Finding Her Happy Ending

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Welcome to Awrunia

I looked out the private plane window seeing how beautiful it is from above the city, the coast, and its mountains with snow.

"It's so beautiful," I said to him as I look at him as he pointed out the window.

"There's my home above the city." He said as I looked back seeing where he was pointing at, and it was to my shock a castle he lives in a castle. Now it got even more curious of who he is as the private plane begins to make its final landing that we even the attendants buckle our seatbelts as the private plane lands at the Awrunia airport, and after the plane finished landing, and stopped we all unbuckled while I grabbed my backpack, and got off the plane heading into the airport terminal, and exit seeing a second limousine that we both entered and were driving to as I looked at the buildings and the people of this city.

"The city looks so vivid and alive," I said seeing everything through the window.

"Maybe tomorrow after getting settled I could show you around the city," Henry suggested to me as I nodded with the limousine arriving at the castle gates opening, and the limousine park near the entrance of the castle with the maids, and butlers at the stairway entrance to the castle with the chauffeur opening the door of the limousine helping us out as I looked at how big the castle is even bigger than the buildings in the US.

"Would you prepare the room for her?" Henry asked one of the maids as she politely answered while she politely took my backpack to the room, and Henry & I look forward to seeing a beautiful woman in a beautiful modern dress.

“Welcome home Henry.” She said to Henry as they hugged each other.

“It’s nice to be back home mother.” He said as she then looks at me after they hugged.

“Who might your new friend be?” She asked him politely as she smiled.

“Oh yes. Alexis this is my mother Queen Merelina, mother this is Alexis.” He introduces us to each other. His mother is a queen that I couldn’t believe it Henry is a prince that my mind is rushing till I got it back focusing.

“It’s nice to meet you, your majesty,” I said politely bowing to her like a maiden to the queen.

“It’s nice to meet you too and you didn’t need to that.” She said to him.

“She’s been through a lot, and she would need to gets some rest from the long flight.” He said to her as the three of us entered the castle as I stared in awe seeing the inside of the castle. The beautiful artwork, the artistic window frames, the statues, and the decorative suits of armors with banners of the kingdom’s symbol.

“Henry you’re home!!” We heard a voice that the three of us saw another young woman my age in a purple, and blue dress.

“Mother how long has she been here?” He asked the queen.

“The minute she heard you were coming back from America.” She said as the girl run up to us that she frowned the minute she saw me.

“Who’s this girl?” She asked him while looking at me like she doesn’t like me.

“Alexis this is Lacey princess of Wucia.” He said to me.

“Pleasure to meet you,” I said to her as she looked away from me with a hmph crossing her arms. Wow, she is very rude to me, and we just met.

“Ignore her she is raised spoiled.” He whispered to me as I giggled a bit.

“What’s so funny?” She asked me.

“Oh, it’s nothing,” I said as to her as Henry held my hand that I blushed a bit.

“Since it’s a very tiring day flying from America to Awrunia I’ll take Alexis to her room to get some sleep,” Henry said to Queen Merelina and Princess Lacey as we left to the staircase to the east wing of the castle.

“I hate to ask, but wonder why she is spoiled plus I think she hates me,” I said to him.

“Oh, she might be a bit jealous thinking that she won’t be queen.” He said as he began to explain his issues with Lacey due to her kingdom being a bit poor, and her father wanted to be in trades with Awrunia.

“Wow,” I said as we arrived at my room, and he opened it that I was once again in awe seeing the bedroom it’s so beautiful, and big that it makes my old bedroom look like a cottage with no style.

“I’ll see you in the morning.” He said as he grabbed my hand, and kissed it as he closes the door. I continue to blush as I saw my backpack on the bed, and in my hand is a paper with most likely is the WiFi, and the password. I take out my pajamas, IPod, plugs, and iPad plugging in my iPod to charge it, and turn on my iPad seeing that it’s only 70% must’ve forgotten to recharge it yesterday I’ll remember to recharge it before I go to sleep. As I put the iPad on the desk in front of the bed seeing the night that I dimmed the lights seeing how beautiful Awrunia’s city is illuminating at night. I decided to check on the history of Awrunia after I connected to the castle’s WiFi, but before I do I get an unexpected call from my family that I began to be frightened till I said in my head. They can’t control me anymore. I repeated it as I accept the call seeing them, and they look even furious than they were before even seeing outside its daylight.

“Where are you, young lady!? I told you before that you what would happen if you left when we get back. You better come back home now, and you are going to Bleak Meadows immediately!!” My dad said furiously till I finally had it.

“No!! I’m not coming home, and not going to that brainwashing school. Plus I’m starting my new life so goodbye, and good night!!”

“You better not discon-“ I then hanged up, and blocked them the minute they tried to call me back. Since I didn’t get to research the kingdom thanks to them I decided to get some sleep as I connected my iPad to a plug to charge for the night, and put on my pajamas, and went to the bathroom next to me, and brush my teeth with my toothbrush, and toothpaste. After I finished I got on the bed snuggling in the covers & sheets, but I couldn’t sleep as I could only think of Henry that it finally hit me. Am I having a crush on Henry?
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