Comanche (a Death Reapers MC Book 2)

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Comanche is a Native American word that means "he who fights all the time". The name is a fitting one for the mysterious biker who is part of the Death Reapers motorcycle club. Best known for his temper and propensity for solving problems through violence his life takes a turn after a motorcycle accident where he meets Jada a divorced mother of twin boys. Jada has been in a violent relationship in the past but she is still attracted to the undercurrent of danger that runs through Comanche but can he curb his temper to make Jada fall in love with him? This is Book 2 but can always be read as a stand-alone. I don't own the rights to the picture. The picture belongs solely to the owner Any references to people, places, and things are purely coincidental. This work is purely a work of fiction by the author.

Allison Kayne
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Chapter 1

Comanche just needed to ride, he threw on his helmet and rode out of the Death Reapers clubhouse. He had a lot on his mind, he felt like he was the only brother in the clubhouse without an old lady. The ladies he met, either didn’t like that he was Native American, or that he had a bad temper, that he never took out on them, just on any unfortunate person around him. He wanted someone who could see past all of that. Someone willing to stick around more than four months, his longest relationship ever. His mind was so far gone, that he didn’t see the woman behind him until it was too late, she hit his back tire sending him and his chopper flying. Thank the Lord that he and his chopper wound up in the grass, he was hurt but at least it wasn’t worse, he could have hit the asphalt.

Jada couldn’t believe what was unfolding in front of her, some lady was weaving back and forth in front of her, talking on her cell phone and texting, she was getting dangerously close to the biker in front of her. Jada quickly whipped out her phone and took a picture of the car’s license plate, she was getting ready to call the police and warn them of this dangerous driver. When what she had feared the most would happen; happened, the lady hit the biker and flipped him and his bike over into the grassy median. Then what was worse the woman kept driving as if nothing had even happened.

Jada immediately pulled over her silver Buick Rendezvous and jumped out to see if the biker was okay. She ran over and dropped to her knees next to him. She breathed a sigh of relief when she saw that he was alive, just really hurt.

“Hey do you want me to get you to a hospital, or do you want me to take you somewhere?”

Comanche was in so much pain he could barely breathe. He took inventory of himself and knew that he had at least two cracked ribs, and a broken leg but he didn’t know what other injuries he had. He knew that he needed to get to a hospital, there was no way his brothers had the equipment to fix everything that could possibly be wrong with him. Otherwise, he would have this beautiful black angel take him back to the clubhouse.

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