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You're Mine and Only Mine (Sample)

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My name is Isabella Parker, Bella for short. I just turned twenty-one and have struggled all my life. My parents were high school dropouts and could only work low-paying jobs. My meals were the food I got at school only and, if we were lucky, a home meal about two times a week. I moved out when I was eighteen with some of my school friends, but all of us live in a small two-bedroom house with one bathroom. It is rented, but there are fifteen of us in this house, so rent is like thirty dollars a month for each of us. We have mattresses in every corner of the house we sleep in. Three to four in each bedroom and thrown in the corners of the small dining room too. My best friend from high school shares a queen mattress with me. Ashton has tried to get me out with him for years but finally gave up. I told him that I just wanted to be friends; I did not have time to get into a relationship. One of my friends has gotten me an interview at a new club tonight that she works at. Julianne (we all call her Jewel for short) is getting ready. I am also putting on the nicest dress that I have. We do not have many nice things, but I have a few decent items that work.

Romance / Action
Marie Hudson
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The Interview


“Come on, girl! We can not be late, we have to catch the bus in five minutes, or it will be the train, and we will defiantly be late,” Jewel hollers at me.

“I am coming! Just slipping on my shoes real quick,” stumbling out the door.

I walk out in my white dress, drop shoulder with lace at the top. It comes to the top of my knees, and the sleeves also lace, stopping right above my elbows. My friends whistle and tell me how cute I look, etc.

“I hopefully have to work anyway, depending on how this interview goes. Thank you for your kind word and encouragement,” telling them as I walk through the house.

“Come on! We have got to go!” Jewel grabs me, dragging me out the door.

“Ok, ok!” jerking my hand away from her, “See you guys tonight.”

We rush out the door and down the road. We arrive right before the bus rounds the corner; she drops the money in the coin slot as we board it to ride to the club.

“Are you sure they will hire me?” I’m fiddling with a loose string that is on my dress.

“Yes, they need a waitress badly. Also, strippers, but I did not think you wanted to do that, so I told them you were perfect for the waitress position.”

I scrunch up my nose at her. “No, I do not want to do that. I will be fine with the other. I have done a bunch of waitress jobs for years.”

We arrive at the Blue Claw and walk in. Stopping for a minute while my eyes scan the place, my jaw drops at how enormous business is where people are already waiting to have a perfect time on the lower levels.

“Gosh!” looking at the three levels of the club, “This place is massive. How do you remember where everything is?”

“Most people that stay here on the main floor get their drinks. There are not many tables down here since we are on the main dance floors in this room and the other two through those doors. The main areas are the VIP ones upstairs. There are two on each floor,” as she points out each thing.

We head up a flight of stairs and then down a long hallway. We stop in front of a closed door; as her hand raises, she knocks on it lightly.

“Come in,” a very sexy male voice floats through the door.

We walk in; he looks up from his desk with one of those sexy smiles that would make women’s knees go weak. I look around the area outside his office door of what I can see on the other side. It is a massive VIP room with a stripper table, two poles, and red cushioned chairs that wrap around the enormous table. High-end couches and chairs are covered in the same expensive red cushion material along the walls.

“Hey Jewel. How are you this evening?” he looks at her with a megawatt smile.

“I am fine, Cameron. This is my friend Isabella, but she likes to be called Bella. She is here for one of the waitress positions you said was open. She has years of experience as a waitress plus she lives with me also so we will always be on time to work with each other” she inspects her nails like talking to him is nothing.

He walks up to me and shakes my hand while looking at me.

“How are you tonight? How old are you exactly? You look young,” his eyes look at my face as his questions tumble out of his mouth.

“I am fine, and I just turned twenty-one” a little nervous about this non-traditional interview.

“How long have you been a waitress exactly?” his eyes scan my petite body too slowly.

“Since I was eighteen. I have worked at many restaurants and have good people skills. I will do my best to serve people correctly here,” looking him in the eyes as you are supposed to in an interview.

“So you live with Jewel? How long have you known her?” he nods at her as she stands there bored.

“Two years. I met her at one of my old jobs. We hit it off well and became friends, then moved into the house we are at now,” trying not to sound nervous.

“Hey man!” another hunk of a guy walks in with his muscular frame rippling as he walks. “Who is supposed to be in here tonight? We have a ton of men coming to watch these ladies.”

He looks at me from head to toe. Then a smirk comes over his face that I don’t particularly appreciate where this is going. His long legs take him back around the desk as he sits down, steepling his fingers.

“Get her ready; Bella can work that part tonight. I would like to see what she can do on that table,” pointing to the table with poles.

“What!” my jaw drops. “No, I do not do that.”

He walks around his desk, slowly approaching me with a fire in his eyes. Guess he is not used to girls telling him no.

“If you work for me, you do anything we want. Understand?” he is bristling with anger a little.

“Then I will not work here. I am not and never have been a stripper,” turning to walk back out the office door. I feel a large hand close over my wrist and pull me backward gently.

“You are a firecracker, aren’t you?” he seems amused about my tone. “We will get someone else, but I want you serving our drinks tonight.”

“That I can do. Thank you,” not wanting to look at this infuriating man.

“I will grab Brittany; she knows what she is doing, plus she will also go all the way for these guests if they want her to” the man walks out and comes back in shortly with a woman that does not have anything on.

“I have told a few of the others to come in here in about an hour to entertain the rest of the group, too,” he gestures to the women walking to the dressing rooms.

Another guy walks up and looks at me with a smile. “Bella, I am Brad, the Bartender. This other guy is John, one of the Bouncers here. We will keep an eye on you with these guests; all you have to do is hang out by the bar until we start serving drinks to everyone. The men can get pretty wild with the girls in here.”

“No one can touch Bella,” Cameron barks the order at them. “She is a server only. If you see someone touch her, then remove them.”

“Don’t worry, boss, we will keep an eye on them and her both,” John says as he winks at me.

Not long after I am shown what to do around here, everyone gets where they need to be as guys come flooding in, sitting in the chairs and couches. They are all well-dressed men and look like they have a ton of money on them. Great, wealthy men that have grubby hands.

“Just take a deep breath and get their drinks” he touches my arm lightly. “They will not touch you.”

I nod, head out and start taking drink orders.

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