The Dawn

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The interquel to Play, The Dawn is the prequel and sequel in one! Find out more of Aria's past and what that may hold for her future. All Rights Reserved

Romance / Mystery
The Dark Mind
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The Dawn

“Well, how about a barbeque?” Roberts suggests. “Oh, I-tonight?” Todd asks. “But of course. You’re new to the neighborhood, our girls are hitting it off, why not we all make some new friends.” “Why, thank you very much.” Arianna says. “We’d love to. What time shall we come by?” “Well, Honey.” Samantha faces Robert. “Why don’t we hit the store now that way they can come by around 4 o’clock. The girls can go swimming.” “That sounds great.” Todd tells them. “You ladies wanna gather the girls, and Robert and I will exchange information.”

***Years later***

“Aria, Honey. Come down here please.” Aria leaves her bedroom and descends the stairs as asked of her. She meets her dad in the living room sitting on the couch. “So, Sweetheart.” Robert begins. “You know, Samantha and I will be going to Ireland next week for her cousin’s wedding.” “Yes.” Aria confirms. “Unfortunately, our time conflicts with Emmaline’s time visiting her family in Wyoming, for her birthday, so we’ve found someone else to stay with you here at home during that time.” “Oh.” Aria begins sadly. “Well, who is it?” She perks up. “Aria, honey.” Samantha enters the living room with a gentleman. “This is our friend Benjamin.” She turns to see a tall, young man with brown hair and brown eyes. “Here?” Aria turns back to her dad for confirmation. “Now, we know you’re not excited about the fact of having a “babysitter” but you know we legally have to no matter how intelligent you are, Sweetie.” “Right.” Aria says dully. “Robert. Why don’t you show him up to his room.” Samantha suggests. “Oh, of course. Come on up, Ben.” He leads him to his room and Ben picks up his belongings. “Wait? Now? He-he is staying now?” “Wait, well why not, Aria take him up, Robert? Let them get to know each other.” Robert just gestures them both upstairs, agreeing with Samantha. Aria nervously leads them up and into his new room. Aria opens the guest bedroom and they enter. “Thanks.” Benjamin says setting his things in the corner. “He speaks.” Aria says quietly and Benjamin chuckles. “Um. I’m right here next to you.” She tells him gesturing towards her room. “Yeah?” Aria turns around to meet her dad and Samantha back down stairs. “Aria, honey. You’re not gonna get to know Ben?” Robert asks her. “Who is he?” She asks him. “And how come I’ve never met him before.” “He’s a family friend sweetheart. It’s okay.” “How long?” “Aria, if you’re uncomfortable I-” “No, dad it’s fine. I’m not..uncomfortable. Just wish I was still staying with Emma, that’s all.” “I know hun. I know, but this will be good for you.” “Don’t forget, you’re talking to an eighteen year-old honey.” Samantha tells him as she walks back into the living room. Robert shares a laugh with her as well. “Right you are, honey.” “I’m going for a walk.” Aria says putting on her shoes and walking out the door. “What the hell was that about?” Robert asks Samantha. “It’s Emma. That’s all it is. Oh. Hi, Ben.” “Don’t think she likes me.” Ben tells them quietly as he crepts down the stairs. “Nonsense. She’s gonna love you. Literally.” Robert says. “Now come on. I’ll show you around.” He happily gets up doing so.

As Aria is ending her walk and turning the corner to her street she walks past a familiar face from her grade. Looking into his honey brown eyes, as they notice each other and once they inch closer, they immediately look away and turn back after a few steps and back again and they continue walking. Aria enters her home and heads upstairs to her room for bed as it is nearing 9pm. She is caught off guard a moment as Ben exits the bathroom from his shower, forgetting he was even here. They look at one another in silence for a moment in a bit of awkwardness as he is only in a towel around his waist and water slightly shining still dripping down from his chest. Aria’s mouth falls open about to say something but instead she forces herself past him into her room closing the door behind her, sliding down her door deep in thought, shaking her head. She forgets it and heads to bed.

