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Ties that bind

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A father who immensely loves his champ but can't show. A son who loves his father but thinks his family hates him. Family who hates him or do they really? An illegitimate son A helpless father And a mysterious family. Peep in to read this family story of manan and their Children. How heart and blood relations will get along and ended up as one family.

Romance / Thriller
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Chapter 1

…A man is sleeping on his king sized bed,looking at him noone can say he is a father of 18 year old son and 10 year old daughter. He was sleeping with his mouth open when suddenly washrrom door open and a lady came out drying her hair. She came out and smile seeing her husband sleeping with open mouth .She walked towards him and sat beside him and carefully placed his hands over his hair caressing it and slowly whispered in his ears.

LADY- Manik, get up , its 10 now remeber you promised your kids to take them out today for outing. Your princess must be coming ,get up na jaan.

Listening her man who was already half awake opened his eyes fully to see his beautiful wife smiling at him. He smile and pulled her hands making her lie above him and start nuzzling in her neck giving her wet kissess.

MANIK-{husky tone} Forget about our kids Mrs. malhotra first give me my morning kiss. Why are you so beautiful nandini?

Nandini blushed listening him but made fake angry face and said in a warning tone -- Manik kuch tou sharam karo, you are father of 2 kids and still acts like this.

MANIK-{shocking face} Are where it is written a man cant romance with his wife after having kids? Now don't waste time and give me my kiss, common fast.

Nandini blushed listening him but still took his lips in a soft kiss cause she knows how much stubborn he is,but that kiss was broken by a loud knock.

Girl {sweet baby voice}- PAPAJIII

Manik made sad face while nandini giggled and said - here comes your mini monster.

MANIK{grumpily} - Aeyy dont call my baby monster, go go open the door.

nandini laughingly went and opened the door to see her both jaan standing at the door with myrah in aarav's arms smiling at her.

Seeing nandini myrah laugh loudly and jumped in her arms and said in her baby voice - mumma jii good morning!!!

Nandini- good morning mumma ki jaan. Did you slept well?

Myrah nooded her face in yes and then wriggle to get down. When Nandini place her down she ran to manik and sat on his stomach keeping her head over his chest and sweetly whisper

Myrah- Good morning papa jii!!!

Seeing her like this all three go aww on her and manik lovingly caress her hair and said - Good morning meraa bachaa. Ready for today?

Myrah(shouting excitedly)~ yeshhh papajiii myrah is ready!!!

Then aarav came inside and wish both Nandini and manik smilingly and told myrah to get up so that manik can get ready to which she readily agrees.

Aarav~ Dad you both get ready then we will have breakfast outside only. And please make it fast I'm really hungry.

He said last line pouting sadly to which manik myrah giggled and Nandini pulled aarav's cheeks and said - aww my baby you are so cute!

Listening cute aarav made a bad face and before he could say anything trio shouted ~ mom I'm not cute! I'm hot and handsome.

Listening to which aarav mouth hunged open but later he too laugh with all of them.

Nandini (smiling brightly)~ family hug???

Myrah)aarav~ yesssssss

Manik smilingly took all of them in a hug where trio hide himself in his arms but manik eyes held something which nobody notice.

Then all of them broke the hug and then all of them went to temple first as it's their routine to go to temple first on Sundays and then carry out their daily activities.

Standing Infront of God everyone prayed for each other's well being.

Manik's POV

Thank you God for keeping my family always happy and safe but please don't hurt him. What's his fault? Where did he went wrong? Here we all are happy but my champ is struggling alone there with nobody around him. Please give him some love, happiness. Sirf 18 saal kaa hai mera Bacha aur fir bhi duniya ki saari buraayio ko aur mushkilo ko dekh chuka Hai. It's enough now, please don't hurt him. Please.

End of pov

Nandini- Manik let's go?

Manik( coming out of his trance)~ yeah yeah! Let's go.

They all moved towards their car to have breakfast at one of the best hotels.

Other side

New York 2:00 am

A boy is sitting on terrace smoking. His eyes are blood shot red. His face is blank but inside his heart? There is a huge storm. From past 8 years he is all alone. He has noone with whom he can share what's going on his mind. Noone to call his own. He just keeps on smoking and rested his head on wall and closed his eyes.

Boy's pov

Why can't I just get some peace? What did I do? Am I that bad? Why can't papa love me? Why my own family hates me? Family? Huh...I don't even own one. There is noone jisse mai apnaa keh skaa hun....I so wish I can die but this death too doesn't comes to me. I miss you dad. I miss you so much... please don't hate me.. please....sirf ek baar tou call karen naa bas ek baar.... please papa......

