.

“Oh, right. Well… while you took Faye to her aunt, your mom and I talked about your school.” Dad says, letting Amy stand on his thighs and jump merrily with a happy giggle. She’s so hyper, I swear to god. And just a second ago she was whiny and cranky.

“What about it?” I turn to dad questioningly.

“I know you’re driving your friends to school, so what I’m wondering is how it's going to work from now on.”

“Damn, you’re right.” I let out a sigh. I haven’t even realized it until now. I will no longer be going to school with Gio, Robin and Hayden… Damn, I’m gonna leave my friends behind.

“You know that it wouldn’t be an issue to help them transfer as well if they wanted. And even if the tuition is the problem, we won’t have trouble covering it.”

“I’d have to talk to the guys first…” Though I’m almost sure they’d want to leave that horrendous school, but they need to get their parents' approval.

“Well, let them know that if they want, it can be easily arranged. Your mother is already working on getting two Warriors into a private school near Tyson’s neighborhood. It'll take a while though.” I’m guessing that’s where mom wants me and Faye to go to as well. Mom, you’re so cunning! Such a sneaky move to let me see grandpa more often.

Mom knows I love my grandpa dearly and how much I like spending time with him, so she sneakily plans to gets me into a school in grandpa’s neighborhood, knowing that I’ll definitely go see him every day.

I love you, mom.

“I’ll talk to the guys about it and let you know what they decide, alright?” I’m nearly bouncing in excitement to change schools.

“Sure thing.” Dad chuckles, getting up from the couch with Amantha laying on his shoulder tiredly. “I’m gonna take your sister to get fed, wanna join?”

Of course.

“Oh, is my little princess sleepy?” Mom croons as we enter the living room. I thought they were still in Faye’s room.

“Yeah, and I bet she’s hungry as well. Look at those bite marks.” Dad laughs, showing his hand full of small teeth indents left by Amantha. Should’ve given her the binky, dad…

“Faye, this is our daughter, Amantha Mireille.” Dad introduces, walking over to mom.

“She’s adorable.” Faye smiles sweetly at my sister, catching her attention.

“Pweety! - Amy babbles - Pweety!” She waves her small hand at Faye with a grin before biting her fist hungrily. She is pretty, isn’t she? My sister has a good eye.

“Oh, my poor hungry baby. - mom coos, taking Amy from dad so he can sit behind her like always - Let’s get you fed, hmm?” She smiles as dad covers her with a blanket, hiding her from view so she can breastfeed in peace. Mom has never hid from me while feeding Amy, saying that at some point in time the mother of my children will do the same.

“Um, do you want me to leave maybe? I don’t want to intrude…” Faye says nervously.

“No need, sweetie. - mom chuckles - You just concentrate on picking what you want.” She points at the laptop on Faye’s lap. “And make sure to spend the whole budget.” She adds sternly.

I understand why Faye can feel uncomfortable with this situation, I used to be like that in the beginning. But over time, I learned that there’s no reason for me to feel that way. A woman breastfeeding her baby is a completely normal occurrence and shouldn’t be considered indecent or shameful - which unfortunately is the social norm…

I’m actually grateful that my mom is so open. To be honest, my parents normalized a lot of things for me. They don’t let society dictate what’s acceptable and what’s not. They do what they deem fit, whether it’s feeding a baby in public or crushing someone’s hand for hitting someone.

“You’re too nice, Mrs Knight. But thank you.” Faye mutters with a small smile then gets back to the computer. I’m seriously wondering what mom told her that she accepts our help so readily.

“Good girl.” Mom praises with a grin. “Ow, Mireille, watch the teeth.” She scolds playfully, making us all laugh quietly. Trust Amantha to lighten up the mood.

“Ma’am, mister Derek Rother has arrived. - Edwin announces as he enters the room - Should I let him in?”

“Oh, right, I forgot to tell you. - mom smiles at the older man - Please let him in, Edwin, and take him to my office.”

“Of course.”

“Derek? When did you call him?” Dad asks curiously.

