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(This story contains talk about mental, emotional, and physical abuse, slurs, and curse words. Read at your own risk.) When Lisa and her son, Grayson, move to a new place, she finds out that her son is in love with a boy. Lisa, not being fond with this, attempts to send Grayson to conversion therapy. Once Grayson finds out about his mothers attempt, he comes up with a plan to leave. Hi! I'm the one writing this story. I am pansexual and trans masc. I have the right to use the slurs in this story. Thank you <3

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Packing Day

"Grayson! " I hear my mom shout. I drop the box of clothes I had just packed, and rush down stairs.

I rush into the family room, where I had heard her shout my name from, to find her sitting on the couch.

"Hey honey, can you go grab my phone? It's in the kitchen. "

I look at her, frustrated. "Yes mom. " I sigh.

I walk into the kitchen to find everything packed into boxes. I look around and see her phone on the counter next to the sink. I grab it and walk to her.

"Here. You worried me mom. I thought you had gotten hurt. " I explain

She chuckles. "Gray, if I got hurt, I wouldn't have shouted for you. You can't even pick up a penny. How would you help!? "

I looked at her with a serious face, then I laugh. "I'm not that weak, mom. "

She laughs and gives me a "sure." Then goes onto her phone. "I'm sorry I called you down here just to grab my phone for me. I'm just so tired from packing. I've been packing since 6 this morning! "

I look at the clock still hanging on the wall, above where the tv use to be. It's already 7 PM. I've been packing for 11 hours. Wow.

"It's alright mom, I understand. You need to rest for the night, i'm going to go pack a bit more. Love ya! " I say, then I run up the stairs into my room.

"Love you honey! " she shouts.

I look down on my floor, all the clothes I had just packed are all over the floor. I sigh, bending over to put them all back into the box.

After I clean up, I decide to just go to bed and finish packing tomorrow. After all, we are leaving at 3 PM tomorrow, and I only have a few more things to pack.

I push all of my boxes out of my way, shut off my light, and climb into bed.

It takes a while for me to fall asleep. All I can think about is missing my friends and family. Then again, I only had around 3 friends here, and they never really talked to me anyways. Plus, the school I go to is very religious. Most students don't support the LGBTQ+ community, including my friends. If they had found out I'm bisexual, I would lose them all.

At least I won't have to go here next year. It's currently summer break, so recently I haven't delt with any homophobic bullshit.

Besides for when my mom forces me to go to church with her. She gives speeches about how "There's only two genders. " and "Same sex marriage is sinning. "

It scares me that one day she'll find out about me being bisexual. I hate it here.

Hopefully in New York it'll all be better.

After a while of thinking about how things will go in NY, I slowly start to fall asleep.

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