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iv. wolves suck

When I woke up Saturday morning I was incredibly sore. The sad thing was, the work out Nina and I did really was not all that bad. Just some lunges, planks, and some other light body weight stuff. Even I could tell that the workout was not supposed to be hard, by oh boy.

I was sweating so much that by the end she even offered me a towel.

The house was silent this morning, so I assumed that my mother and Mike had gone out to do something together. I painfully made it to the window and looked out onto the driveway to see Mike’s car gone.

My body immediately relaxed and I went downstairs to eat something. I had to grip onto the railing because my glutes physically could not move some ways anymore. But on the bright side, I might actually get a booty and that would be pretty nice.

I made myself a bowl of cereal and sat down to eat at the table. I noticed a one-hundred dollar bill and a note under it that said β€˜grocery shopping’.

My lips pursed in annoyance and I realized it would probably be better to just get it out of way than push it off. I washed my bowl in the sink and then I got dressed before using my mom’s car to go to the store.

Normally, the grocery store wasn’t that busy, but seeing as it was a saturday morning and probably the only time a lot of people are free, it was packed. It was mainly just moms or dads with their kids hanging off the shopping carts or climbing up the shelves.

I grabbed a cart myself and began roaming the isles, throwing whatever I thought we needed in the car.

I was in the refrigerated section, looking for chicken breasts and heard frustrated sigh a few feet away. I ignored it and kept trying to decide if I should get 10 ounces or six. Another sigh left the person’s lips.

β€œAlexander, stop being difficult. You know it’s important.”


I hadn’t seen him since he almost ran me over and my head never whipped around so fast.

I saw him standing next to an older man, who I assumed to be his father.

Alexander muttered a few things and his father glared at him in response. He then handed Alexander a piece of paper and walked off, looking at his watch. Alexander tilted his head back and let out a deep breath before suddenly looking up. His eyes snapped to mine and I instantly looked down, pushing my cart away from the isle.

Mayday. Mayday!

Abort mission!

We can just use what we have at home.

I just needed to make one more stop to get some cans of tomato sauce and then all I had to do was check out and leave. I pushed my way to the pasta isle, and saw the neat rows of tomato sauce next to them.

Roasted Veggie. Check.

Original. Check.

Garlic and Herbs....

My eyes scanned the different variants of tomato before I found the one I was looking for. I rested against the shelves on the other side of the isle for a moment, looking up at the can that was well out of my reach.

It’s worth a shot.

I walked up to the isle, and stood on my toes, even resorting to standing on the bottom shelf just to reach it. I reached and reached, trying my best to get it through the soreness.

When I felt a warm chest hovering over my back I stumbled a little bit and fell off the shelf. I landed on my feet thankfully and looked at who it was.

I know your lying.

Alexander looked at the can of sauce. β€œDon’t stand on the shelf. That’s not safe.” He handed the can to me. β€œJust like not being aware of your surroundings.”

Is this about the car thing?

β€œJust drive slower,” I said, taking the can from his hand. β€œAnd, thanks.”

I tossed it into my cart and tried to make my departure.

β€œWait, Corey,”

I paused and turned around, β€œCorey?”

β€œYeah. Like β€˜Corey’s in the House’. The name’s a compliment. Anyway, can you find these for me?” he forced a white piece of paper in my hands and I looked at it.

Flour, ground beef, eggs...

These were pretty easy to find. Can’t he just read the signs?

I know I had only just met him and I knew very little about him, so it was wrong of me to judge but something about him gave me this feeling in my stomach. It wouldn’t go away either. Like after my first day of school, this same feeling stayed with me until a few hours later.

β€œUh...” I trailed.

This had to be a prank.

He sighed, β€œPlease.”

My lips pursed, β€œWell since you asked so nicely,”

The words had come out of my mouth before I could stop them and the feeling in my gut was stronger.

Maybe I just need to poop.

Yeah, that’s definitely it.

I guided him around the store, getting the ingredients that were on the list and right after he said thank you, I quickly gave him a goodbye before turning and going to pay. The gut feeling didn’t leave, even as I left the store and brought my cart to my car.

I was piling up the groceries in the trunk when I felt a hand on my shoulder. Panicked, I quickly turned around but relaxed slightly when I saw it was just Alexander. He furrowed his eyebrows and opened his mouth to say something but he was cut off by a loud scream.

Both our heads snapped to the direction of an old woman and in front of her was a grey wolf.

Before moving here, I lived in a pretty urban setting. The animals seen were raccoons in dumpsters and tiny dogs that were confined in hand bags. However, since moving to this pretty well forested area my knowledge of nature had grown.

Except for the fact that I had never seen a wolf in person before.

It was relatively small and it was growling at the large package of chicken the lady bought that was still resting in her cart.

I didn’t hate dogs.

They weren’t the worst animals in the world but my experiences with them have not been the best. Especially the one time when I was seven a lady’s dog bit me on the metro. I was just sitting there and it went berserk for no reason.

The old lady carefully and slowly reached out to grab the chicken and the wolf growled lowly. She paused but opened the package and laid it out in front of the wolf.

I had no idea if she was really smart or really stupid. However, in the end the wolf just snagged at the chicken and then ran away. The lady humphed and continued putting her groceries away, annoyed.

Damn, she really lost her drumsticks huh.

That stinks.

I watched the wolf swiftly enter the woods far from the store and cringed internally.

β€œWolves suck.” I turned to look at Alexander.

He was already looking at me, a deep scowl on his face. β€œYou think you could’ve taken that wolf?”

What the hell?

β€œNo, I never sai-”

His large hands grabbed my face and rotated my head around. He even used one to grab my upper lip and inspect my teeth before dropping it down.

β€œLooks like you’re just a weak little human to me,” He sneered.

I grabbed his hands and pushed them away, β€œalright bucko, let’s keep our hands to ourself,”

I pushed him off me completely and glared at him, β€œAnd you think you could’ve taken that wolf?”

β€œI know I could’ve.”

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