Changed by You

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Chapter 2


"hahahahahahahah that was awesomeee" pia said to dylan
"Yeahyeah its better if jackson will not see us or else he will beat us"

"By the way pia were do you live"
"Me??? Um lets say my family is here for vacation and we live in Seoul Korea"

"Seoul Korea????! That were i was living too"
"Really!! that's amazinggg maybe we can see each other when we go back their"
"Of coursee we will see each other there were bestfriend what would you expect"
"Yeah you're right heheheh"

Weeks have passed and Pia and Dylan got close to each other well if you asks where's jackson well after what they did to him he got angry but in a childish way of course and after that day jackson's family decided to go back to korea because of his parents.

"Pia tomorrow let's see each other again in the river i'll give you something you like"
"Really! Of course of course i'll go there what time by the way"
"Sunset let's see each other in the river in sunset cause thats what we like right"
"Yezzzz didi"
"Yes didi my new nickname for you cause your cute and you're my bestest fwendddd"
"Hahahahahha ok ok pia or lets say wifey"
"HAHAHAHAHAHHA yes wifey cause tomorrow you'll know the reason cause i know you will ask"
"Okey okey maybe i'll call you hubby HAHAHAHAHAH"
"Your go now go you need to rest"dylan said while pushing pia to their house
"Ok good night hubby hahahahha"
"Yeah yeah what ever goodnighttt"


"Good morning dad" pia said to his father
"Ohh good morning my babyyy"
"Hahahahahah,baby,baby" his brother daniel said
"Of course you're our baby pia" his mother suddenly appear from kitchen while bringing breakfast
"Whatever" pia said
" ohh you cook us breakfast thats new"
"Daniel" his father said sternly
"Dont defend her dad its useless maybe there's no alcohol here that's why she's like that"

"Please daniel and pia give mommy a chance"
"No" pia said and straightly run to her room again
" mommy hmmm no thank you" daniel said while huffing
And follows pia to their shared room

"Sorry about that jihyun and have some patience with them their just kids" david said
"I--i'm so sorry i know it's my fault i've been such a dissapointment to them and to you" jihyun said while sobbing
"No, no" david then hugs jihyun...
"I'll go to their room and talk to them ok"

Just give me time and i'll leave you all but with your father's money and company useless children...


dylan's Pov:
(Finallyyyyy- author)

"Now im nervoussss what will i tell her that i like her"
Aww she should be mine she's beautiful im handsome
I know guys we were young but you know my life i want her and only her but yeahh i remember she's only five and of course im only seven hahahahaah it's so funny that i want the ground to eat me....

But i can do this maybe i'll marry her in the future i like,no,no i love her. Later i'll give her a necklace with a design of a half heart cause of course the other half is mine so our hearts will be one.

"Dylannnn snacks is ready come down and let's eat" my mom shouted from downstairs ahhhh why is she always shouting

"Yesss mom im coming"
"Beeee careful on the stairsss" aishh my mom always worried about me of course i can't have any accidents or else my handsome face will be sad...


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