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Olivia starlings parents are one of the most famous couple in the world. Everyone knows they had a baby. No one knows it’s Olivia. She goes by Olivia Jennings so she can keep her identity a secret. During the summer inbetween her junior and senior year, Olivia and her parents take a trip to Italy when she runs into school jock mason Wilson. During that summer, somehow her secret gets out and now everyone knows who Olivia is. How will Olivia get through her last year of high school? Stay tuned to find out.

Romance / Drama
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You know how in high school there’s the typical friend groups? Yeah well here at bridgedale private school everyone has a group they belong In. For example there’s the nerds,the jocks,the popular rich girls,the wannabes and so on and so forth. But I’m not in any of those. No me and my friends are in the ‘invisible’ group. People don’t really know we exist. So we all just keep to ourselves. Me ally and Jenna that is. The thing with bridgedale high is you either have money or you don’t. And you probably know by now who does and doesn’t. Yep. The jocks and the popular girls. And well me ally and Jenna.

Okay let me explain. If we’re ranking people based off of how much money they have, let me just show you.

Me/ Olivia Jennings

Aubrey Overton


Mason Wilson


I know it’s bad to do that but now you have an idea.

Let me give you a little insight on my life. My last name isn’t Jennings it’s starling. My dad is jake starling and my mom is Mia starling. My moms a model who’s been on the cover of almost every vogue at least twice. My dad is a actor who’s won two oscars and several awards.

So yeah my parents are famous. But no one knows who I am. Well accept ally and Jenna. I told them when we were ten and now we all act like we’re just some juniors in high school. Ally’s dad is a surgeon which makes him a lot of money making her third in the ranking. (I’ll explain Aubrey and mason later)

Jennas dad own a bunch of restaurants around the country which also makes him a good amount of money and her mom is an interior designer. She actually redesigned our house and when people found out my parents live here, they went stir crazy. Everyone tried to get into our house and leaving was the most difficult thing ever.

And aubreys dad is a divorce lawyer who coughs up a good chunk of dough. She drives a Porsche and has the stupid minions who follow her around and do anything she asks. And you probably guessed it she’s dating mason Wilson. Quarterback of the football team and his dad owns a pretty big insurance company.

Okay now that that’s over with, let’s get into the real story.


Ugh school time. Yay! As much as I love school, I hate all of the assignments. Junior year kicked my ass. Well I guess I’m lucky that it’s the last day of school. I get up and decide to get dressed. Since it’s the last day I’ll dress up a little. I put on a white off the shoulder top and some white shoes. I decide to curl my hair in loose waves and then I put on some jewelry and my favorite perfume and I call it a day.

I grab my bag and make sure I have everything and then turn off my lights and make my way downstairs. I see my dad in his robe and slippers sitting at the kitchen table drinking his coffee and eating a piece of toast.

“Hi dad” I say and he smiles at me.

“Hi sweetie. Excited for your last day?” He asks me.

“Yes! Ugh I can’t wait to be done.” I say with a dreamy sigh.

He chuckles at me. “Well me and your mom have a surprise for you when you get back.” He says.

“What is it?”

“Can’t say.” He says with a shrug and goes back to drinking his coffee.

I grab a banana and peel it open before taking a bite. I see my mom walk downstairs in her robe with her silk nightgown underneath. I check the time and see I need to leave so I walk up to my mom and kiss her on the cheek before I grab my keys and walk out the front door.

I walk over to the multiple car garage and unlock the door to my Mercedes g-wagon and hop in. I’ve had this car for about a year and I love it. I throw my bag into the passenger seat and start my car and hit the road.

Once I park my car and hop out, I lock the doors and meet ally and Jenna out front.

“Hey guys!”

“Hey liv! We’re almost done!” Ally squeals.

“I know I’m so happy! My parents said that they have a surprise for me when I get home!”

“Ooo a new car?”

“Your own house?”

“A new room?”

“Guys I have no idea!”

We all laugh at each other and start walking to home room. We all have the same homeroom teacher so it’s nice to start they day off altogether. We walk in and sit in our seats in the middle of the class and put our bags on the ground next to our seat.

I pull out my Mac book and start online shopping because hr is one of the most boring classes ever. I’m in the middle of buying a new Chanel purse when Aubrey walks in while on masons arm. I roll my eyes and get back to shopping.

The bell rings so I pack up my stuff and zip up my bag before heading to my second period. I walk in to math and sit down in my assigned seat and take out my laptop and notebook and write down the practice problem and start doing the equation.

It’s now lunchtime and me ally and Jenna are all sitting at our usual table in the courtyard. I’m eating a chicken salad while ally is eating a sandwich and Jenna is eating some carrots.

“Hey I’m going to go throw my salad away quick.” I say to ally and Jenna.

“Okay.” They say back.

I grab my disposable container and walk back into the cafeteria and walk over to the recycling bin and throw it away. There was a group of students crowding around the exit to the courtyard so I decided to walk out of the side doors.

I was walking down the hallway when I saw Aubrey leave a janitors closet. I walked behind the corner so I was out of eyesight but I could still see her. She takes her compact out of her purse and fixed her lipstick and hair before making sure she looked okay. She then starts walking down the hallway and that when I see Carson Jones walk out. He fixed his hair and walked down the hallway after Aubrey.

I decided to follow them and when Carson grabbed aubreys wrist and turned her around and kissed her my eyes went wide. They pulled back and he walked away making me lock eyes with Aubrey. She walks up to me and gets up in my face.

“If you tell anyone what you just saw I will end you. Okay? I can’t be seen as a cheater.” She says and walks away.

I turn around and walk back to the courtyard when someone grabs my wrist and pulls me against them.

“Let go!” I say.

“No. Not until you tell me what Aubrey was doing.” The voice says. Mason?

“Wha- I can’t say.” I tell him.

“What.Was.She.Doing?” He says.

“She was kissing Carson.” I say defeatedly.

He lets me go and walks away without another word.

It’s now the last period of the day which is my study hall. We’re in the lecture room for this period and I’m alone. Meaning it’s just me and not Jenna and ally. But I am stuck with Aubrey mason and brenna. (Aubreys best friend) I’m sitting in the back of the room just playing around on my laptop when the final bell of junior year rings.

I pack up my things and head out to the parking lot. I see ally and Jenna standing by my car conversing quietly.

“Hey guys” I say.

“Did you hear?” Jenna says.

“Hear what?” I ask

“Mason and Aubrey broke up. Apparently she was cheating on him with Carson Jones.” Ally says.

“Get in.” I say to them. We all clammed into my car and I look at them.

“I caught them. Today in the hallway I caught Aubrey and Carson” I say.

“OH MY GOD? Did you tell mason?” They ask.

“Yes. But I wasn’t going to. I was walking back to the courtyard when he grabbed my arm and asked me about what she was doing. He was genuinely scared so I told him.” I say as I back out of my spot.

We talk about it on the way back to their houses and soon enough I’m opening the gates to my house and driving up the driveway.

I get out of my car and walk inside only to be blindfolded and hearing my dads voice behind me.

“Time for your surprise!” He says.

Oh boy.

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