Flower Mists Underneath the Twilight Sky

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Ishikawa Izumi is a genius martial artist in their university. He is the coldest yet one of the most handsome club members. Because of this, he only has a small circle of friends. Things were running smoothly not until he came out to his family. Will he be accepted by his family? How about his friends? How will he handle the consequences of his actions?

Romance / Drama
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“Reincarnation is a belief originated from Hinduism. It is the cycle of birth, life, death, and rebirth. In Hinduism, this is called samsara. All living things are aiming for moksha which means liberation from the samsara. They can only...”

Who would’ve thought that studying religions is not too bad? There are a lot of religions in this world. They contain different teachings, different gods, different cultures, and different beliefs. But I noticed something similar among all religions. The phrase, ’Do unto others what you want others to do unto you.” All religions contain this phrase but in different ways of stating it. In studying this subject, my mind messes with my thoughts. I wonder if what is the true religion and the false religion. Every religion has a point. I also wonder if there are actually many gods, governed by a supreme deity to bring harmony in our mortal lives?

Aside from these questions running on my mind lately, I took this class just because of one thing. There are fragments of event that appears in my dream that I didn’t experience myself. Before going to a psychologist, I decided to enter this class. My mind became more confused as the topics become broader. Sometimes, I am crying at night for no reason. Sometimes, I speak languages that I don’t speak. My friends and family are amazed whenever they hear me speak foreign languages. To settle this, once and for all, I decided to go to a psychologist.

What the psychologist is saying is exactly what I am studying right now. I complained that I see images of events that I never encountered. The psychologist said that it may be a dream, but as I explain that I can feel everything whenever seeing those images, it told me something I have been thinking about for the past years I have lived my life.

“Chances are certainly, you have been reincarnated.” says the psychologist.

I was freaked out and astonished at the same time. Even an expert said that I have been reincarnated. I once read a book that when a person is reincarnated, and images of the past memories appear, that person has unfinished business in this material world. I wonder what business do I have to continue what my past life hasn’t finished? After that consultation, I gradually accepted and felt the sensation of how did I live my past life.

As I sleep, images continuously flash right in front of my subconscious. This time, my past self is protecting a maiden. I don’t know who that maiden was. They were cornered by four masked men, trying to abduct them. Luckily, my past self practiced Martial Arts. Since I am on the first-person point of view when experiencing these events, I really didn’t catch a glimpse of how my appearance supposed to look like. This made me even curious. I wonder if I look identically with my past self? Then, one of those men managed to stab my past self and pushed me on the highway. A speeding car hit “me.” As soon as I was hit by the car, I woke up and gasped for air and felt pain around my head.

This occurrence is getting more and more common in my daily life. Ever since I admitted that I have been reincarnated, images flash frequently during my REM sleep cycle. I once stumbled upon an event when my past self has spoken a foreign language.

“DUWAG!” said my past self to his nemesis.

When I woke up, I immediately opened my smartphone and searched the meaning of duwag. I was surprised when I found out its meaning. It means “coward” in the Filipino language, used by the natives in the Philippines. I asked my mom if our roots trace from the Philippines. She said that indeed, we have Filipino blood. My great-great-great-grandfather was a pure Filipino and he was a policeman. We don’t speak Filipino fluently. That’s why my family is astounded by how I can speak Filipino fluently.

My mind was full of unanswerable questions once more. What if my past self is within my family lineage after all? If so, did my past self die young or old? Peacefully or brutally? I don’t know. My class continued and I have learned something interesting. Birthmarks are supposedly the sites where the cause of death of our past lives. I have a birthmark on my chest, so does that mean, I was killed in my chest in my past life? Not to mention, I also have a birthmark above the left area of my forehead, where my hair grows.

It is now April and the cherry blossoms are in full bloom. I absolutely love cherry blossoms, not only for their beautiful petals but also for the haze they make when clumped together especially at twilight, when the sun is beyond the horizon, dying it with an orange hue, being followed by a light indigo hue, until the sky completely dyed with dark indigo hue. The moon and the stars also show up moments after the sky is dyed with a dark indigo hue.

I was in a sanctuary full of cherry blossoms.

The petals bloom in full pinkish white color. As the wind gushes in the small trunks of each tree, I was looking at the distant skies in awe. As I sit under the strikingly beautiful twin cherry blossoms, I wondered how did it grow. It is the only twin tree I encountered here at the sanctuary. The trees grew as they were inseparable. As I was about to leave the sanctuary, I bumped into a beautiful girl as the wind sang out loud in between of us. I saw her warm, round eyes, her skin as fair as Aurora, and her hair as long as Cinderella.

As we made eye contact, tears began to fall from our eyes, as if we knew each other all along and were separated by time. As we are about to ask each other’s names, our head suddenly hurts. We heard endless phrases that are bittersweet in unison.

“I kept my promise.”

“You found me.”

“I love you more than anything in this world. No matter how many times we are reborn in this world, I’ll still choose and love you.”

As the voices stopped, our bodies moved towards each other. We hugged each other and suddenly calling each other’s names while tears fall from our eyes continuously. After that, We properly greeted each other and introduced our full names. She also experiences the same phenomenon that I am experiencing. The images were similar to mine but from a different point of view. Coincidence? I believe it is not.

We then decided to be friends and start over again. As the years go by, the images that continuously flash in our dreams became few, indicating that we are now continuing our past selves’ unfinished business. To continue the love we made in the past.

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