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Round One

{The Bully and the Brat}


A moan escaped between her parted lips as I dug my fingers into her dripping heat. I smiled devilishly as I covered her mouth with mine, my hand wrapping itself around her throat to keep her pinned against the wall.

“Be quiet!” I hissed into her ear, pressing my thumb against her clit.

She bit her lip, her eyes fluttering closed as I rubbed her slowly, keeping the pressure light.

“Look at me,” I whispered hardly, continuing my assault on her pussy.

She moaned but her eyes didn’t open.

I grabbed her face roughly, pulling it close to mine, my lips hovering over hers and our noses touching.

I growled out her name.

She opened her eyes as I ran my tongue across her bottom lip.

I pulled my hand away from her wet cunt, lifting my hand up to my lips and sucking my pointer finger into my mouth. She looked up at me, her eyes hazy and filled with lust.

A small moan escaped her as I ran my hand down her body, brushing her hard nipples.

“Such a good whore,” I praised, licking her bottom lip.

I grabbed one of her meaty thighs, lifting it around my waist. The other instinctively did the same and allowed me to move her to my desk.

I pressed my lips to hers while her hands fumbled with my pants. I smiled through the kiss as she tugged down my pants, eagerly grabbing at my boxers.

I pulled away causing her to fall back on her forearms. She looked up at me with hazy eyes, her lips swollen and pouty but nonetheless pulled back in a sultry smile.

My eyes wandered over her flushed cheeks and messy hair. Her breasts steadily rising and falling above her cute stomach rolls. Her thick thighs parted around my waist as I grind my erection against her heat.

I groaned at the sight of her.

She looked like a sex goddess.

“Please," she moaned as her hand made its way to her pretty cunt.

I eyed her hungrily.

“Please what?" I shot back slyly, holding her steady by her waist.

Her voice was thick and scratchy with lust as
she responded.

“Please fuck me, Sir."

Her fingers spread her lower lips apart, revealing her dripping pink pussy. She threw her head back, biting her lip as she worked her puffy clit.

I smirked as I kneeled down in front of my queen and lowered my mouth to her core, swiping my tongue from her tight hole to her clit. She moaned a short laugh as I pulled her finger into my mouth, cleaning it. I threw one of her legs over my shoulder, holding the other to keep her spread for me.

My lips wrapped around her clit, sucking on it hard before releasing it and tracing my tongue around her clit down to her pussy.

"Oh fuck!" She breathed, rolling her hips to gain more friction.

She was gushing, a thick cream forming around her lips while she made small noises of pleasure. Her hands grabbed a fistful of my hair, forcing my face deeper in her cunt.

I laughed slightly, biting her clit. She jumped, letting go of my hair. I took the opportunity to stand again, lining my hard cock up to her warm hole.

I looked down at her, grabbing her throat sensually.

She opened her mouth, sticking her tongue out and imitating her licking my dick.

I slowly slid my finger into her mouth where she expertly sucked in it. I fucked her mouth, adding a second finger until I touched the back of her throat. She gagged and I pulled my fingers back, giving her cheek a firm slap.

She smiled and giggled, opening her mouth again.

I grabbed her waist as I pushed forward, past her silky folds.

I groaned as her wall clamped down around me.

Her eyes were closed as she gasped for breath. I grunted, leaning down and capturing her lips with mine.

I held her thighs up as I pulled back before burying myself deep in her gut.

"Ah!" She whined, her hand coming down to my lower stomach.

I stopped.

"You good baby?" I asked, rubbing her waist soothingly while kissing her cheeks and forehead.

“Yes daddy," she smiled.

“That's my girl!" I grinned back before digging my fingering into her fleshy hips and diving back into her wetness.

She opened her mouth silently, arching her back and grabbing my shoulder.

My strokes were slow and deep as I watched in awe as her face morphed into that of pure bliss.

"Oh fuck!" She moaned as I lifted her right leg higher, kissing her calf.