“Good morning, Aria.” Samantha greets her with a smile. “Morning.” She replies back. “You want some breakfast?” “Yeah, sure.” “Morning, honey.” Robert comes behind Samantha giving her a hug and kiss as she cooks bacon and eggs. “Oh, Aria. Samantha and I are going shopping today to get some last needs for our trip. You need anything?” “No. No, I don’t need anything.” “Here you go, Sweetheart.” Samantha sets a plate down for Aria. “Honey, do you think we can leave after breakfast? I wanna do a little more errands this afternoon and be able to relax with you this evening before we leave in the morning.” “Of course, Sweetheart.” Robert tells her. “Anything in particular?” “Well I do want some more needs for our trip but some more too.” “More what?” Robert turns to sit at the table. “Oh hey, morning Ben. Where’d Aria go?” He looks around with confusion. “She left.” Ben answers quietly. “Left? Why?” Ben just looks at him. “Oh honey. It’s not you.” Samantha assures him as she sits at the table with the rest of the breakfast. “Definitely not.” Robert adds. “She’ll soon get back to eighteen year-old sassy self.” Robert giggles and Samantha joins. “Of course, she will honey.” “I’m sure she will.” Ben agrees nervously to help raise his spirits.

“Hey, Ben.” Robert greets him as he walks into the living room with Samantha. “Aria home?” He just looks up. “Of course she is. Well, we’re back to drop off our things and change. Gonna take my Lovely to dinner tonight.” Robert says proudly, putting an arm around Samantha pulling her into a side hug. “Don’t wait up.” “Nah, you guys have a good evening.” Ben tells them heading into the kitchen finding what to make for dinner. He decides to make spaghetti, and starts to boil the water and cooks the meat. After some cooking, “Hey, Ben.” Samantha greets him. “Is there anything you need or want to know? Figured I’d better ask that before we leave.” “No. No, I don’t think so.” “And don’t worry about Aria. She’ll come around. Pasta huh? She likes that but you know what she likes even better?” “What’s that?” “Cheeseburgers.” “Really?” “Oh, most definitely.” “Good to know.” “She’ll come around.” Samantha assures him again. “Especially with that.” “Ready, honey?” Robert asks from the front door. “Have fun.” Ben waves her out and finishes up dinner placing it on the kitchen table as Aria comes in. “Where’s dad and Samantha they were just here?” She asks. “Out to dinner.” Ben answers, handing her a plate, sternly. Aria reluctantly takes it and heads back upstairs. Ben sighs starting to say something but doesn’t know what to say and sits down in defeat. At least she’s eating he thinks to himself as he eats dinner, cleans up and heads upstairs. He sighs at the sight of her closed door and thinks of what Samantha had just told him thinking he might as well give it a shot and head to his room. Aria leaves her room shortly after to clean her plate and then the dishes but notices Ben already did. She decides to turn around to the living room and watch tv. After flipping through channels and a few minutes of some shows, she decides to find a movie but still can’t find anything good. She goes to sit on the front deck and enjoy the breeze a bit. While enjoying the evening she thinks of making something for Emma for when she comes back and gets excited about her thoughts and heads back inside, practically running up the stairs paying no attention and running into Ben as he exits the bathroom from his shower again but this time he is dressed from the waist down. Aria slowly runs her hand down his wet torso and quickly pulls back. “Sorry.” She quickly states leaving his arms and back to her room behind her door. Ben takes evening showers, Aria makes herself a mental note with another sigh getting reading for bed once again.

“Honey, do you think Aria is gonna be okay with Ben? She hasn’t spoken with him all weekend.” Robert asks Samantha as he gathers their bags by the door. “She’s fine, Robert. I’m sure she just misses Emma and still wishes she were there.” “You’re probably, right. Aria, honey, were gonna head out!” Aria comes downstairs to say good-bye. “Tell her congratulations for me.” Aria tells Samatha with a hug. “Of course, honey.” “Don’t get in too much trouble, now.” Her dad jokes with her as he hugs her. “I’ll miss you guys. Have fun.” She waves them out and turns to head back upstairs but stops as she sees Ben in the living room reading. He notices and looks up to her and as he slowly sets his book down she turns to retreat back upstairs.

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