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Awrunia City Tour

Afterthoughts of my crush on Henry I finally got to sleep while snuggling in the warm bed, and covers like a child who just gotten a new blanket, and woke up in the first sunlight in Awruinia that began to shine as I sat up, and stretched a bit while yawning seeing the sunrise over the kingdom shining as I got out of bed, and straighten the sheets while opening the curtain a bit to see the kingdom. As I walked to get my clothes for the day and heard a knock on the door.

“Come in,” I said politely as I see Henry come in that I blush a bit.

“Good morning,” Henry said as I picked out my clothes.

“Good morning to you too,” I said as I smile at him. “So what’s happening today?”

“Well, I thought I give you a full tour of the city,” Henry said as I politely nodded. “Might want to get dressed quickly before Lacey wakes up with demands like crazy.” He said as I giggled, and he closes the door, and I began to change into new clothes, and out of my PJs as I put on my shoes leaving my room closing the door in the process as I see Henry that I smiled a bit, and grabbed my hand like a gentleman taking me to the entrance of the castle.

“So how are we going to tour the kingdom?” I asked till we got outside.

“With this.” He said as Henry showed me a brand new motor scooter.

“Wow, these are completely new, and not even out yet,” I said as he gave me a helmet to put on, and I sat behind him on the scooter as he ignited the scooter, and we left the castle taking a tour.

“Is your mom okay with this?” I asked him as we’re about to reach the city.

“She’s okay with it plus she wanted you to be used to the city, and the stuff they have along with experiencing the whole kingdom for the whole day,” Henry said as we entered the city. As we traveled through the city I see a lot of stuff it’s like a royal metropolis. There were schools, hospitals, cafes, stores, libraries, parks, theaters, and churches.

“You know that terrible brainwashing school your parents wanted to send you?” He asked me.

“Oh god please tell me there isn’t any here,” I asked worried that my voice sounded afraid.

“We used to, but my mom was completely disgusted by the school taking away students’ free will that she shut them down, and banned them from the kingdom permanently,” Henry said as we reached the coast of the city.

“Good I wish the US could ban them or a way I won’t go. They called me last night. My parents are demanding that I return home, and attend it.” I said to him.

“What did you say?” He asked me.

“I refuse and hang upon them to the point of blocking them.

“Good they don’t deserve to send you there. As long as you’re here they can’t get you.” He said to me.

“They don’t know that I’m here along with refusing to tell them where I’m at,” I said as he continues to drive while I feel the breeze touch my skin.

“The smell of the ocean is flourishing,” I said.

“Thanks the entire sea is always clean thanks to the recycling proposal my mom declared as we reach the pier, and Henry parked his scooter turning it off, and we both take off the helmets.

“So what does the city do?” I asked him as we got off the scooter.

“Well, we throw a huge festival and a carnival in the heart of the city at the park. At night we launch fireworks at the castle from a safe distance that is and have a ball. During Halloween, the kids go trick or treating in the city, and the castle the park has a Halloween festival with haunted mazes to scare people. At the castle, we have a masquerade ball. During the holidays it snows a lot, and the kingdom becomes a winter wonderland, and on Christmas Eve we have a Yuletide ball a gift exchange for the Royal family at midnight then open gifts on Christmas morning. New Year’s Eve the current ruler begins the countdown to bring in the new year as we celebrate we a new year’s ball.” He said telling me all the events that happen in the kingdom.

“Wow,” I said as he bought us some hotdogs on a stick.

“The money we use is called Cerros. The hotdogs are 78 cerros which is 4 US Dollars.” He said explaining the Awruinian economy, and currency.
“Guess I have to exchange the US money I have for Cerros,” I said as we continue to walk through the pier till we reach the end of the pier.
“The kingdom is very beautiful. I want to thank you for finding me at the embassy on that day.” I said to him as we smiled.

“Is no problem.” He said as we began to get very close as he touches my cheek both of us leaning close to each other is this what I think this might be, but before we could he stopped.

“I think we should head back since it’s almost dark.” He suggested to me as I agreed, and we walked back, and put our helmets on, and got back on the scooter driving back to the castle. The kingdom is very beautiful, and I felt like I belong here, but I still want to know about this kingdom’s history. Hopefully tonight I could learn about it.
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