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Erotica Volume II

Romance / Fantasy
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Taste One

I bit my lip, my eyes darting up to see him working diligently on something from work.

Now I knew I'd already kept him in bed too long this morning, but this was my dream come true.

Having him at home all day to cater to me and my needy self was something that rarely happened and now it was something happening for the next few months.

Prancing over to his desk wearing just his hoodie and a pair of socks, I stood near him awkwardly waiting for him to acknowledge my presence.

"Yes princess?" He asked, not looking up from his papers.

"I need attention," I whined childishly.

He didn't respond, scribbling away on another paper before typing something into his laptop.

I resisted the urge to stomp my foot before climbing onto his desk and settling myself over his stuff for work. I crossed my arms over my chest as I forced him to pay attention to me.

"Princess," he warned as I trailed my foot along his thigh.

When I didn't stop, he gripped my ankle, pulling me so that he was between my thighs.

A grin split my lips as he glared up at me.

"It's attention you want?" He asked lowly, his hand creeping up my thighs.

His tone sent a shiver down my spine and I almost regretted my decision to provoke him.

"Yes," I responded breathlessly.

My eyes flickered down to his lips as he reached my pussy, his fingers slipping past by panties and finding my clit.

"Oh baby," he smiled, watching my face go slack as he worked me to the edge. "Right there?"

I nodded my head, my hand gripping his forearm to keep him where he was.

Before I could get used to the pleasurable feeling, he removed his hand from my panties to trace up my stomach and to my tits. He easily slipped off the hoodie I wore, leaving me bare to his hungry eyes.

"On your knees," he commanded lowly.

Before I could comply, his hand wrapped around my throat, bringing me closer to him. He looked into my eyes with a dark grin, pressing a soft kiss to my lips before releasing me and leaning back in the chair.

I knelt in front of him, pulling his thick length from the confines of his grey sweatpants. His dick stood at attention, the tip dripping precum.

As my fist wrapped around his pole, the tip twitched just as a satisfied groan fell from his lips.


The second my lips touched his sensitive head, his stomach clenched and he gripped my hair in his fist.

I struggled to take him down my throat, gagging and drooling down the length of his shaft. The hand tangled in my hair forced my head down on him.

When he finally let me up, tears had caused my face to flush and a string of spit still connected my mouth to his dick.

His thumb pulled at my bottom lip as I stared up at his dominant form, eager and waiting to please him.

"Bend over the desk for me princess," he said gently, stroking his length still as he watched me scramble up to my feet.

Just as my stomach touched the desk, his hands smoothed down my sides, grabbing two handfuls of my ass and spreading them until he could see how wet I was.

A deep laugh reverberated through his chest as his finger slid through my folds easily, "look how fucking wet you are princess."

My legs shook as a moan slipped from me, my hips rolling against him.

"Fuck," I hissed as he landed a hard slap to my ass.

The blunt tip of his dick pressed against my hole, threatening to split me in half.

"You like my dick princess?" He laughed as he pushed forward.

I gasped for breath as my pussy swallowed him greedily, my hips pushing back onto him

"Yes," I shuddered, resting my forehead on his desk.

He coiled my hair in his fist, pulling me up as he bottomed out inside of me, moaning my name in my ear.

I easily tilted my head to the side, allowing him to place hot open-mouthed kisses down my neck.

Fucking into me from behind wildly, with intent to leave me satiated for the next week. My screams were deafening at this point as i gripped the desk until my knuckles turned white.

"Ah! Fuck! Yes! Right there! Fuck right there daddy!" I squealed, fucking him back just as hard.

"Be quiet," he hissed in my ear, gripping my ass tightly as he pounded into me savagely.

Thrust after thrust, his hips met mine with unabashed force, fucking every thought out of my brain right there on his desk.

My pussy clenched hard around him as I struggled to contain my noises, letting out strangled sounds when the pleasure began to overflow.

"F-fuck!" I gurgled, tightening my thighs as i began to gush.

"Good girl," he praised me, kissing my shoulder as he continued to slam into me.

My mind went blank and I began to babble dumbly, rolling my hips as my orgasm enveloped me until I could no longer put together cohesive thoughts.

He hiked one of my legs up on the desk, holding it there while his other hand wrapped around my neck, holding me down to take all that he was giving.

"That's it princess, take this dick just like that," he hissed, pressing into me.

I could feel all of him, inside and out.

"You're daddy's good little fucktoy huh baby?" He growled, tearing into me until I began to gush uncontrollably, making a mess all over him and his desk.

He let go of me for two seconds before picking me up and sitting me on the desk once more.

His hips nestled between my thighs, easily spreading them and slipping back into me.

Splayed out on his desk with only him holding me up, I clung to him desperately. My body was still high on cloud nine as I attempted to gather my thoughts.

He gripped my throat tightly, his mouth descending on mine as he dominated me completely.

I felt safe in his arms as he drilled into me.

My stomach tightened again as his tongue fucked my mouth as he pounded into me viciously, snarling in my ear as he called me his whore.

"You look so cute when you let me have my way with your cute little body," he chuckled deeply, placing my legs onto each shoulder.

He easily pinned me to his desk with just his weight, his hips driving into mine with wild abandon.

The wet slapping sounds from him fucking me echoed through his room as his fingers dug into my thighs.

My mouth opened in a silent scream, my eyes rolling to the back of my head as I struggled to focus on anything but his dick that was rearranging my guts.

"Eyes on me princess," he groaned, holding my face steady by my jaw.

I obeyed, looking up at him through hazy eyes.

"Fuck," I strangled out, feeling my pussy pulse around him.

"Cum for daddy baby," he encouraged me, "make a mess all over daddy's dick princess."

A sob tore from my throat as he slammed into me repeatedly. I did as he asked, squirting into his desk as I convulsed around him.

"Daddy!" I cried gripping him tightly.

He grunted harshly, spreading my thighs as he pumped into me repeatedly.

"Fuck Princess," he muttered, gripping my tits tightly as he buried his face in my neck.

I couldn't find words as he pulled back to watch my cream accumulate in his dick, thumbing my clit unprovoked.

That action alone made me go brain dead.

My thighs snapped shut and my back arched into him as I orgasmed again, this time to the pint of no return.

"Yes! Fuck my little pussy daddy! You feel so good in me!" I whimpered, clawing gown his back as his hips slowed down, drawing out his own climax.

"My little nymph," he snarled against my lips, rubbing his tongue over them.

I caught him in a deep kiss, my lips wrapped around his tongue as he choked me.

When he pulled back, he gripped my waist as I braced both my palms against his chest, trailing down until I pulled him out of me.

My pussy felt empty without him as I pumped his length until he came all over my stomach and tits.

He dropped his head against mine, breathing hard as my eyes fluttered up.


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