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The Captain’s Rarity

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Originally published on Wattpad Stuck at sea on a sinking boat, Dorothy has no choice but to risk her freedom and potentially her life. She takes refuge on a boat full of Alphas, destined to cross the most dangerous seas known to pirates. - 18+ content. Pirate au ABO dynamic au

Romance / Adventure
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Chapter One

The water was reckless, she tried so desperately to escape safely, grabbing onto anything possible but the little sale boat was sinking with the storm and there was nothing else she could do. She clung on for dear life, but a large gash formed on her thigh as she dragged herself onto the sinking boat.

She was stuck, crying, hoping that maybe someone, anyone, would be able to see her. But alas, no one would be able to see her in the storm. She grabbed her sack and attached it to her belt, making sure to grab a dagger in case she ran into any trouble. But she knew she was no match against the Alphas that roamed the seas.

Frankly, it was amazing she hadn't died or been captured. Omegas were becoming a rare sight and in a few hundred years it was predicted none would be left. She prayed that was not the case, becoming a rare item was not her idea of fun.

The boat continued to sink and she gathered her last bit of food and water, she had tried to stop the hole in the bottom from expanding but nothing seemed to stop it.

"Please, please." She whispered to herself, "What else can I do?"

She prayed to the gods that something could stop the hole from expanding, but the water kept rushing in.

She looked up, gazing through the rain as it poured down on her, water seemed to be surrounding her as she slowly realised her fate.

She quickly searched through her bag, frantically reaching for the torch at the bottom. She turned it on the most blinding setting and raised it in the air, waving it around and shouting for rescue as she did so.

She relaxed, someone had noticed, and that was all she could focus on as she saw a large ship make its way toward her. The ship was massive, made out of oak with the sails billowing with the wind.

Someone threw out a rope and she grabbed on quickly, tying it around her waist. A man began to pull her up, grabbing her waist as he lifted her onto the ship. She crashed into his body as her chest heaved trying to catch her breath as she calmed from the stressful situation.

"You're alright, calm down, breath, breath," he murmured.

She couldn't stop panic from setting in, who was she with? Who was this man? Where was she? Oh gods, what if they were awful people. What if they realised she was an omega? She couldn't live like that. Live like how the Alphas treated the Omegas, she would rather die than be forced into such a position.

"Boyster, water now!" The man ordered, his eyes searched her face for any sign of injury as he untied the rope before quickly dragging her to sit down.

Another man came back with a jug of water and handed it to the Captain. He began to slowly pour water down the girl's throat, giving her time to breathe in-between.

"You're alright, t'll be okay, 'common now breath f'me, darling," He was calming, the way he spoke, his tone, his hand rubbing up and down her back. But she struggled to calm down, she was safe, safe from the water but she questioned the man's motives. The man she now knew was the captain.

"We will not hurt you."

It was not a promise, only a sentence, but she clung to the words hoping desperately harm would not come to her.

"Thank you," she whispered, her words were wobbly, exhaustion and anxiety taking over as she struggled to speak.

"Don't stress yourself, relax."

He pulled her further into his arms, her head against his shoulder as he cradled her carefully.

"Sorry, didn't mean to be a bother," and she said, and it was true she hadn't.

"You're not a bother, darling, just breath f'me, yeah?"

"Yes, Captain."

"Mm, sleep doll."

His eyes scanned over her face, even with the little cuts over her body she was beautiful. Large doe-eyes, a sculpted button nose, chubby cheeks that he wanted to squeeze. But something was bugging him, she didn't feel normal and her scent was off. She was oddly submissive to his words and she panicked when being saved. It was not relief that washed over her, but panic. That alone made an odd feeling stir in his chest.

He carried her below deck lying her carefully on the table as he looked for more vicious cuts. He saw her thigh and poured disinfectant over the wound, dabbing it with a cloth. She released a whine in her sleep too exhausted to protest, he shushed her quickly and tied the cloth around her leg.

He lay her on his bed, carefully, making sure to avoid pressing on her thigh. He hoped being surrounded by his scent would calm her down, it usually did for beta women.

He made his way on deck, planning on speaking to his crew, they deserved answers. He didn't usually take people on board without consulting them. Although he was the Captain, and the final decision would always be his to make, it was only fair to let the men vote on things. A happy crew is a happy captain.

"What happen' Captain, the lady l'right?" Gregson asked, the Captains deckhand.

"Fine Greg, she's shaken up a bit, almost drowned, a bit cut up but should be fine," he sighed before continuing, "have the men talked about it?"

"Not to my knowledge captain."

"Good. I hope I've taught them well enough that they would do the same in such a situation."

"They're good men."

The captain rubbed his face, exhaustion flooding over him, "they are indeed."

The Captain returned to the wheel, lightly edging them away from where her boat was, asking one of the men to lift the anchor. He grabbed his flask from his belt and felt the burn of rum go down his throat. Rum made the loneliness fade, but it seemed stupid that he was lonely, on a ship full of men.

But everyone needed comfort, he knew the men resulted to each other. He had no problem, only that it never got in the way of working. Everyone got lonely on the waters, no one was immune. But it was what they did to live, selling, trading, sailing and once you were immersed in the ways of the water there was no escaping. He knew that, first hand.

He wondered what had happened to the girl. How on earth she ended up on a measly boat in the middle of butt-fuck nowhere. That was not a normal occurrence on the seas. Women were generally left at the docks, waving goodbye to their husbands with a baby in their arms, or one on the way.

The women that did sail, were usually on an only women's ship, deemed safer for those women who chose to sail. Under the rule of the rare female alpha, captains could only be alphas, it had been that way for the longest of times.

He took another gulp of rum before telling his men to go to bed, after repositioning and anchoring the ship. She was a beautiful ship, made of oak with white sails accompanied by a beautiful sword on the fabric, billowing in the wind.

He made his way below deck wishing the men goodnight as he passed the hammock areas and entered his room.

She lay there still, knees tucked in closely, snuggled under his blanket with a shirt clutched to her chest. That was definitely not how he left her but the sight was adorable nonetheless.

He slid in next to her, making sure to leave room between them. Although it wasn't hard considering how she was curved in on herself.

A light whine escaped her mouth and she tugged the shirt closer to the scent glands on her neck. He had thought the shirt had been something she had brought with her from the boat but he soon realised that was near impossible. The only thing she had brought with her was the sack and he had checked it for anything suspicious after he pulled her aboard, removing the dagger she had brought. So he came to the conclusion the shirt was not hers, but instead his. Yet it didn't explain why she was rubbing it on her scent glands and whining softly as her toes wriggled in her sleep. He cooed lightly at her, it was quite endearing if he was honest.

He switched on a light that was clipped onto his bed, to examine the path they would take. They were aiming for Cymbrin, the town in the west in which he would find what he was searching for.

He cursed, realising the trip would mean they would have to cross the deepest seas in Kolettia, not only were they deep but they were prone to the nastiest storms known. Many ships had sunk crossing the seas to reach Cymbrin, but he was determined to not meet the same fate. He wouldn't allow him or his men to become skeletons left at the bottom of the ocean.

He closed the map and sighed, stress filling his body, as well as thoughts of what he was going to do with the girl who lay next to him. There was little land around, none fit for a woman anyway.

He switched the light off and pulled the covers over him as he slipped down. However, the stress didn't leave him, too many thoughts racing through his mind.

It seemed the girl was moving in her sleep, wriggling around. She snuggled in closer to the Captain, unknowingly stuffing her face into his neck as a soft snore escaped her mouth.

It was only then the Captain realised what the girl who lay next to him was.

An Omega.

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