Angel of the heart (short story)

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Angel of the heart is a short story about how love has impacted on one person's life.

Hazel Davies
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Angel of the heart

When it happens, You can’t fight the invasions of darkness or the merciless attacks on your senses, you just drown in the never ending red ocean. “can you see that?”
Her red shoes come into sight, wait…not hers, its. But you don’t see the knife or gun, you’re too busy reliving the first sight of the heart-stopping red shoes that would change your life. Forever.

Her red shoes matched with the lipstick, the bag, the hat and was completed with her best black dress; you take note of how delicate the poppy design is upon it, it was your first date with your angel. You remember how you talked into the early hours and laughed heartily together throughout, and how your heart and soul shone with love for her, “only her” , that was what you said to yourself.

You don’t hear the screams or pleads of life, you only hear the sound of her loving laughter above you, after you fell from your bed with rich hot chocolate covering you head to toe but you don’t care because once you open your eyes you see her, your goddess, showing her best smile. Memories of love shine brightly in your ocean eyes, they make your tears begin the race down to your perfect bow tie. Your fragile fingers dance along the dampen material, you can feel her straightening it with a contented smile upon her heavenly face, her eyes shining with love and you feel the warmth of her golden heart that’s yours forever whilst holding her impossibly close.

You`re so deep in your love filled memories and at peace you don’t feel the cold metal diving into your decreasing warmth, or the hopeful reaper’s bullet shattering on impact.In your mind’s eye you see your life; from family dinners to friends parties to her, and them red shoes are the last thing you think of before the darkness wins...

Bright lights. Quickening beeping. And a voice, soft and sweet but broken. Begging. Pleading. Wailing. All whilst holding your skeleton like hand in their gentle warmth, in hopes of it bringing the life back into your ghost-like figure.

It works.

You wearily open your eyes for the first time in months to an angel above you, her red ruby lips display her perfect pearl white teeth, to form the brightest smile you have ever witnessed. You then bear witness to the look of relief and non-matched joy with tears glistering in her brown orbs, you hear the sweet sing-song voice beam with delight with no idea of the suffocating silence she has had from you for past months after it happened. You move to touch her but your heart constricts with hurt as she fades into the light once again. Then you hear the sound of those red shoes gratefully clicking closer to you along the tiled floor, you catch the madding wild flower scent of her moving closer until she’s there above you again with her perfect petite hand resting upon your face. “I’m back with her, my love, my angel” is all you can think in that moment, you don’t care about what happened or why it did, you just feel the sparks that delight your now erratic heart and lazily wallow in the comforting embrace of your angel.

Fifty years later…

The smell of freshly cut grass and the BBQ hit your nose as you step out of your cosy cottage, the grandchildren are running around laughing at the silly little things that only they can find funny. You shake your head with love and enjoyment at their antics, as the sun create sparks of warmth along your exposed flesh a graceful figure dances along the horizon which has you hypnotised.

In that moment you feel the overwhelming feeling of everlasting enjoy and love which blossoms in the deepest depths of your soul. Old memories begin to play in your minds eye and you know that new ones are still standing waiting for you on the sidelines of life.

As night falls your most precious possessions begin to sit around the campfire on the chairs you once made,to surprise a graceful goddess years before, some faces show excitement and others the enchanting knowledge of what is about to take place once more. All hold dear the hopeful and wanting desires that it to will one day happen for them or continue steadily until their earthly death. And sat inside your arms is an older, wiser and beautiful vision of a true golden goddess, her red lips part to allow her angelic voice to retell your favourite story to the crowd of children and grandchildren, a story of how every heart has its angel that ensures its beats powerfully even in the darkness of earth’s moments. A story about how you found yours wearing a pair of red high heels on the country’s wettest day in years.


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