Finding Her Happy Ending

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The First Meeting

After a few days, I finally arrived at the New York City Union station a bit exhausted, but glad that I don’t have to suffer any more along with not going to that brainwashing school, but the timing could be worse as it was raining. A complete downpour as I tried to find a place to stay warm, but everywhere I went it’s either full or too good for someone like me. I continue to search as it began to get dark with the rain still pouring that I was shivering while in an alley sitting as I tried to warm myself till I heard his voice.

“Hey, you okay?” I heard as I looked up seeing a young man close to my age as he bends down to my eye level.

“What’s a beautiful young woman doing in the rain?” He asked as I looked at him.

“I ran away from home,” I said as I continue to shiver badly.

“Poor you how about you come with me.” He said as he grabbed my hand, and we both stood up that I looked at his green eyes my heart began to skip a beat as we walked into the building that looked too fancy for me.

“Oh, Henry we were almost worried about you.” The man said to him.

Henry? I thought as I looked at him.

“Sorry about that. I just found her next to the embassy, and she would need a room to stay.” He said as I looked at him.

“Will get her clean up first.” The maid said as she takes me up to the bathrooms that they got me washed, and cleaned up along after I got dressed in some of my clothes from my backpack, and they escorted me to a bedroom that the other maids set up. When I saw it I was amazed by how archetype the room is as the maid wish me a good night, and close the door. I walked to the bed, and lie down as I looked at the ceiling wondering about who Henry is as I yawned feeling sleepy that I changed out of my clothes to my pajamas stuffing my clothes back in my backpack that I lie back down on the bed, and fell asleep. I wasn’t sure how long I was asleep, but the morning sunlight began to shine through the window that I began to wake up and heard the door knocked that I saw Henry with a tray of breakfast.

“Good morning,” Henry said as he brought the tray to me. It had freshly cooked eggs, French toast with syrup, apple slices, and orange juice.

“Good morning to you too,” I said as I grabbed the fork, and took a bite from the egg that it was delicious that I swallowed it.

“I should have introduced myself last night. My name is Henry.” He said after I swallowed the egg.

“My name is Alexis,” I said before I took a bite from a piece of French toast then swallowed it.

“How long have you been a runaway?” He asked me as I felt a bit sad.

“A couple of days snuck out while my family were away, and hopped on a train hoping to start a new life,” I said then drank some of the orange juice.

“Why did you leave?” He asked me as I start to feel if I should tell him or not that I think I should tell him the truth.

“My parents have considered me a black sheep while adoring my “perfect” older sister who usually blames me for everything even when she does it. At school, I also get bullied that the teachers ignored me when I tried to get help when I get beat up only time they ever noticed me is when I get blamed. Then one day my bullies planted drugs in my locker and got me expelled. My parents furious at me when I was framed that they were going to send me to a Bleak Meadows to make me a perfect obedient daughter with no free will that my sister wanted to use me as her slave, and called me her puppet sister.” I told him as I began to shed tears that I began to cry till I felt his arms over me like a hug as he comforted me.

“I’m so sorry about how they treated you. I won’t let that happen to you anymore.” He said as I felt comfortable, and safe with him.

“Come with me.” He suggested as I looked at him.

“Are you sure?” I asked as he nodded. I smile a bit as I felt very close to him.

“I’ll let you finish eating and change. So that we could get to the airport.” He said to me as let go of me.

“Where too?” I asked him a bit confused.

“My home.” He said as he left, and I finished my breakfast. I walked into the nearby bathroom taking a hot shower till I finished then got dressed in new clothes as I put my pajamas in my backpack, and the butler opens the door after I finished getting changed, and put on my shoes telling me that Henry is waiting for me in the lobby that I grabbed my backpack, and is escorted to the lobby seeing Henry that I smile a bit with blushes then to my shock a limousine arrived that the limousine driver opened, and helped us in. I was starting to get curious about him as the driver began to drive us to the airport. Wasn’t sure how long it was that we arrived at the airport, and the driver helped us out that we entered the airport and began to walk through as we arrived at a private plane that my curiosity was starting to peak as we got on, and sat down on the comfortable seats as the attendants close the private plane door, and we buckled our seatbelts as the plane took off as I looked out the window seeing the city becoming small as the plane flies to the sky. As we talked to get to know each other time went by as he stopped.

“There it is.” He said as I turned to look at the window, and saw it.

“Alexis welcome to Awruinia.” He said as I continue to look.
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