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Finding Her Happy Ending

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Alexis has a terrible life her parents abuse her, and embrace their older perfect daughter, gets bullied by her classmates, and ignored by her teachers. When she gets expelled for drugs her bullies stuff in her locker her parents had enough, and plans to send her to Bleak Meadows a terrible school were students sent to lose their free will. Refusing to go, but ignored by her parents, and taunted by her sister about having her be a puppet slave Alexis ran away from home. Her life completely changes when she meets a boy name Henry, and learns of who he is and live with him would it bring her happiness or will her past come back, and make her suffer more?

Romance / Drama
Alex Stewart
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Expelled that's all I could hear in my head, and my parents finally flipped their lid as my mom hit me with a belt across the face.

"We have had enough with you young lady that we're going to send you to Bleak Meadows!!" Bleak Meadows the worse boarding school in history that it's said when a child or teen gets sent they lose their free will, and become nothing but a puppet forced to obey their family, and others against their will.

"No, I am not going to that brainwashing school!!" I yelled as my dad slapped me across the face as well.

"Yes, you are!! You're going straight to Bleak Meadows in the morning, and when you come back you're going to be a perfect & obedient young woman, and that is final. You better be here when we get back from Melinda's award ceremony or you are going to get it." He said as he slams the door of my room till my sister came in.

"Oh, I can't wait till you come back from Bleak Meadows to be my slave and act perfect. Goodbye puppet sister." Melinda said taunting me as she closes the door, and went with my parents to her pathetic awards ceremony. To them, she is always the perfect one that never gets in trouble but pits it on me like a black sheep. Even my bullies get me in trouble that the teachers believe them, and ignores me even when I get beat up. Will, I had enough with everyone I decided to runaway free from them. I dumped out all of my school stuff out of my backpack and began to pack all my clothes, and necessary things I need to start a new life. I took out some cash enough to use while taking a couple more money to pay for a train ticket. After I gather everything even snacks to eat, and after they left in their car earlier I took off heading to the city's train station with tears in my eyes as I ran with my backpack, and the black hoodie jacket I'm wearing till I finally arrived at the train station. "One ticket to New York City please," I asked politely as I give the ticket seller the right amount of money to pay for my ticket and grab it as he tells me the platform my train will arrive. After buying some more food at the cafe for the trip I got to my platform seeing my train arrived once it stopped I got on, and found a seat next to the window giving the ticket clicker my ticket, and put on my headphones listening to my playlist as the train after everyone got on board began to move. Goodbye mom, and dad, goodbye Melinda, goodbye bullies, and neglectful teachers, and goodbye Bleak Meadows the brainwashing school. As I watched the city while the train leaves the station heading to New York City I thought my life won't change till I met him.

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