All Strings Attached

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Chapter 11: Sudden Sickness

~Sin-Vira's POV~
 Sin-Vira and Ivy waited in the study for a while. Still waiting for Sibylla to return as promised.

 "It's been a while since she left, should we go look for her?" Sin-Vira asked sheepishly. "I'm a bit worried."

 Ivy looked at him and nodded. "I suppose we could ask someone if they know where she is. But after that, we need to get going back home." She stood up from the chair and opened the door for him.

 Sin-Vira hastily walked out and glanced in both directions. He walked down the hall and looked around aimlessly.

 "Do you know where her room is?" Ivy asked as he followed him.

 "W-why would I?!"

 Ivy looked at him dumbfounded before shaking her head. "Idiot. I suggested it because she could be in there. There are too many rooms and we have to get going."

 "Oh r-right…" he scratched his cheek with a bashful grin.

 "You're such a little kid, Vira," Ivy teased him.

 They continued walking down the hall until they came across two maids who were chatting amongst themselves. The one holding folded clothes looked over at the guest and let out an audible sound of disgust.

 "Mary! We promised her we'd be polite. Settle down before you get in trouble!" The other maid scolded her.

 "Princess Sibylla requested we'd deliver these clothes to you." The maid took the folded clothes and handed them over.

 Sin-Vira looked down at the clothes before looking back at her. "What happened to Sibylla? Is she alright?" he asked.

 "The princess informed that she felt ill and apologized she couldn't be here to see you out. I hope you understand." The maid bowed slightly before leaving with the other maid.

 Sin-Vira was unimpressed with the reason given but had no grounds to question them. "I was hoping we could spend more time, but it's clear we're not wanted if Sibylla's not here… c'mon." He pivoted and walked towards the entrance.

 "Hearing them reminded me of when I was first coming through here…" Ivy spoke as she hugged herself. "Everyone stared at us with fear and disgust. What makes us so vile? They barely know us!" she fumed.

 He chuckled. "You were acting like that with Sibylla. You made her out to be some shallow monster…"

 "Something about her does make me uncomfortable. Whenever I look in her eyes, it sends chills down my back!" Ivy groaned, shaking her head slightly. "She's as pale as the moon though lives in a sunny place."

 Sin-Vira opened the door for her before following her out. "You're just being critical of her again. I've hardly noticed anything strange."

 Ivy stayed close to his side and keep her eyes towards the ground. "Master. Please consider if she's your only option. Who's to say the king will willingly allow her to take away those filthy guards?" Her voice was barely above a whisper.

 Sin-Vira only sighed. "I'm not sure entirely sure. But I'm going to trust her because I know she trusts me."

 "Hey, Vira! Didn't know you'd be here!" A woman spoke followed by rapid footsteps. He looked over to see Suni without an apron and not covered in powder.

 He waved back and stopped. "Oi, Suni. My maid and I came to see Bylla, but she got to us first!"

 Suni stared at him confused before her eyes widened, slapping herself on the forehead. "That idiot did it!? I thought she was joking about the carriage thing." She noticed Ivy and waved. "Hello! You're a new face! Are you also from the Snapdragon kingdom?"

 Ivy slowly nodded. "Correct. I am Ivy. I serve Prince Sin-Vira in the Snapdragon kingdom."

 The baker smiled. "Hopefully he's on his best behavior. Don't want him butting heads with silly ol' Sibylla! Speaking of her: where is she?"

 "Oh. The maids said she was suddenly sick or something. So we-" Vira stopped when Suni's hands gripped onto his shoulders. Her sky blue eyes became stern and her lips were pressed tightly together.

 "Sibylla was… sick?" She asked.

 "Yeah, that's right. She looked just fine before. But maybe she had a fever?" Sin-Vira guessed.

 "Then I gotta go." Suni stepped away from him. "I'll see you at the festival guys!" She ran towards the side of the castle.

 Sin-Vira couldn't help but watched as Suni went up a tree in heels. She seemed desperate to see Sibylla but didn't take the entrance.

 Ivy took Sin-Vira's hand, forcing him to walk. "The people here are weird… let's go before someone comes out of the ground."

 The prince did follow, but he kept looking over his shoulder. "I hope she's okay… I'm still worried because of how Suni reacted."

 "That tall lady? I'm sure it is because of how the other two rulers passed. They seem to be fragile to diseases."

 "I hope she feels better before the festival arrives. I gotta impress the lady with my moves!" He joked.

 Ivy shook her head. "There are many different dances to learn, my prince. I'm not even sure if this kingdom's dances are unique to them! I think I'm going to lose my mind before we even begin!" She massaged her temple.

 "I'm a fast learner! You'll see!" Sin-Vira assured her and hopefully himself…
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