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Meeting of the Parallel Lines...

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This is the story on misunderstandings and understanding each other..... story of Love and hatred..... story where destiny and fate tends to unite the two who are least connected to each other.... story of Rishabh and Sukh Parallel lines never meet....rather they meet at infinity... Despite of the fact that they are equal to each other .... Sukh is a beautiful simple Indian girl who lives life to it's fullest she is responsible and jolly at the same time ...she is creative, intelligent hardworking and best in everything she does, she wins the heart of every person around....she is adamant to fulfil her dreams but not in the cost of her values... Rishabh Malhotra is the heir of Malhotra group of Industries...he made the bussinee reach it's heights in absence of his father.....he is well known for his decision making ability people say he has business in his genes.....that makes him a bit arrogant but apart from his behaviors he has a heart of gold ,he loves his family and can go to any extent to protect them he loves his mother ..... So can we say infinity will begin from where parallel lines meet......or will they ever meet..... let's find out # Not just a love story, but a story filled with prospects, instincts and presumptions.... Happy Reading......☺️

Romance / Other
Sital Upadhyay
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Rishabh's life

Rishabh is the CEO and next heir of Malhotra group of Industries he is the most handsome eligible bachelor around ,being the eldest child he is a bit introvert and very responsible.....girls swear upon his looks, he has power money and can ruin anyone in town within seconds
He is well known for his business sense and decision making ability....besides he sometimes is very judgemental and thinks the first impression to be correct always.....
People says he has business in his genes as he heirs the family of most successful businessman.....he had to overtake business at a very young age ,due to his father illness....at that time the conditions of the company was not that good he worked really hard to achieve whatever he has today...all this made him a bit bitter from inside........but it's due to him that Malhotra Group of Industries touches every height of success.....
He is a workaholic and never had time for love.....but love find its own way so let's see what way it finds for Rishabh...

Sukhpreet Mehra:

Sukh as we call her is a simple beautiful middle class ,small town girl who were quite rich ones she hails from the town Ambala
Her family shifted to Delhi 5years back.....her father owned a transportation business and they were happy with what they had....but her uncle and one of the company's business partner out of greed burnt his father's office and claimed the company to o be theirs.....as they had no proof of what they had they lost the case so they shifted to Delhi with their savings and Sukh and Roohi....
Life moves on ...so does everyone their family moved on too Sukh is happy with what they have now..... her father has a motor parts shop....mother is a housemaker and she has a loving younger sister.....she loves her Family and they live her the most....she is doing her MBA now from distance and works in "Orange and peaches" as a Manager

Oranges and Peaches is owned by a lovely couple Mr and Mrs Khurrana
They love Sukh a lot..... like their own daughter...... Reet....Mr Khurrana was friends with Sukh's father and their friedship continued when he shifted to Delhi with his family...she is the ball of everyone's life and is very king and generous though she is a bit talkative but deep inside she has is the gem of a person...she wants to fulfil her dreams of making her parents proud of her though they already are proud of her...... she holds strong values and never aggrees to what is wrong in according to her....no matter what.....
What will happen when she will clash with Rishabh ....
Will their war will become infinity.....

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