“I texted him earlier. I didn’t expect him to come so soon, though.” Mom chuckles.

“He’s quick, that’s for sure.” Dad mutters, leaning his chin on mom’s head tenderly.

I don’t even need to ask why mom called Derek. It’s clear it’s about Faye’s aunt relinquishing her custody. Derek is a trusted lawyer that’s been working with mom for years now, ever since she first established her hotel. He supposedly had his own practice before, but now he works solely for the Warriors.

After feeding Amantha, mom gives her to dad so he can burp her while she adjusts her clothes peacefully, then they take my sister with them to mom’s office, leaving me with Faye.

“I think I’m done here… - Faye murmurs softly after a while, putting the laptop away - Um…”

“Oh, I’ll take care of that. - I pick the laptop up - I know my mom’s card details.” I grin. It’s not like it’s my first time doing this. Whenever I needed something, mom would help me order it and after a while, she simply gave me her credit card details so I could do my own shopping. She said that it’d be the same if we went to a store, so what’s the difference between that and shopping online…

“Your mom lets you use her card?” Faye gasps in shock. Is it really that weird?

“Yeah. She said she doesn’t need to monitor me while shopping. In fact, my parents gave me my own card. It serves as my allowance. You should expect one soon, now that you’re under my parents’ care. They don’t take this lightly.”

“Wait, what?! - Faye gapes at me in pure astonishment - Why would they- I can’t accept that!”

“Yeah, you can. Trust me, I know what I’m saying. Everyone my mom takes under her wing is treated the same.” I grin smugly, slightly enjoying the cute dumbfounded look on Faye’s face. She’s so freaking adorable when she scrunches her nose and brows like this, just like a bunny.

“That’s way too much. Your parents are already doing so much for me…” She mumbles, dropping her teary gaze to the floor. “I can’t accept all that…”

“Yeah, you can. - I tell her seriously - It’s okay to accept help, Faye. I know it must be difficult… I was at that point too. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I’m not my parents’ biological son. They adopted me when I was nine. I was hesitant about accepting their help, too, just like you are now.”

“I had no idea…”

“Really? - I laugh - I thought it’s pretty obvious with my parents looking so young.”

“Yeah, they do look really young…” Faye nods with a smile.

“Oh, I almost forgot to tell you, but there’s one more person staying with us for a while. I’m not sure if you know him, but it’s Gio, my friend.”

“Yeah, I heard of him.”

“He’s staying in the room next to mine on the second floor, but I just wanted to warn you in case you run into him.” I decide it’s best to tell her about my friend, especially since both of them are now staying at the same house. It’s not like it’s some secret anyway…


I can tell that Faye is getting more comfortable with staying here, but the next few days will be the real test. It’s not easy to suddenly change one’s surroundings, I know that from experience, but I hope Faye likes it here. It’s hard not to, to be completely honest, since my parents and everyone working here are amazing. They are so considerate and kind that it’s really hard to not like them.

─ ▪ ─


Staying with the Knights is interesting to say the least. The first week was the most difficult for me. I just couldn’t get used to having a personal maid to help me with day-to-day activities. From what I learned, Zoey is Edwin and Julie’s daughter, and she’s been working at the estate since she was eighteen. Now she’s forty-three, which means she’s been with the Knights for twenty-five years. That’s an admirable dedication.

To be honest, Zoey’s whole family is amazing. I heard that the Cornells have been serving the Knights for generations, which is truly unbelievable. Every member of the family works for the Knights: Edwin, his wife, their son, who happens to be the same driver that took me home after Mr Knight saved me from Dorian, their daughters, and even their grandkids are planning to work here as well. Fascinating.

Since I have a little trouble moving around because of my leg, Mrs Knight asked Zoey to help me with daily activities. Much to my surprise, Zoey didn’t mind. She readily agreed to be my personal maid and help me with things like bathing, washing my hair, changing clothes… At first I was pretty embarrassed about having someone help me with such mundane tasks, but Zoey is a really nice woman and she made sure I was doing well at all times.

