Changed by You

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"If you're destined with each other wherever you both go you'll always find a way to be with each other again."

Romance / Humor
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Pia Skyler a succesful model who rule the fashion industry she is a sassy girl who has a cold aura but deep inside is a soft, loving, and kind girl.

People think she is a selfish person but if you got closer to her you can really say she is a selfless person thinking about the others before herself.

But one day her life changed because she is forced to marry the son of their business partner because her father is the CEO of Skyler corporations, one of the most sucessful company in korea, forced to marry a man who doesn't even know her.

Dylan Lee the man who will marry Pia Skyler is a Famous Celebrity also a playboy his family is the owner of Lee Corporation also a sucessful company just like Skyler Corporation.

Staying in a same roof without talking to each other is one of their habit but does that habit will change if they will discover something about eachother's past, will they love each other because of that?

And also will Dylan show her his true self the real Dylan who is sweet, Kind, and most of all the man who you want to be with Forever.Or they will be scared and leave each other.

I do not accept any translation.
This story is not based from any movies or dramas but it came from my imagination...

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