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The Cracks You Caused.

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1: Forever.

She stood there. Completely silent.
Although they were in the same room yet he felt too far. Far enough that she couldn't get close to him even if she crossed galaxies.
'' Know your worth. '' someone whispered into her ear as they walked away.
She kept staring at him.
He knew that she was watching him. He knew that she was falling apart silently. That it will break her, that he is the reason why she will break. He knew that he will die because of this guilt. It will kill him.

The angels above and the devils below all witnessed as the boy put a ring on the the finger of the girl who was to be his fiancee.

"It's not her." he thought.
"She's not her." his heart cried.
"It's not me."she realised.
"It's not me."

Pain. Excruciating pain.

"So is this how our story ends, huh Cassian? Is this how long your forever was? You asked me if I will regret it. I told you that I will never. But guess what Cassian? This is how long my never is. I regret it. I regret 'us'. I hate you Cassian Minhas . I hate you. "


"Pleasure of love lasts but a moment. Pain of love lasts a lifetime."


So? What did you guys think?
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P.s : I love you all because every single one of you deserves to be loved🤍.

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