It’s been nearly a month since I first moved in and I’ve gotten much more comfortable about being in such a busy house. It’s actually nice to not be alone all the time. The Knights’ residence is always bustling with life that I don’t even miss school. In fact, Mr Knight has gotten a tutor for me and Kaden for the time being, who is actually Kaden’s uncle, Mrs Knight’s older brother. Mister Adrian has been very helpful with our studies and never gets angry, even when he has to explain something twice or thrice.

“Faye, which dress would you like to wear?” Zoey asks as she comes out of my walk-in closet, holding two pretty dresses in her hands. One is a knee-length dark purple A-line dress with a decorative belt and a bow, and the other is a two-piece set that consists of a black A-line dress and a cute white long-sleeved top with a bunny on it.

“I think I’ll take the two-piece.” I smile politely at Zoey, getting a satisfied nod from her before she goes to grab my shoes. “Oh, and please grab some black tights or stockings. I haven’t shaved my leg in weeks.” I laugh, getting a loud guffaw from Zoey.

Today I’m going to take off the cast from my leg. I’m slightly scared to see the doctor, considering what previous doctors told me about me probably not being able to walk again, but I’m also relieved that I will no longer have this bulky cast on my leg. At least temporarily.

Only after the cast is taken off will I know the state my leg is in.

Surprisingly, ever since the incident with Dorian a month ago, I didn’t feel the need to take my pain medication. I still have the pills, but I haven’t taken them even once. It’s like the pain that's been nearly crippling has completely disappeared. It’s shocking, to be honest and that’s the main source of my concern. The fact that my leg doesn’t hurt anymore worries me. It might mean that there’s something terribly wrong and that’s why I can’t feel anything.

I’ll find out when the doctor takes off my cast.

“And which shoes do you want?” Zoey shows me two pairs of shoes - a pair of black flats and a pair of black suede lace up ankle platforms. I didn’t even realize I have something like that in my wardrobe…

“Let’s get both pairs. If I can walk on my own after the check-up, I’ll put on the boots, and for now, I’ll wear the flats. Well, one at least.” I giggle. It’s kinda funny that I can only wear one shoe at a time.

“Alrighty then.” Zoey grins, packing the boots into my bag, along with the black stockings she brought.

“Faye, you ready?” I hear Kaden call out from behind the door and I panic. Damn it, I’m not even dressed!

“Give me a minute! - I call back - And don’t come in!” I add hastily. I would die of embarrassment if he saw me in my underwear!

“Okay!” Kaden chuckles loudly.

“Let’s get you dressed, shall we?” Zoey grins amusedly, seemingly finding my struggle funny. It’s not funny, though! Kaden is an effortlessly gorgeous boy who looks good in literally anything, but I’m just a dull nobody that has to make a lot of effort to even look average. It doesn’t help that I’m now living with Kaden and get to see him all the time. I want to make effort to look nice if I’m going to be seen with him. It’s one thing to walk around the house in baggy pajamas, and another to go outside with someone like him.

“Thanks, Zoey.” I smile at the kind woman then carefully get up from the bed to make it easier to dress me. Zoey helps me put on the dress then gently holds me upright so I can put on the top over it. I happen to lose my balance while doing that sometimes, so Zoey has decided to help me stand as I change.

“Sit down for a moment.” Zoey instructs then carefully slides the shoe on my foot, but not before poking it playfully. “Now you’re ready.” She smiles, fixing my hair a little so it flows down my back nicely. She even styled it into nice waves, and I have to admit, I actually feel pretty for once.

With a happy smile, I grab my crutches and hobble to the door with Zoey carrying my bag behind me. “I’m ready.” I tell Kaden when I almost bump into him in the hallway, getting a shocked look from him as he appraises my appearance.

“You look beautiful.” He says with a smile, making my cheeks redden with a furious blush. I will never get used to seeing his handsome face up close. Damn him.

“Thank you. - I mumble timidly - You look good too.”

“Why, thank you. - he grins - Shall we go then?”


I hope everything goes well…

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