I could feel her muscles clenching steadily, working with my slow tempo.

She knew how to work with me like I knew how to work with her. The woman I was pleasing was the only one who brought me to my knees and she knew it. She knew that I was much her's as she was mine. She was the only female worth it to me.

Every moan that escaped between her pouty lips made me want more. She was a living sex goddess and I'd be damned if I ever let her go. She hooked a leg around my waist, bringing me closer to her. She dug her nails into my back, clawing up with her long nails.

“Kitten," I taunted lightly.

Her tongue darted out along my ear followed by a sultry moan.

My eyes rolled to the back of my head at the sound of her and something in me snapped.


I was done with the soft, slow sex. I wanted-no needed- to hear her scream.

I pulled out of her, gripping her hips and turning her on her stomach. She curled her fingers around the desk, bracing herself as I lined my dick back up with her pussy.

I wasted no time as I slammed into her.

“Fuck!" She yelled, raising her upper body off of the desk.

I pushed her back down, keeping my hand in her back to pin her down.

She cried out as I picked up the pace, hammering into her with an animalistic need. Her long legs were trembling and barely touched the ground as each thrust moved her higher up into the desk.

She grabbed her own throat as I coiled her hair in my fist, snapping her head back while I slapped her ass hard.

Her muscles were impossibly tight around me as I kept her on the edge of her release, loving the way she begged me to let her cum.

"Ah! Ah! Please! Oh fuck! Please!" She cried, looking back at me with tears running down her cheeks.

I moaned, relishing in her torture. She couldn't even form proper sentences. I continued to fuck her mindless while she forced herself to beg me for a release as best as she could.

“Daddy! Daddy! Daddy! Please!" She sobbed.

I pounded into my fleshy little sex toy while kissing her back.

"Don't cum yet," I growled before pulling out of her warm heat.

She made a noise of disapproval but couldn't form words to express her malcontent.

I lifted one of her legs on to the table before thrusting back into her tight little box and angling my hips down, hitting her sweet spot.

A scream tore from her throat as her body shook. I gasped as I felt her walls clamp down on me like a vice. I gritted my teeth, reaching for her clit and rubbing it in circles.

Her body tensed up again and she went ridged.

"Oh fuck!" She swore as I forced another orgasm out of her.

She held onto the desk for dear life before dropping onto it as if dead.

"Come in baby, I didn't even cum yet," I grinned as I lifted her up, carrying her to one of the chairs.

I dropped myself down, with her slumped on top of me.

I easily found her wet folds and pressed against her button.

She shivered, raising herself up to get my hand away from her raw cunt.

Without missing a beat, I pulled her down and thrust my hips up, burying myself deep inside her womb.

Her nails dug into my shoulders as she let out a shaky breath.

“That's is baby," I comforted her, running my hands up her sides until I was cupping her breasts.

She smiled tiredly at me, grinding herself up and down on my dick. Her hand came up to wrap around my throat as she traced her tongue along my jaw.

I moaned, grabbing her throat in my hand to remind her who was in charge.

A smile spread across her lips and I couldn't help but smile back.

She sucked my bottom lip into her mouth, rolling her hips deliciously as she worked her pussy along my throbbing dick.

I could feel my balls tightening and I quickly tried to pull her off of me.

My arms wrapped around her waist and I tried to stand but it was too late.

She grinned with a whorish woman, making no move to stand up as I fell back into the chair, choking on a gasp.

“Ah! Fuck!" I hissed.

My body shuddered hard under her as I came in her pussy.

With a short giggle, she stood up, perching herself on the desk in front of me. She spread her legs and I watched intently as my cum slowly dropped out of her now stretched cunt.

Her hand came down and played with her clit, dipping into her hole and scooping up a dollop of cum. She brought it to her lips and sucked it off with a groan of satisfaction.

"You're such a brat," I commented, bringing up how this all started.

“And you're my bully," she giggled, getting on her knees in front of my semi-hard cock.

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