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The Promise I Made

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What would've it been like if I never met you If I didn't answer your question that day would everything be different If it's possible to change the past can I rewind time? If I never met you and you never saw me then.....would everything be different? Would we be living a different life with a different story.....or we would've met anyway..... Fate is weird...it's unexpected and it can be sweet or be a bitch to you I just wanna know... do you regret our encounter?

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It was a cold night, not many people were at the park, obviously, they’d be at home with their loved ones, warm and safe. But Layla was sitting on the park bench after her long day, not wanting to go home, after all, there's no one waiting for her, staring at the sky she thought of only one person.....him.

You know I only wish, for one thing, one thing then it would’ve all been different, that day I should’ve chosen myself.........but then do I really want to change everything.....

I wonder how he's doing? Has he been eating well or he's forgotten and torturing himself with work? Has he seen the letter yet? I hope so or what if he hasn't and has already found someone else and moved on, then everything will be over. I just need a little more time please god please just give me a little more time or else I'll be nothing but a dead person to him.

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