Changed by You

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Chapter 1

January 15, 2002

A five year old Pia Skyler playing on a abandoned park, alone.
"Barbie you should twake a bath when we go home you stinks".

Laughing on her on statement she remembers what will happen again when she will go home.

"You're drunk again Jihyun stop messing around the kids will see you"
"You dont tell me what to do you shithead!!"

Remembering those things Pia wants to cry but she always stays strong for his older brother Daniel and his father David

Let's say her mother is the worst person she met, in young age she bacame matured because of the happenings in her surroundings. Her mother who comes home always drunk sometimes his father seen her sleeping with another man.

Because of that Pia in young age told herself to never trust someome easily because they may be a bad news in your life.

Yesterday her family decided to have a vacation on their provice her mother of course comes with them.

"Barbie you, daniel, and father will aways be my fwamily moma don't love ush anyweysh."

"Hey kiddo watcha doin there talkin to your self" a young boy approaches to her.
"Leave her alone Jackson, you sthupid idiot" another boy appears.

"What are you doing here"pia said

Of course Pia shows her cold aura but deep inside she's scared on this two young boys who looks like older than her.

"Sorry about this stupid boy young girl and to anshwer your question were here cause we got scolded by my parents so we ran away"

"Whats your name pretty" the said name Jackson said.

"I dont talk to strangers"

"Dont worry we are not here for harming someone"

"Im jackson by the way"

Still Pia is just staring at them

"She's scared by you" the young boy said.
"Whattt meee im not scary i'm handsome"
"Yeah yeah whatever"

"By the way im Dylan" and by that dylan reach his arm to the young girl for the hand shake.

Slowly Pia reach his arms for handshake
Dont get Pia wrong but she felt something in this young boy someone's telling her to trust him but not the jackson boy.

"Pia" she said in a cute voice

"Ohh hello pia nice to meet you so what are you doing here in this aban--"abandoned boy duhh" jackson said cutting dylan off
"Shut up im just only seven what do you expect" he whisper yelled to jackson.

"Playing"pia said shortly

"Uhh ok i guess hehe" dylan smile
"If you dwon't have friends we can be one" dylan said

"Hey dylan i told you talk like badboy" jackson said to dylan.
"Yah sthupid were just seven you act like a brat--"

"Well you both are brat" Pia said cutting them off which shocks the both young boys cause they never expected the young girl to talk like that.

"Ohh myyy you young girl a definetly will be our new bestfriend"jackson said.
"And why is that"
"Because you have swaggggg simpleee"
"No i dont do friends"
"Umm its okay Pia im sorry about jackson his just dumb...but if you want be our friend you are truly welcomed" dylan says with a cute smile.

Pia thinks again if she will accept their offer their's nothing bad to happen right? Both dylan and jackson looks harmless pia thinks but this jackson boy is like dumb she thinks again.

"I guess it's fine i'll give it a try to be friends with you"
"YEAHEYYYYY" both boys claps happily which made pia smile.


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