Choices the True Me

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So many choices to make, life is full of choices, follow along with me Arisu, as I figure out my choices, and make the wrong ones, and the right ones. I am still figuring myself out, so what will happen while I'm confused with my emotions?

Romance / Drama
Abby H.
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You never know what to expect of life, you never know what will happen if you make a different choice, you never know if your lying to yourself, you never truly know you're making the right choice, always asking. Asking things like am I doing the right thing? Should I have picked the other option? Am I actually liking this, or am I forcing myself? Are they just being nice, or do they actually like me? Questions we all have them, most of the time we don't know the answer. Let me explain, my name is Arisu Amana. Like in many stories I'm simply a normal girl. I have long mint green hair that goes down my back, with cornflower blue eyes that shine like night, and pale white skin. Many stories have been told but the one your about to hear well that, that one is mine. It began the day I moved from Japan to America, you see I'm Multilingual meaning I speak Japanese along with English. The reason I moved, was because my father wanted to visit my uncle Aaron who you might have guessed lives in America. My father decided we would stay in America one year then go back to Japan. This year I was in what the Americans called Junior year. It would be my first year at a new school "I'm so excited, thanks dad" but before I start school we have to finish the car ride to my uncle's apartment.

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