To the Life.....with Annie

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Boooooom******************** Voices cluttering at a distance..... Everyone thought that she's dead. Her stillness and pale face confirmed the same to Paparazzi. Noone bothered to know about her well-being. She tried to communicate with the people starring at her but noone paid any heed to her words. That was the moment when she realised, she's nomore and the news hit her like a bullet.

Romance / Mystery
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Bang on to HANG ON.....The beginning

It was a dark night of winters in India and it was hard to spot the difference between the smoke, smog or fog...


Voices cluttering at a distance.....

Everyone thought that she's dead. Her stillness and pale face confirmed the same to Paparazzi. Noone bothered to know about her well-being. She tried to communicate with the people gazing at her but noone paid any heed to her words. She tried to touch, hit and scream but all the efforts vent in vain. She shuddered with fear and astonishment and..........that was the moment when she realised, SHE'S NOMORE and the news hit her like a bullet..........

(After a few hours)

She found herself sitting next to her body when a heart-wrenching cry brought her back to the realisation again...

Megan????? These words bolted out of her mouth even before the realisation of her existence.

Megan entered the Operation Theatre (OT) and identified the body as Annie....Annie-Lovin Gal.

Yes, this is the name of my body, I mean, that was.....๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ˜”๐Ÿ™„

Actually, it wasn't the name given to me by my parents. They gave just a random name to me rather... And the name Annie??? I seriously don't remember, when and how this name became my identification among my peers, family and all my kith and kins... Only a few summoned me with my real name ever... ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜‚

Megan's POV...

"What the hell has happened to Annie???" I questioned the medics and cops out of all the pain I am already going through.

This morning, the cops have made a call to know about a Sports car that met with a major accident. They were actually enquiring about the particulars of the driver or the owner of the crashed vehicle. After having a little more details, it appeared to me as if it belonged to my friend, Annie????? But she's not in the city since years... The day Ran left her, she also fled to an unknown place. Noone knows about her whereabouts now. Then, how come she be back here? And if she's back here, why hasn't she called me yet? And most importantly, from where do the cops get my number??? Millions of thoughts popped around, some were good and a few were terrible.... To clear my head, I have immediately shooted here in the Community Health Center...and these people are seriously getting into my veins now... Why aren't they allowing me to enter any further??? Are they really testing my patience level or something serious is going on inside the closed walls of this OT??? Now, this is getting REAL creepy!!!!!!

It's been an hour or two, but they all are still behind the closed doors...

Oh!!! Finally, no more Red light on the OT's door...(A small wave of relaxation)

The medical officer, alongwith the cops, allowed me to enter the room where.....

"What the hell has happened to Annie?" I exclaimed out of anxiety, worry and I saw my bestie laying on the OT's bed.

(To be continued......)

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