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Mafia love (mature(

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Waking up

Flashback: "So you never really loved me".tears pouring out of my eyes."I do but you don't satisfy me"he replied..."so that's why you go around fucking my bestfriend"."she was fake anyways ..I did both of us a favor"he said."you don't cheat on who you love " I cried he laughed .

I woke up from that horrible dream.. Something that happened 2years ago..I just can't come to terms that he did that to me....We have been together since junior high, highschool ...we were the ideal couple everyone wished they had something like what we had..he throwed away a 7 year relationship because I wasn't willing to give up my virginity yet.

*Ping* I got a message from Tiffany
Tiffany:let's go get some dick
Me:you know damn well am a virgin
Tiffany :let's change that
Me:i don't feel like it
Tiffany:it's been 1year now forget about him
Me:it's not about him
Tiffany:prove it
Me: fine..meet me at the brink
Tiffany:ok babes🥺😘

You might probably be saying which girl is willing to give up her virginity to a hook up well I am...I'm tired of thinking about Tirique.I dragged on an over sized sweater and tight jeans but a pair of lingere underneath.no, I will not be dressing up to go to the club.i put on a little bit of lip gloss and curled my brunette hair, it normally reached under my butt , but because its curled it reaches mid back..I start my car and head for the club

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