End of pov

Unknown to him an old man was watching everything and there was another person too on call who was seeing everything with tears in his eyes. Man comes down in living room and speaks to that person.

Phone conversation

Man- hello

Caller- hello, kaka go upstairs again and ask him to stop smoking.

Man~ manik beta, I already told him twice but he didn't listen and ask me to go down. If I will again go then he might locks the door, what if he did something again?

(Yes the person who was on call was manik who came outside the restaurant to check on that boy)

Listening kaka his face went pale. No he can't afford that. He immediately ask him to keep an eye on that boy and call someone else.

Phone conversation ends.

Manik immediately call someone else who picked up his phone in second ring .

Sydney, Australia

Lady~ manik it's 1:00 am here.

Manik~ (in helpless voice)~ maaa

Lady who was sleeping immediately open her eyes and sat straight and man who too sat seeing lady ask her to keep phone on speaker.

That lady and man was neyonika and Raj- Manik's parents.

Neyonika-(worriedly)~ manii mera bacha...what happened baby? Are you okay?

Manik~ maa I'm fine but Karan...

Raj(panicking)~ manik what happened to karan? Is he okay?

Manik~ no dad...he is again smoking. Please call him and stop him. U know right cause of his this smoking and drinking he was already at hospital once. Please maa it's 2:00 am there still he is not asleep.

Neyonika ( tears in her eyes)~ it's my fault only. I ask him to not take his sleeping pills... that's why he is unable to sleep and then he must have again get lost in his thoughts and ended up smoking. I'm sorry manik I'm sorry Raj.

Raj~ (angrily)shutup neyonika! It's not your fault. The person who is at fault is this guy and his wife.

Manik closes his eyes tightly to prevent tears from falling and again speaks in painful voice. Dad I know it's my fault. Mere gunaaho ki saza mera bacha kaat rhaa hai but please mom dad atleast stop him. Only you both can do this. Please.

Raj(angry+painful) ~ we Know how to take care of our grandson unlike some people who just throw his son out of his life. You go and enjoy we will manage.

Saying this he was going to cut the call but manik pleaded him to take karan on conference call while neyonika too nodded her head and Raj immediately call karan while neyonika was just crying silently seeing her both son and grandson suffering.

New york

Karan was lying in same position and smoking when he get a call, seeing caller id he got worried and immediately pick up the call and started asking questions.

Karan ~ dadu...what happened? Are you okay? Is dadi is fine? You called at this time? Everything is fine na?did you talk with dad? He is okay na and Mrs Malhotra,aarav myrah everyone is fine right?...say something dadu

Listening him neyonika cries more while raj and manik too get tears this time. How much selfless this boy can be? He is dying every single moment still he cares about everyone? How much he can love his family..his dad? Who gave him nothing but endless pain.

Raj~ shant Bacha...if U won't let me speak how will I say?

Karan(calming down)~ umm sorry.

Raj smiles and said~ bacha please stop smoking na, kaka told me how you are smoking uncontrollably. Please betaa. For me and neyonika?

While here karan was embarassed,he never wanted his dada dadi to panick cause of him. He immediately said ~ I'm sorry dadu...I didn't wanted to trouble you...I will go and sleep, don't worry and please you guys too sleep. I'm okay.

Manik was just astonished. How much this son of his is mature? How he handles every pain alone?how he never wants anybody to take trouble cause of him. He was just cursing himself. But is cursing yourself enough? Does it makes things better? A big no!

Neyonika~ it's okay meri jaan...you go and sleep now...and karan...pkaa naa aap theek ho right?

Karan(in a plane low voice)~ jii dadi mai bilkul theek hu...I will sleep...I have meetings tomorrow and I have to go to college as well.

Saying this he just cut the call cause he can't lie more to his favorite grandparents while other side trio too Understand his emotions and didn't bug him more. Manik too cut the call as he saw Nandini approaching him.

Manik~ jaan you here? You want anything?

Nandini~ yes Mr Malhotra I want you. Now come let's go how much you will talk on your phone.

Manik~ okay okay, let's go.

Listening him Nandini just dragged him and kaka too send him message stating karan went to his room to sleep which gives him huge amount of relief.

Sydney, Australia

Neyonika~ raj please do something! I can't see karan like this. He needs love Raj! He needs his parents.

Raj (thinking something deeply)~ I have one plan.

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