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Finally me

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A girl named Cassidy is forced to live with her awful father, and she is so beyond angry. He cheated on her mother, and took her away from her mother and siblings. He married an awful wife and the wife's children are racist pigs. Through all this misery she meets Anna. Anna is an outgoing loving girl that falls in love with Cassidy.

Romance / Humor
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Chapter 1

I woke up this morning in fear. I woke up in my new bed, new bedroom, and with new noises. I use to live with my mom and sisters, but my father got custody of me a couple of months ago. Now I live with him. I hate my dad. He use to love his family, and his shitty job. Now he loves money and wealthy women. He married a woman named Sally. She has three kids, and they're all racist bastards. My father doesn't care though. Sally helped build him a career. He's an author. I walk downstairs which takes forever with this big ass house.
" Good morning Cassidy. How did you sleep dear," Sally asks
" I slept fine where's my father," I ask
" Your father wants us to have a stepmom and daughter day, so he took your brothers and sister out. Now we can hang love."
" That was shitty of him, I snap"
" Lets get to know each other come on. I'm not bad I promise baby."
" Yeah uh okay let me get dressed. What are we doing again," I ask
" Well were going to get some breakfast first, get our nails done, go shopping, and were going to check out your new school love," she squeals
I roll my eyes and go upstairs to get ready. I know it seems like I'm being a complete bitch to this lady who is buying me shit and well "inviting me into her family," but there's so much more to the story.
She was having an affair with my dad when my family wasn't broken up yet. My sister Aubrey walked in on them, and Aubrey told my mom. My dad told my mom he loved Sally, and he wasn't going to end his relationship with her.
He wasn't asking for a divorce though. He was asking for some sort of arrangement for everything to work. My mom divorced his sorry ass. My moms a recovering addict. She ended up taking coke around the time when the divorce was happening to much stress I guess. She lost all her daughters to shitty men.
My 5 sisters and I all have different dads. They're all alike though chocolate, smart, fun, and they all fucked some white lady to make it out the hood.
My mom only ever married my father though. She really was in love you could tell. God I miss my mom. I'm sure she's basically dead or doing some crazy shit now. It was only a couple of months ago, but she lost everything that kept her sane. My father won't even let me call her.
I haven't seen my sisters either. I'm sure they're just like me. Annoyed with the new wife, annoyed with the big ass house, miss each other, and miss mom.
I get in the shower, and all I can think about is my mom she's perfect. Maybe not to others, but in my eyes that woman was a damn angel. I finish showering and pick out some clothes. I never really get all dressed up, but I decide to wear this yellow dress. My mom bought it for me, and I need to show her some love today even though I can't see or speak with her.
I throw it on and let my curls out. I have kinky curly hair, and my mom loves it so much. I put some gels in it, and I do some make up. I brush my brows, add some lashes, lip gloss, and some highlighter. I never use any make up or anything, but today I just wanted to feel good.
I grab some shoes and run down stairs.
" Gosh you look stunning," Sally exclaims
I smile and walk out the door. Again bitchy, but she ruined my family. We get into her car, and she plays all my dads favorite music. I pretend to be jamming to it, so she will run and tell my dad how great we got along.
" Hey can we just get some breakfast sandwiches from Wawa and eat them at the park," I ask
" I'm not your mother love. You don't have to go cheap on me, but sure if that's what you want."
I smile and pretend not to care about her snarky remarks. We drive to wawa, get some sandwiches, and sit at the park.
" You know I get why you hate me, but I'm hoping we can be civil," she states
" Yeah we can, but please work on convincing my father to let me see my family. It's hell missing them."
"Yeah I've been working on it, but your father is sort of a dick my love."
We laugh and laugh. I can't say I hate the whole park and breakfast thing. After breakfast we clean up our mess and drive to the nail salon.
The woman welcomes us and says," Hi you two! Just wondering if my daughter can do one of you ladies acrylics. It'll be free of charge. She's just trying to learn. She's 17, and she wants to have her own salon. I wanna get her some practice, but everyone has been hesitant to let her do their nails."
Sally shakes her head no, and I say, " Hey what the hell I'll let her try on me."
The girl looks up and smiles at me. She's so pretty. She has beautiful clear skin and the sleekest nicest looking hair as well. I walk to her knowing Sally is probably punching air right now. We may get along sometimes, but I'll always do little shit to piss her off.
" Hi my name is Davina Greene," she informs
" Hi I'm Cassidy White," I inform
" Well Ms. White what color can I get you or any special designs?"
" Well I just want purple nails, and I want my ring finger to have like a sparkly polish."
" Okay just have a seat. The purple chair is my set up."
I sit down and watch her get all of her tools. Gosh she really is stunning. She has a great body too. She's thick in all the right places. Gosh I haven't seen someone so attractive in such a long ass time.
She sits down, grabs my hands, and gets to work. She does nails pretty well. I don't get mine done much, but she does well with all the steps.
" Why is it free when you do nails," I ask
" Well if I mess up my mom doesn't want to lose any customers, but no one besides you has even taken any chanced with me. My family lets me do their nails and that's about it."
" So you don't really work here," I ask
" Yes and no. I work to clean and bring the nail ladies supplies, but I've asked my mom about this and the boss approved."
" Well I think it's pretty cool. I have my first day of school soon, so I'm getting them done. I'm not big on nails though, but maybe I'll come by to see how you're doing," I explain
She smiles and says, "Yeah I'd like that. After I'm finished we can exchange numbers and hopefully hang some time. New comers usually hate it around here. Maybe I can make your life more enjoyable."
" Why do newbies hate it here," I ask
" California is amazing, but I don't know everyone is pretty shitty and annoying around here."
" Well thanks for volunteering to be my person to make life more enjoyable."
We laugh up a storm and have little conversations here and there. She finishes up pretty quick, and my nails look really nice. She knew what she was doing. I gave her a little tip when my step mom wasn't paying attention. We ended up exchanging numbers, and I left to enter the next step of my stepmommy and daughter day bullshit.
" Your nails look great, but you took a risk with that girl baby," Sally says
" Yeah well some risks are worth taking," I shoot
We end up enjoying a nice school shopping spree. We later meet up with my dad and her children for dinner. It wasn't to bad of a day. I enjoy it to be honest. First day I've really smiled in awhile. When we get back to the house, I walk to my bedroom put comfy clothes on and pray. I pray that I will see my family soon. I pray that Davina will become someone important in my life. I pray that my first day of school will go well. I pray for my sisters. I then brush my teeth and get some sleep.

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