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Imagine in a second you could bear an unknown man's name. April Anderson I'm getting married to him. "So you don't know me" he asked in a surprised tone. "I don't know but I know you as my future husband" I said rolling my eyes. "As if you're not happy to marry me" he said with a smirk. "Oh yeah, I'm dying to marry an egotistical, foolish, selfish, mean and playboy and don't get me started on the excitement," I said with sarcasm. "Yeah get ready to hell hazel" he said "Why did you call me hazel?" I asked This sudden marriage with his man made tears fall off my not strong have planned on now I'm going to spend my five years but it's ruined my him and my parents. "Hello Mrs Anderson" Cameron said My first love , my first time and my first heartbreak. "What do you want now Cameron?" I said looking around for Jason to see him flirting with another woman. "I want you back" he said shamelessly eye raping me I was about to say something when some arms were wrapped around my waist,I turned to see Jason fuming in anger. "How can I help you?" Cameron asked confused. He just dragged me away from the food court with anger,I told him to leave my hand but he just glared at me.we get to the car and I rub my reddened wrist. " Must you always be a slut?" He asked as he grabbed the steering wheel God saved me from this mad man, I'm not ready to die young. "Did he

Romance / Adventure
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Chapter 1


I got home happy in a long time, I got home and the air was tense and a pitch of happiness.

Good afternoon mommy." I said kissing her cheeks

Hello April, how was school?" she said giving me a bear hug

Good"I said

Go and have a shower, I and our father will like to see you" she said

What's it about mom?." I asked curiously

Let's say it's about our future" my mom said winking at me

What that about??

I got to my room to be greeted by the cold and fulfilling air, I removed my clothes and had a shower. I changed into some oversized sweatshirt and braided my hair into two

April"my mother shouted from downstairs

I'm coming" I said taking my phone and going back downstairs

Good afternoon Daddy" I said smiling

Hello my baby girl" he said hugging me

My mom served the food and I saw the food we only have on special occasions.

What's the special occasion?." I asked in a confused tone

Well someone's getting married soon" my mother said with a smile dancing on her face

Is ian getting married?" I asked excitedly

Your older brother is not getting married", my father said

May"I asked again

Nope", my parents said smiling.

Hmmm, then who.?" I asked

You!!!!" my father said in a stern voice

Then I just laughed loudly,

What's is funny?" my mother said confused

How can I get married, I'm in my final year and which man will want to marry me" I said clutching my stomach

Well you are getting engaged next month and getting married during fall" my mother said

I can't get married, I won't get married" I said in a panicked voice

Well you're, your mother and I thought it will be the best thing for your future and after the won't incident" my father said

So let me get this straight, I'm getting married to a stranger" I said

No, you're getting married to my best friend son" my father said proudly

And who is that"I asked

Jason Anderson" he said

I don't want to get married to anybody dad" I said

Well I have stated my reasons why and it will be good for our company" he said

Okay, I get it now you want me to get married to a freak for business purpose" I said in a confused tone

Hmmm it's not like that" he stated in a confused tone

Wow, thanks to a lot dad. You're selling me off to a stranger" I said clapping my hands in disappointment

Kayla" my dad said softly

Fucking Leave me alone "I said running to my room

Once I got to my room, I locked it and screamed as loud as could

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